Tatweer Entrepreneurship Campus - school image
Tatweer Entrepreneurship Campus

Libya is standing at the beginning of an exciting era of opportunity. A time when the foundations can be laid to build a progressive, globally connected nation by unleashing the skill, creativity and ingenuity of the Libyan people. TEC is short for Tatweer Entrepreneurship Campus, a 3 year initiative between Tatweer Research and UNDP with European Union funding. <p></p> TEC program is unique in nature and has never been done in Libya before. It is laying down the groundwork for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Libya. TEC aims to empower Libyan entrepreneurs through providing information on actors in the ecosystem, training, consulting, office space and financial support. <p></p> TEC also aims to affect change on the university level through incorporating entrepreneurship education in the curriculum and on the government level through business regulation reform. <p></p> TEC’s end goal is that by 2020 to graduate 30 startups from the program and to inspire other 60 startups indirectly, a total of 90 startups over the next three years creating 1000 value-adding jobs in the Libyan economy. <p></p> Services TEC Incubator <br> <mark>Will provide start-ups with the support, expertise, services and tools needed to succeed in the market. The incubator will offer services such as office space, consulting, mentoring, and training to the incubatees.</mark> <p></p> Tec Talk <br> It is a bi-weekly get-together made for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, where they meet to discuss entrepreneurship and emerging technologies. We are building a community of tech-savvy young Libyans and providing them a space where they can meet to network and learn from each other. <mark>We invite experts from the community to discuss the newest technology and we encourage knowledge sharing to ensure that the community is aware of the latest developments in the IT sector.</mark> <p></p>TEC Space <br> TEC Space is the hub where entrepreneurs work, learn and network as they start and develop their business. It is the place where TEC events and training programs take place. <mark>TEC Space is the home of the entrepreneurs and start-ups, and the space will be the hangout spot where entrepreneurs get together with like-minded people and to facilitate for a growing community, the space can hold up to 70 people at same time.</mark>

Benghazi University - school image
Benghazi University

The college seeks to contribute to the development and modernization of the educational system through training and preparing national competencies in order to contribute to activating human development plans and the development process in general. Through the provision of “scientific and technical” logistical consultations, as well as the culture of information and the introduction of the mechanization of information technology. <p></p> Objectives <br> <mark>The College of Information Technology aims to prepare and graduate specialists in various branches of computing and pure and applied information technology in line with the requirements of scientific progress and the needs of society for the faculties necessary to serve economic, scientific and social development and satisfy students’ aspirations and aspirations. </mark> <p></p> To achieve this, the college works on: <br> - Preparing integrated, purposeful study programs to ensure obtaining the academic degrees awarded by the college. <br> - Conducting scientific research and studies in various fields, consolidating scientific links and exchanging experiences with other scientific bodies inside and outside Libya. <br> - Providing facilities and means that would create an appropriate atmosphere for creative work by faculty members and students.

College of Engineering Technology Janzour - school image
College of Engineering Technology Janzour

The Department of Computer Technologies Systems was established in 2004 to be supportive of other engineering disciplines, and in order for the department to continue to develop and follow the modern requirements of the Libyan labor market, the department has adopted a program system where a different specialized program is prepared for each period or number of years ranging from 4 to 6 years. Each program focuses on A specific field of knowledge through the presentation of a number of specialized subjects in the advanced classes (from the fifth to the eighth) and the focus is on the means of integrated solutions so that the <mark>student can acquire the skills necessary to develop and develop theoretical and scientific courses designed to prepare students in this field and prepare the student in preparation suitable in the field of programming and mathematics</mark> and developing his abilities in other related scientific fields. <p></p> The program provides the following outputs: <br> - Apply computational and mathematical knowledge appropriate to the field of specialization <br> - <mark>Analyze the problem and determine the appropriate computational requirements for the solution</mark> <br> - Active participation in work teams to achieve a common goal <br> - Communicate effectively with a number of beneficiaries <br> - Analyze the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and societies <br> - Recognize the need and ability to participate in continuing professional development <br> - Use the techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computer applications

