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Dololo DoBox

Dololo DoBox offers Workhops, mentoring networking events, digital training and as well as project management for Start-up competitions, programmes and Corporate innovation projects <p></p> <mark>In addition to this, we connect organisations and leaders with the next generation of change-makers. Businesses engage with us to gain insights on trends, identify risks, access innovation and market views.</mark> <p></p> What can we do for you? <p></p> Pitchtraining in groups <br> In a small group together with like-minded young entrepreneurs we are practicing your pitch until its pitch-perfect! <p></p> Pitch Competition Prep <br> We are working with you individually before your pitch competition to make sure that both rhetoric and content are blowing the judges away! <p></p> Optimizing Pitchdeck <br> <mark>You have been in touch with an investor, who is interested in your business and asked for a pitchdeck? We can help you bring your business presentation to another level!</mark>