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BujaHub provides a multisectoral solutions in order to meet the challenge of entrepreneurship and economic inclusivity for youths and women and increase incomes by equipping them with job skills, technical support and resources that are needed in skills development, job creation and suitability in their start-up venture. This in returns <mark>helps individuals to integrate well in the socio-professional sector, develop their skills, strengthen human capital and create durable labor markets in Burundi and Africa. </mark> <p></p> The BujaHub support system comprises of three main pillars that are interconnected and interdependent in assuring the success of the job creation journey for talents, entrepreneurs and innovators in the country. When these three pillars work together, it assures the whole cycle of the journey of the entrepreneur from the beginning of the idea, to the implementation in the market. These pillars are ; discover, empower and connect.