College of Computer Techniques Tripoli - school image
College of Computer Techniques Tripoli

This program aims to build on the skills and sciences obtained in the Higher Technical Diploma Program, expand the methods of analysis, study and research, and provide the graduate with new skills specialized in web design, programming, database management and database programming for web pages. The program is designed to make the student a specialist in All NET software . This program consists of two additional semesters and culminates in a semester in which the student completes the field work and the graduation project, so that the total of the semesters for the student in this track is eight semesters (four years). <p></p> Specialized technical skills of the program:<br> In addition to the skills that the graduate acquires in his field of specialization (software engineering and development), the program focused on personal and self-level skills to be mastered by the student through the graduation project and field work, including: <mark> <br> - The ability to research, extract and analyze. <br> - The ability to present and present ideas clearly, visual presentation and correct systematic scientific documentation. <br> - Learn about the labor market and its needs and ways to succeed in personal interviews and write a CV. <br> - Learn teamwork skills, work coordination and discipline. <br> - Acquiring the skills of managing small and medium projects, adherence to the schedule, identifying resources, forecasting obstacles, analyzing risk ratios, immediate treatment, and others. </mark> <p></p> Program technical skills <br> The curricula in the Department of Software Engineering and Development are modern curricula aimed at empowering the student and providing him with high skills and abilities of a different technical nature. Accordingly, the student will have the following skills:- <br> - Confidence and information sharing skills. <br> - High communication skills that are highly valued by employers. <br> - Extensive job opportunities as the graduate can become a computer management center in the government and private sector or Software companies. <br> - Technically in the field of developing, manufacturing and installing computer equipment and devices. <br> - Responsible for the database. <br> - Programs developer. <br> - Basic theoretical and practical concepts in programming science through operating systems materials, systems analysis and design. <br> - One of the most important features that a graduate of this program enjoys is his qualification to obtain international certificates in the field of computer programming, including NET , MCSD , MOS , MCDAB , and MCAD . Which prepares the holder for the labor market and makes him a priority in employment in the public and private sectors

Africa University of Humanities and Applied Sciences - school image
Africa University of Humanities and Applied Sciences

The Department of Computer Science was established in accordance with the University President’s Decision No. (7) for the year 2003 AD with the number of (41) courses of (139) academic units, with the aim of preparing young people armed with science and knowledge to be able to engage in society and actively participate in development and development. <p></p> This department offers a bachelor's degree specializing in computer science so that it provides all that is new to students in terms of updating and developing curricula, courses and effective training programs, which in turn prepares graduates for various professions in the field of information and computer technology, as well as preparing them to continue in the field of scientific research and postgraduate studies. <p></p> The objectives of the Computer Science Department revolve around the following: <mark> <br> - Preparing and qualifying cadres to meet the requirements of the labor market in the field of computer science. <br> - Creating the appropriate atmosphere for faculty members and students in a way that ensures continuous development and improvement. <br> - Encouraging and developing scientific research in the fields of computer science. <br> - Providing community and environmental services in the fields of computer science. <br> - Building and developing partnerships with government and private sectors and the community with all its various institutions. </mark>

Libyan Open University - school image
Libyan Open University

With every aspect of our lives dependent on computers and information technology, there's a continuing demand for professionals who can set up, program and manage computers, computer peripherals, web sites and local area networks. Libya Open University's computer and information technology programs help meet that demand by <mark>producing graduates who have the latest knowledge and hands-on skills and are well prepared to pursue a bachelor's degree in a related area if that is their goal.</mark> If you're analytical, detail-oriented and tenacious with a fundamental interest in computers and how things work, explore our programs below.

