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Code Hub Tunisia

Whether you are an established freelancer or a growing startup, discover our space and flexible solutions to scale your business. <p></p> <mark>Why choose us? <p></p> 24/7 access<br> Enjoy 24/7 access by subscribing with us. <p></p> Community<br> The community at home is one of our pillars. Nothing better than a good network to move forward. <p></p> Comfort<br> Our space offers you all the amenities so you can focus only on your goals</mark> <p></p>Our services <br>- Wireless <br>- Air conditioner <br>- Private room <br>- Coffee machines <br>- Microwave <br>- Heater <br>- Orthopedic chair <br>- Community

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EPI Polytechnic

This course aims to train engineers capable of designing and building innovative software solutions that meet the needs of companies. <p></P At the end of their training, <mark>the engineers have transversal skills essential to the management of IT projects and of course in-depth business and methodological skills in software engineering</mark> such as: <br> - IT project management, <br> - Development methods, <br> - Web and mobile development, <br> - Engineering of components, software architectures and models, <br> - Human-Computer Interaction, <br> - user experience, <br> - Business intelligence, …

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Polytechnic School of Sousse

The Computer Engineering specialties of the Polytechnic School of Sousse are focused on advanced scientific knowledge and the conduct of various certification actions. <p></p> These trainings guarantee an excellent level on the fundamentals of the profession while preserving the qualities of innovation and emphasizing certifications through the insertion of training associated with it in the university curriculum: LPI 101-102 , CCNA 1-2-3-4, EC-Council, OCA, OCP, AND401… with practical application of theoretical knowledge through application mini-projects: C/JAVA; network ; web and mobile development... <p></p> Each year, around sixty students graduate in computer engineering and a dozen in computer engineering for management. These students come from preparatory classes, licenses in computer science or computer management. <p></p> Opportunities: <br> - R&D engineer <br> - ERP consultant <br> - e-business <br> - IT application integrator <br> - System Engineer <br> - Information System Engineer <br> - Financial Engineer <br> - Banking and insurance engineer <p></p> <mark>IT Specialist certifications <p></p> <br> - artificial intelligence <br> - Cloud computing <br> - Computational Thinking <br> - cyber security <br> - Databases <br> - Device Configuration and Management <br> - HTML and CSS <br> - HTML5 Application Development <br> - Java <br> - JavaScript <br> - networking <br> - Network Security <br> - Python <br> - Software Development </mark>

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University of Sousse

Computer engineering training includes a common year and is divided into two specialties (second year), namely industrial computing and software engineering. The input for this training is made through an integrated preparatory cycle in computer science (internal to ISSAT) and a specific national competition. <p></p> ISSAT Sousse is a founding member of the Network of Tunisian Engineering Training Establishments (RETFI) and aims to open up to the international market in order to improve its visibility and to promote the mobility of its students through scientific cooperation and academics. <p></p> We are making considerable efforts to develop our network of international partners for the development of our teaching and training activities leading to a diploma, whether through exchanges of Bachelor's and Master's students or teaching staff to be at the New Technologies page with industrial and/or didactic purposes. <p></p> Currently, ISSAT in Sousse issues an average of 120 computer engineering degrees per year and 600 bachelor's degrees (computer science, mechanics, electronics, energy and civil engineering) for a rich and varied industrial fabric. We are also very involved in cooperation with our national and international socio-economic environment through 891 partner companies and 78 partnership agreements allowing us to place 350 end-of-study internships annually. <p></p> <mark>Finally, beyond the base of undeniable scientific and technical skills that it teaches, ISSAT Sousse allows you to open up to the world and an approach to the human and social sciences, which are the added value of ISSATians today. Are you curious? Engaged ? Enthusiastic ? The Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology of Sousse is made for you. </mark>