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Junub Open Space

Junub are focused on programme development and capacity building of young entrepreneurs in their community. Junub Open Space is a community oriented initiative aiming at empowering and supporting Innovation among Youth. <mark>Our vision is to create a resilient South Sudan through our activities by every inch.</mark>

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We are a vibrant youth space that supports entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, and collaboration amongst the youth in South Sudan. We act as a catalyst for empowering youth ventures in South Sudan. <p></p> Located in Hai Malakal Neighborhood of Juba, Scenius is at a central place and is accessible from multiple directions. Currently, the Hub has over 70 members from diverse backgrounds. The majority of them are <mark>young entrepreneurs who use the space as a launching pad for their various ideas and businesses. In its current form, the Hub offers an opportunity for the youth that is rarely found in South Sudan. </mark> <p></p> Our Hub has a serene co-working space equipped with wifi, power, and shared workstations. Through a partnership with Liquid Intelligent technologies, one of Africa’s largest fiber-optic network operators, the Hub provides complimentary high-speed internet access for over 20 visitors daily. People from different fields come and work as well as network at the space daily. <p></p> The programs within the hub also focus on supporting early-stage and scale-up stage startups with various business and management skills and mentorship to ensure the survival of the businesses. These programs are customized to suit the needs of and requirements of the South Sudan business ecosystem. <p></p> Our Community includes a diverse group of people from various fields and disciplines united under the umbrella of Scenius. The biggest value the community brings to space is the collaboration and sharing of knowledge that builds a strong collective vision. <p></p> See our membership that is made to suit the various levels of engagement and growth.