Bright Star University - school image
Bright Star University

The Department of Computer Engineering is one of the departments of the College of Engineering Sciences at Bright Star University, where the department provides a specialization in programmed control such as designing control cards, studying in the field of software and the fields of digital systems, designing programs and writing their codes and ciphers in order to take advantage of these modern technologies in manufacturing processes. The department also includes a number of computer laboratories that cover the practical aspect of the entire course materials, whether in relation to the department or the rest of the other scientific departments at the university, as they have been equipped with all the advanced programs used in programming and simulation to benefit from them in the course of industrial operations. <p></p> Objectives <br> - Achieving quality standards in the entire educational process, as well as in administrative and technical affairs. <br> - Providing all the requirements of the educational process from qualified faculty members, advanced laboratories and other equipment. <br> - Develop the research aspect in the field of computer engineering. <br> - Continuous development of the department's employees

Bani Walid University - school image
Bani Walid University

The Department of Computer Science, since the establishment of the college, aims to consolidate scientific knowledge and practical experiences in the field of computer science, which enables the student to keep abreast of the latest developments in this broad and renewable field, where a large number of career opportunities are available for the graduates of the department. Therefore, the curriculum has been designed in such a way that the Department of Computer Science has great freedom to adapt the curriculum according to the needs of students, business and industry. <p></p> Vision<br> The optimal investment of resources to prepare graduates capable of competing in the labor market in the field of computer science, and to ensure a stimulating academic environment, effective scientific research, and quality community services. <p></p> Message<br> <mark>Preparing qualified students with high skills, sufficient experience and understanding of general preparatory sciences to enroll and enroll in other specialized departments of the college by providing them with the latest knowledge, skills and advanced information.</mark> <p></p> Department goals <br>1. Creating a distinguished academic environment to increase the competitiveness of the students of the department <br>2. Achieving excellence in the faculty team in the department. <br>3. Developing and strengthening the scientific research system in the department. <br>4. Developing postgraduate programs that meet the needs of the labor market in the field of computer science. <br>5. Develop and promote community service programs in the department

Azzaytuna University - school image
Azzaytuna University

In response to the development and successive scientific and technological advances in our contemporary reality and to cover the labor market needs of scientific competencies in disciplines directly related to information technology and communications, the Faculty of Information Technology was established in the academic year by a decision of the Minister of Higher Education (617) for the year 2016 regarding the renaming and creation of new faculties at Al-Zaytoonah University. <p></p> The College of Information Technology includes a group of scientific departments, which are the General Department, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Engineering Technology for Electronics and Computer, the Department of Computer Networks and Communications, and the Department of Software Engineering. The college offers all the distinctive knowledge, experience and skills to create national cadres of high efficiency and international quality, polished academically, scientifically and practically, and capable of building our beloved country and serving the local and regional community. <mark>The college contains a distinguished constellation of academic staff specialized in the field of information technology and skilled in linking modern sciences with practical applications. This constellation dedicates its efforts and endeavors to translate the college's goals, strategies and aspirations into concrete practical steps on the ground that contribute to building a technical generation capable of giving in various state institutions.</mark> <p></p> In conclusion, I am pleased to welcome you to the corridors of the College of Information Technology, and I invite you to learn about the academic disciplines and the scientific opportunities it offers, and I invite you to communicate with us with your opinions and suggestions.

Asmarya Islamic University - school image
Asmarya Islamic University

The Faculty of Information Technology Zliten is one of the modern colleges that was established at the Asmarya University under Cabinet Resolution No. (65) for the year 2015 and the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (156) for the year 2015. Bachelor's degree in various fields of computer science and information technology. The College of Information Technology hastened to prepare its internal regulations in light of the provisions of the Regulations for Higher Education No. 501 of 2010. The actual study began at the college with the beginning of the fall semester of 2015 and thus completed the elements that prompted the college to provide distinguished scientific programs in the field of computer science and information technology to keep pace with Rapid advances in technology and meet the needs of society in this field. <p></p> Two separate buildings were allocated to the College of Information Technology: the first for teaching male students and the second for female students. Where the headquarters of the Faculty of Information Technology is located behind the student boycott of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at Asmarya University and near the Zliten Hotel. As for the female section, it is located near the College of Arabic Language (the female section) of the Asmarya University and near the eastern entrance to the city of Zliten (the entrance to the triangle). <p></p> College Objectives <mark> <br>1- Preparing competencies and scientific skills in the field of information technology. <br>2- Providing technical advice to state institutions. <br>3- Establishing partnerships with corresponding educational institutions and public institutions in the field of information technology to support educational and training programs. <br>4- Holding seminars and conferences in various fields of information technology </mark> <p></p> College vision <br>It aspires to be a scientifically distinguished college, and to contribute effectively to the service and development of society <p></p> College Mission <br>Supporting scientific research and providing the appropriate environment for the production and education of knowledge in a manner

