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SoLuz is a coworking space that provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for all its partners, whether permanent or occasional. <mark>Coworking & Networking, intends to support young entrepreneurs in the sale and distribution of baskets and Christmas Bouquet, made with love, quality products and great prices.</mark>

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Prime Cowork

Your coworking space located on the historical center of Mindelo, at a typical house from the early 1900s, a few meters of the City Hall, close to everything. Prime Consulting and Business Incubator Center have a partnership to provide improved services and opportunities for Coworkes, start-up's and CV Remote Program adopters. A space with a warm atmosphere, good lighting, tennis table to relax, fresh water, space always clean. <mark>Good place to exchange ideas and knowledge, making available all possible means for carrying out research, preparation and testing of projects. has a pleasant dining area, it also serves as an exhibition space for paintings. The space contains some plants, helping to maintain a pleasant and fresh air, contains musical instruments, such as a battery, violin and a guitar, all with the purpose of having a harmony in the space of Rigor and professionalism and relaxation and leisure.</mark> With all these tidbits Coworking by prime, it is one of the best places to work