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Mission Statement of the department is to produce highly qualified graduates in the world of Computer Science. Produce competitive and effective experts who can successfully apply his/her knowledge to solve computer related problems. <p></p> Vision of the Department <br> The vision of the Department is to serve students and the community through excellent learning programs, by conducting relevant and effective research and community engagement projects. <p></p> The Department commits itself to the achievement of academic excellence in the field of computer science. To this end, it offers various program ranging from undergraduate to doctoral level for the feature plan. <p></p> Our graduates will be in demand from industry and from higher education institutions all over Ethiopia and the world. It will be well recognized all over the world due to its many publications and due to the works of its centers of excellence. In line with its expansion procedures the college will strive to succeed the delivery of quality education, problem solving research undertakings and its community services. <p></p> Whatever your stage of education, we have the expertise to take you to the top. We are well established in the higher education market and have gained the reputation as a leader in computing. <p></p> Objectives <br> - Produce qualified and competent man power in the field of computer science. <br> - Enable students under take demand oriented and problem solving research and development activities. <br> - Develop managerial and entrepreneurship skill of students to start their own computing business. <br> - Equip students to organize and provide in-service and society training program related with computing <br> - To equip students with necessary knowledge and skill of writing, reporting and communicating for scientific paper <br> - Inspire students to have a positive attitude towards their profession to have the sense of cooperation, honesty and loyalty <br> - Provide consultancy and advisory service, skill up-grading trainings and community development services. <br> - Produce socially accountable personnel who would give alternative solutions to socio-economic problems. <br> - To promote the concept of comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach in tackling computer related problems. <p></p> Careers <br> - <mark>Computer science deals with the theoretical foundations of information and computation. It is about using computers to solve problems effectively. Our graduates have a firm grasp of software, networks, computer architecture, formal methods, algorithms and data structures, databases, distributed services, virtualization, mobile computing and artificial intelligence. Skills learnt can be used in varied fields such as; business and finance, engineering, communications and the biological, physical and earth </mark>