Masaha Plus - school image
Masaha Plus

A community work hub and a co-working space for creative and social entrepreneurs that are willing to take the risk and jump to the next level. Provides the framework necessary - from space to services to events - for diverse, creative and social enterprise to collectively build a stronger more resilient entrepreneur community. <p></p> OUR SERVICES <p></p> A space that offers you the best services and comfort <mark> <br> - Internet connection <br> - Meeting rooms <br> - Offices for rent <br> - Coffee :D <br> - Consulting </mark>

College of Electronic Technology - Bani Walid - school image
College of Electronic Technology - Bani Walid

The Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology is one of the college’s specialized departments. It is one of the oldest departments in Libya. It was opened since the establishment of the Institute in 1976. <mark>It specializes in theoretical, technical and applied aspects together in the field of computing, which is one of the vital and important fields that represent the backbone of all service, industrial, commercial and administrative institutions.</mark> Therefore, we find that the demand for talents and distinguished cadres in this field is constantly increasing. <p></p> Vision, mission and goals <br> The department aims to implement an academic program that secures highly qualified outputs capable of continuing postgraduate studies, competing in the labor market, paying attention to scientific studies and research, implementing applied projects, and providing scientific advice.

University Of Tobruk - school image
University Of Tobruk

The department aims to form a distinguished scientific base in the fields related to computer science and applications, and seeks to prepare plans for the development of study tools to ensure that the requirements of quality standards are met. The department is keen to provide distinguished graduates who are able to cover the needs of the labor market and keep pace with the amazing development in the field of information and communication technology. <mark>The department seeks to spread the culture of creativity and innovation in the field of software industry, and openness to the community to understand its requirements and contribute to the realization of part of it.</mark> <p></p> Objectives<br> he department aims to provide a suitable environment for learning and research in computer science theories and applications and seeks to prepare qualified graduates to deal with software and information in an efficient manner, and in order to be able to contribute to the development process in society and invest in the development of information technology, and help future graduates to continue their higher studies.

Zawiya University - school image
Zawiya University

Software engineering is one of the modern disciplines that has arisen to keep pace with the great and rapid development in information technology, software analysis and design. The software engineering major was introduced in the college as an independent department in the spring 2018 semester as part of the development of the College of Technology. The Department of Software Engineering at the College of Information Technology is working on developing its plans and programs to keep pace with this development, and to provide the best in terms of practical and information theory. <p></p> Department goals:<br> 1. Professional knowledge:<br> It is the ability to demonstrate good mastery of software engineering knowledge, skills and professional standards necessary to begin practice as an engineer programmer. 2. Technical knowledge:<br> Demonstrate an appropriate understanding and application of theories, models, and techniques that provide a basis for problem identification and analysis, solution design, development, implementation, verification, and documentation. <mark> <br> - [Teamwork] Work individually and as part of a team to develop and deliver high quality software. <br> - [End User Awareness]<br> Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for the importance of negotiation, effective work habits, leadership and good communication with stakeholders in a typical software development environment. <br> - [Designing Solutions in Context] <br>Designing appropriate solutions in the areas of application using software. </mark>

Libyan International Medical University - school image
Libyan International Medical University

