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University of Fianarantsoa

The National School of Computing (ENI), a public institution located in Fianarantsoa, ​​offers university and professional training in order to train IT executives. Tuléar also has a study center for general computer training. Immerse yourself in the world of computing technology as you learn to develop products and solve problems to meet the needs of the Central Valley and beyond. <p></p> As a Software Engineering student, you’ll learn programming, software design and ethics in computing from faculty who have experience working for major technology companies. <p></p> <mark>Learn by doing in project-based courses that will help you build a strong background in engineering and project management. Coursework integrates ethical and socially responsible practice to set you apart in today’s technology-driven marketplace.</mark> <p></p> The bachelor of science option provides a more extensive education in computing. You’ll gain increased foundational and practical knowledge, as well as preparation to pursue graduate study.

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Higher Polytechnic Institute of Madagascar

The Higher Polytechnic Institute of Madagascar or ISPM, the first private polytechnic institute in Madagascar was created in January 1993 in Antananarivo on the initiative of Professor RABOANARY Julien Amédée. When it was created in 1993, it was known as the Ecole Supérieure de Sciences et Techniques de l'information à Madagascar or ESSTIM, having only one course in IT Management, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (IGGLIA). <p></p> The objective of the ISPM is to train Technicians and Engineers in tune with scientific and technological progress and aware of the economic and social realities in Madagascar. <p></p> The training course consists of three parts, namely: <mark><br> - Three years of theoretical and practical training followed by a three-month internship within a company. <br> - This internship is the subject of a dissertation defended in public with a view to obtaining a Bachelor's degree; <br> - Two years of deepening of knowledge followed by an internship generally six months research work in a company and concluded by a public defense for obtaining an Engineering Diploma; <br> - Years of research in preparation for obtaining a doctorate degree.</mark> <p></p> All companies (public or private) can no longer do without IT tools, especially IT applied to management. The Computer Science Management Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence sector is a sector whose objective is the training of Engineers and Senior Technicians capable of mastering all computer techniques relating to business management.