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This newly developed programme is written using the compe- tency based approached (CBA). It is aimed at providing both the theoretical principles in information technology as well as the necessary prerequisite/skills/competencies to the graduates which will enable them to work with confidence with a certain degree of autonomy and some responsibility for the supervision of others. <mark>The graduates would be more suited to be employed a technical personal in the field of work. The high demand in the IT industry today is more practically oriented in different fields such as Network Engineering, Multimedia Designers and Soft- ware Developers, Telecommunication etc... Also there is boom in the IT Industry.</mark>

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University of Seychelles

The vision of the Department Computing and Information Systems is to become a regional leader in providing high quality education and research in the area of Information and computer technology and engineering. Mission <p></p> <mark>Producing quality graduates trained in the latest tools and technologies by imparting in-depth knowledge to the students, facilitating research activities and provide to the ever changing industrial requirements and public needs.</mark> <p></p> Core Values<br> The values of the Department, which we share, guide our decisions and behaviour. They are: <br> - Integrity <br> - Academic excellence and freedom <br> - Mutual respect and human dignity <br> - Diversity of thought, culture, gender, and ethnicity <br> - Personal and institutional responsibility and accountability <br> - Shared governance <br> - A sense of community <br> - Sensitivity to work-life concerns <br> - Civic responsibility. <br> - Confidentiality