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SOLICODE is a solidarity and inclusive training center, open to motivated young people interested in Web and Mobile Development professions. The learner at SOLICODE considers himself as the main actor throughout his learning process. It is he who builds his knowledge through the realization of projects, individual or in groups, inspired by the professional environment in order to promote better integration into the labor market. Training within SOLICODE focuses on different aspects: technical, soft-skills, entrepreneurship and project management. At the end of this training, learners will benefit from a double certification issued by SIMPLON and OFPPT. <p></p> OUR VALUES <p></p> INCLUSIVE TRAINING<br> Whatever your level of study, a passion for technology and a desire to learn are the only criteria for joining us. <p></p> INNOVATIVE METHODOLOGY<br> <mark>The SOLICODE center is equipped with innovative educational and technical means that promote the learning and practice of knowledge in the best conditions. The training offered at SOLICODE focuses on the digital technologies most in demand in the labor market.</mark> <p></p> ACTIVE PEDAGOGY<br> SOLICODE adopts an active pedagogy and by projects where the learner finds himself in real situations which guarantees professional integration. The learner is accompanied by expert referent trainers throughout the training period.