The department of software engineering aims to meet the growing need for professionals working in software development, with special attention to large and critical systems. <p></p> This department aims to develop the practical and analytical skills required by students to develop powerful and effective software manufacturing systems in the medical, industrial, service and business management applications. <p></p> Students (both individually and collectively) will gain timely experience and the ability to deal effectively with programming methods and tools. <p></p> Vision <br> To be a leader in delivering an edge cutting education, research, and educational products in the field of software engineering at the local and regional levels. <p></p> Mission <br>Graduate students with ample knowledge and skills required to produce and deliver high-quality software systems. <p></p> Department Objectives <mark> <br> - Equip graduates with sufficient knowledge and skills to become qualified software engineers.</mark> <br> - Establish productive partnerships with the local community to continually improve the perception of locally produced software. <br> - Make a sizable contribution to the research effort in the field of software engineering.

Regus - Almutawasit - school image
Regus - Almutawasit

Set your business for success on the shores of the Mediterranean, with a flexible office space in Tripoli. This banking, finance and communications hub combines centuries of historical architecture with modern infrastructure, attracting multinationals from around the world. <p></p> Make a great first impression with the sleek, contemporary exterior and marble entrances of Almutawasit. <mark>Feel energised in bright, spacious meeting rooms equipped with everything you need to get started.</mark> When it’s time for a break, venture up to the roof terrace for great views of the city.

Omar Al-Mukhtar University - school image
Omar Al-Mukhtar University

The Computer Department works to raise the academic and scientific level of its graduates in order to keep pace with the rapid scientific and technological developments in the field of computers and to be at the global level of competition and excellence and the ability to complete research and scientific studies to the fullest, by working with every effort to develop the curricula of the program academic and provide the elements for continuous development of education in this field. <p></p> Goals : <br> - Preparing academic cadres in the field of computer science, with the possibility of a graduate of the computer department preparing scientific research in the field of developing computer science, and thus he can work in scientific research centers specialized in the field of computer. <br> - Supporting students with scientific knowledge and skills in the field of scientific research. <br> - Preparing academic cadres in the field of computer science capable of producing software that meets the needs of society. <br> - Work on studying software in various fields of science. <br> - <mark>Preparing scientific cadres capable of dealing with modern software and the possibility of modification and development of these software.</mark> <br> - The possibility of a graduate of the Computer Department preparing scientific research in the field of computer science development, and thus he can work in scientific research centers specialized in the field of computers

Misurata University - school image
Misurata University

The Department of Software Engineering is one of the important and complementary departments in the Faculty of Information Technology. It was established to achieve the educational and professional policies of the Faculty. The department seeks to develop high-quality software solutions in various information fields. <p></p> In this department, students learn about several information fields and learn to apply these skills, techniques, and modern software engineering tools until they are able to make decisions in various projects. <p></p> Mission<br> The Department of Software Engineering is committed to graduating highly qualified students in order to serve the needs of the labor market and contribute to the transition of society into an intellectual community. <p></p> Goals<br> <mark><br>- Promoting the possession of professional skills in software engineering that make students confident in developing high-quality software solutions in various fields of practice in light of several realistic limitations. <br>- Participation and success in professional life through teamwork and effective communication. <br>- Gradually occupying influential jobs and roles in organizations and local communities. <br>- Continuing graduate studies and success in the academic and research career. </mark> <p></p> Vision<br>The Department of Software Engineering is looking for leadership and becoming one of the best programs in software engineering locally and internationally.

