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Eritrea Institute of Technology

The Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT) or Mai-Nefhi College is a university located in the town of Abardae near the town Himbrti, Mai Nefhi, Eritrea. It is situated about 12 km southwest of Asmara, near the Mai Nefhi dam. The institute has three colleges: Science, Engineering and Technology, and Education. The Eritrea Institute of Technology at Mai Nefhi is the main local institute of higher studies in science, engineering and education. <p></p> Computer science is an exciting, rapidly developing field that has vast influence on modern society. Computer science encompasses a broad range of theory and applications. <mark>Due to the emphasis on problem-solving skills, computer science is an excellent major for students going into many fields, including technology, business, medicine and law.</mark> <p></p> The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program at Eritrea Institute of Technology is designed for students who want a greater technical depth of study, and it can be paired with other science, mathematics and engineering programs.