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Zim Code

Zim Code is bringing coding to the forefront of youth education and socio-economic empowerment in Zimbabwe. <p></p> The majority of the schools we work with have inadequate resources and equipment to support our coding courses. We solve this by using our mobile coding lab (laptops, projectors and internet) to deliver coding lessons to high schools. <mark>Every student gets to use their own computer and code at their own pace.</mark> <p></p> Our tutors are young college students below the age of 25, so our lessons have a peer-to-peer structure. Most of our students have remarked that Zim Code tutors are more relatable and for that reason, they learn more comfortably. <p></p> Our nonprofit model allows us to bring our product to those who need it the most: socio-economically disadvantaged youths. There exists traditional computer colleges and night schools for coding, but they are beyond the reach of the greater majority of Zimbabweans. Our coding school model is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe.

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WeCode Harare

For those with kids or adults who want to learn coding, graphic designing, digital market, social media management and website designing we offer online lessons. <mark>Learn how to design and build your own website as you learn the basics of web development.</mark> Investing in the future generation now for the benefit and betterment of their tomorrow by introducing them to tech skills like programming and robotics . Bring the curious minded to us so that we can change the tech space together.