Sebha University - school image
Sebha University

The department seeks to prepare strong and distinguished scientific and technical cadres with high qualifications that keep pace with the development of technology and the increase in the volume of software that requires the completion of large software projects and large work teams working to accomplish a specific software project where teamwork in the field of software requires special engineering capabilities specialized in software development <p></p> Vision:<br> Achieving global leadership and excellence in education and scientific research in the fields of computing and information technology. <p></p> Mission:<br> <mark>Preparing distinguished scientific-technical cadres with high qualifications qualified to work and compete in various fields of computing and information technology, and qualified to continue the college’s pursuit of leadership in conducting scientific research and studies, transferring knowledge and localizing technology, using the latest administrative, technical and informational methods.</mark> Objectives: <br> 1. To provide the student with the basics of knowledge in the fields of computing and information technology, which qualifies him to enter the professional field and to be able to compete in the labor market. <br> 2. To develop the student's abilities and skills in analytical and creative thinking in the field of computing and information technology. <br> 3. Preparing the student in preparation to continue scientific research in the field of computing and information technology. <br> 4. Providing a suitable environment for students to enable them to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in identifying the needs and problems of society related to computing and information technology. <br> 5. Encouraging faculty members and students to actively contribute to community service and solving its problems. <br> 6. Permanent and renewable development of the study plan to ensure keeping pace with rapid and successive changes in all fields <br>7. Developing and achieving ways to ensure the quality of performance and outputs

DERAZ Corner - school image
DERAZ Corner

Corner is a cowering space where creative minds meet, we bring together startups, freelancers, students, artists and architects to work or hang out in a creative pleasant work atmosphere, Corner aims to establish a contemporary, energetic & inspiring environment that meets the particular needs and characteristics of young people, <mark>Our space provide a wide variety of possibilities to stimulate creative thinking, inspiration, and promote a pleasant work atmosphere, to empower youth to advocate, work on their own ideas, talents and create a community of young change makers. focusing on art, architecture and creative minded people.</mark>

Al-Refak University - school image
Al-Refak University

To those who have chosen the Computer Science Department at Al-Refak University, you have made the right choice, and we, in our role as an educational family at the university, promise you to provide an academic environment that is supportive and fruitful for learning and to listen to alternatives and suggestions through mutual respect and appreciation within the institutional thinking to qualify trained national cadres capable of Filling the technical, technical and professional jobs available in the labor market, and this interest comes as a result of the sincere orientations and ambitions of the university administration that pour in its entirety towards success and faith to push the wheel of progress to reach the level of industrialized countries. <p></p> Mission<br> <mark>Providing distinguished educational and research services that keep pace with the rapid development in the fields of computer science and keen on developing the creative capabilities of students in a way that contributes to the development of society.</mark> <p></p> Vision<br> Excellence and leadership in preparing qualified graduate in the fields of computer science and its applications. <p></p> Objectives<br> <br>1- Preparing a qualified graduate in the fields of computer and information who is able to compete in the labor market <br>2- Encouraging and developing scientific research and its applications in the fields of specialization. <br>3- Creating the appropriate environment for creativity and innovation in the field of computer science. <br>4- Openness to society by providing distinguished services in the fields of computers and information technology. <br>5- Building and developing partnerships with governmental and private sectors and various community institutions

First Libya - school image
First Libya

FIRST® inspires young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.​ <p></p> <mark>FIRST Tech Challenge gives middle and high school students and their adult mentors the opportunity to work and create together to solve a common problem.</mark> Teams are challenged to design and build a robot using a kit of parts and within a common set of rules to play a sophisticated field game. The robot game changes every season and is a blast! <p></p> FIRST redefines winning by rewarding teams for achievements both on and off the field − excellence in design, demonstrated team spirit, Gracious Professionalism®, and outreach efforts are some of the award criteria. Winning is always secondary to the quality of the overall experience.

