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Offering a wide range of courses combined with a solid practical and scientific approach, the Master in Business Computing ideally prepares students for the demands of the job market. Interdisciplinary experience and practical skills are indeed highly valued qualities in highly qualified people. Obtaining the Master thus gives access to a wide choice of positions of responsibility in various economic sectors, in particular finance, advanced technologies, journalism, entertainment, administration, teaching and continuing education, research , automation, gaming industry, sports, communication technologies, engineering and knowledge management. Graduates can also pursue doctoral studies to further broaden their professional horizons in industry and academia. Obtaining the Master's gives access to a vast choice of positions of responsibility in the fields of IT and management. <p></p>Some examples of occupations: <p></p> <br> - Architect of an information and communication system <br> - Project manager of an information and communication system <br> - Process Developer <br> - Management control <br> - Web developer <p></p> <mark>This Master includes three categories of courses: a first dedicated to management information technology and decision-making support tools, a second focused on fundamental information technology and a third which focuses on business management (in option).</mark>Students can personalize their study plan themselves. They choose from a range of over 60 courses. A practical dimension is integrated into teaching in all subjects (e-business, e-commerce, e-government, supply chain management, revenue management, etc.); an internship to be carried out in a company or in an institution is also an integral part of the training. Finally, the Master's work generally focuses on a theme related to a practical application.