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Gretsa University

Computers have become important and powerful tools in collecting, recording, managing and distributing critical essential masses of information in the world today. <mark>The aim of this programme is to produce a computing science graduate who has competitive technical information technology and communication (ICT) skills necessary and vital in all business environments.</mark> <p></p> Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree programme, the graduate will have acquired diverse information technology knowledge and will be able to demonstrate the ability to apply information technology and communication skills to support, corporate, personal and social work, develop and implement reliable software solutions with proper technical documentation in line with the economic pillar of Kenya Vision 2030

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Mount Kenya University

The School of Computing and Informatics gives learners the opportunity to undertake programs in the field of Information Technology, Informatics and Knowledge Management. The school offers various postgraduate and undergraduate programs that are well packaged to give learners the necessary skills to enable students compete favorably in the Job Market. <p></p> The school currently has collaborations with IBM, Oracle and jointly <mark>offers a variety of highly competitive programs in order to give learners the necessary skills that are needed in the market in the fast changing ICT market.</mark> <p></p> Vision <br> To be an innovative school that brings high quality computing and Informatics education at the doorsteps of learners with learner-centric approach exploiting the science of computing and information platforms. <p></p> Mission <br> To provide access to higher educational opportunities in computing and Informatics programmes that will enable learners to develop theoretical, practical, and ethical skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations and provide valuable and creative, innovative and resourceful contribution to society.