FabLab Libya - school image
FabLab Libya

Our lab was founded by engineers who admired the idea and goals of a Fab Lab organization. It is registered as a civil society non-profit organization in Libya. Our lab basically provides public access to an adequately (but not fully) equipped Laboratory for digital fabrication and electronic innovation. It has been, so far, focusing in hosting training courses for kids and youth in programming, electronics and robotics, as well as running supervised DIY clubs for kids, various workshops and participating in events such as the first National Robotics championship in Libya. Furthermore, <mark>in pursuing its role as a STEAM education promoter in Libya, the lab has developed a curriculum for teaching programming to kids and contracted with a number of private elementary schools in Benghazi for teaching the curriculum to their students.</mark> <p></p> One of the very successful projects carried out by the lab, so far, was the 100 youth engineers and the 100 youth programmers; in which a large number of school students participated in a hands-on learning style training course on the basics of programming and electronics using Arduino development panel. At the end of the course ,the students were able to build their own Arduino projects or Android applications and participated in an end-of-course competition. <p></p> The lab has been providing the equipment required and the technical assistance for a number of more advanced college graduation projects. And this is the area which we want to work on further, by encouraging people ,specially electronic engineers and IT graduates, to engage in building their own (advanced) prototypes. Ultimately, our lab aims to become a real research and innovation center. <p></p> Recently, Fab Lab Libya has engaged on a project by Expertise France concerned with entrepreneurship. Through this project members of the Fab Lab are being trained in entrepreneur coaching,where the lab is required to train and coach female entrepreneurs to establish their businesses. In addition to carrying out workshops on entrepreneurship to youth and specifically to university students.

Hive Space - school image
Hive Space

We aim to create a community of different creative minds with unique sets of skills, where members thrive to achieve their goals; Hive Space will provide them with an efficient, healthy and inspiring work environment that will support their need for networking and productivity. <p></p> <mark>Our mission statement is simple, we are here to create an effective and collaborative community for start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners, doing so by providing a healthy and professional shared environment, where they can share their ideas, grow their networks and support each other</mark>, with the help of our creative and ever learning team to provide them with everything they need to make an economic impact on the community.

Mediterranean International University - school image
Mediterranean International University

The Department of Software Engineering is one of the main departments in the College of Computer Science and Information Technology. The student is awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering after successfully completing 135 credit hours, according to the requirements of the scientific department, with an average of no less than 2 points out of a total of 4 points, and in a period of eight semesters. The student may graduate in a period of no less than 7 regular semesters or 6 regular semesters and two summer semesters, provided that the number of semesters does not exceed 10 semesters in the software engineering major. <p></p> The vision of the software engineering department:<br> The Department of Software Engineering seeks to be distinguished in the field of software engineering and its application in education, scientific research, knowledge and in societal sectors to keep pace with local and global competition and effectively meet market needs. <p></p> the message:<br> <mark>Providing advanced applied academic programs supported by modern technology means in the field of software engineering to acquire the skill of understanding, analysis, innovation and application, preparing applied programs for modern software engineering and ways to develop and operate them using advanced methods and entering the competitive market locally, regionally and globally, to contribute to raising the efficiency of educational and research institutions and solving problems in technical ways And the optimal employment of technology through the educational and practical environment to serve the local and international community.</mark>

Open University of Benghazi - school image
Open University of Benghazi

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree in Information Technology provides students with an applied approach that focuses on supporting end users in a variety of workplace settings by utilizing a range of computing technologies. <mark>The degree program gives students the tools to support computing infrastructures and the needs of individuals and organizations, write programs necessary to help them render their tasks more efficiently on their desktop or mobile devices, utilize databases and write the web-based interfaces to pull the data, and code and deploy applications across the cloud.</mark> <p></p> Students may declare one of the optional concentrations listed below within the Information Technology major, or select the major without a concentration.

Misaha - school image

The co-working space provides you with all the innovative means that mature with creativity and bright colors, so that your work becomes enjoyable thanks to the comfortable sitting and calm atmosphere and the café that offers a wide range of services, in addition to high-speed Internet. <p></p> Advantages Of Using Space <mark><br> - Establishing Events <br> - Design <br> - Social Media <br> - Speed Internet <br> - Cafe <br> - Private Offices </mark>

Libyan University - school image
Libyan University

The importance of the computer and its development is increasing very rapidly, which has led to the need for specialists in this field after the penetration of computers in all aspects of life fields and activities. From this point of view and from the reality of the expected need for high-level national competencies in the field of computers, the faculty members of the department have developed the various curricula and courses in the department in accordance with the rapid development and in accordance with the corresponding universities at the local and international levels. The Computer Department is one of the most important departments in the university. Where this specialization represents the link between all disciplines and different fields of work. <mark>Students in this department are able to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze, design, develop and operate computers, networks and information systems in any governmental or private business organizations and institutions.</mark> The computer department works with an academic plan consisting of ( 129 ) credit hours distributed over general courses compulsory specialized courses, non-specialized compulsory courses and specialized elective courses . The student studies these courses through eight semesters, after which the student is awarded a “ Bachelor of Computer ” in programming and systems analysis . The university obtained, through the department, the international accreditation for the award of the International Computer License ( ICDL ). The department also seeks to grant students a certificate in computer networks ( cisco ) so that they are refined and prepared to work in the field of specialization in public and private institutions. <p></p> View the program: <br> To be distinguished in university education at the level of the region, educationally and research, and in the field of community service and the environment. <p></p> Program message: <br> Preparing highly qualified graduates in the field of computer science by providing educational and research services that contribute effectively to building and serving the community. <p></p> Program Goals :- <br> The Computer Department aims through its study plan to achieve the following: <br> - Providing students with the foundations, theoretical concepts and applied skills in the field of computer science. <br> - Strengthening the capabilities of scientific research and communication with others. <br> - Contribute to providing services to the community and the local environment, respecting its culture and repentance

Sabratha Higher Institute of Science and Technology - school image
Sabratha Higher Institute of Science and Technology

The department contributes to the performance of the academic mission undertaken by the Higher Institute of Science and Technology in Sabratha by preparing graduates who are able to conduct academic and applied research and studies in all disciplines of computer science. It is known that the department’s duty towards its students is to provide them with the best required information through a developed study plan, modern curricula, efficient teaching staff, good teaching and learning resources, and an appropriate. <p></p> Graduates' future <mark> <br> - Use the computer efficiently. <br> - Good knowledge of the areas of using the calculator in the fields of knowledge. <br> - The ability to diagnose and fix software faults. <br> - Proficiency in programming languages ​​and building systems, software systems and databases. <br> - Knowledge of network architecture and how to use it <br> - Work efficiently in computer centers within all government departments and the private sector. <br> - Qualified to complete postgraduate studies inside and outside the country. </mark>

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African National University

Information technology in our contemporary world has changed the lifestyle on this planet remarkably, and whoever owns the information has the elements of power and control factors in a competitive world based on information in all matters. Human beings have become virtual digital beings. This is the burden that the College of Information Technology bears on its shoulders, as the accelerating digital scientific and technical progress leaves no room for lazy or slow, otherwise it is out of time. <p></p> At the College of Information Technology, we are keen to offer a targeted and competitive academic program that obtains local, regional and international accreditation. We also work on refining the skills of students before graduation through targeted academic courses and companies in the public and private sectors through field training. <p></p> And we, in the College of Information Technology, are able to elevate the college to be a leader locally, regionally and globally through academic programs and specialists in the field and by providing the appropriate academic environment. <p></p> Vision:<br> Excellence in qualifying specialized cadres and providing distinguished scientific advice in the fields of information technology. <p></p> the message: Providing the appropriate academic environment for the production, teaching and application of knowledge to serve the community. <p></p> Objectives :<br> <mark><br> - Qualifying scientific competencies in the field of information technology to meet the needs of society. <br> - Providing technical advice to state institutions and civil society. <br> - Establishing partnerships with corresponding educational institutions locally and globally in the field of information technology and engineering our educational and training programs. <br> - Holding conferences, seminars, workshops and courses in the fields of information technology to keep pace with development</mark>

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Nuqta Is a Co-working Space for those who want the perfect environment to be creative at what they do, and to help startups develop and grow their experience to reach their potential with our community and social network. <mark>Nuqta facilities include 20 workstations, 4 meeting rooms, a conference room, a cafeteria, and an outside terrace. The finishing and the atmosphere were built to boost creativity, and the services that Nuqta offers provide a complete peace of mind for the members to focus on their projects with no distractions. </mark>