Investing in tech startups driving North Africa’s digital transformation

Cubit Ventures is an early stage venture fund backing tech startups driving digital transformation in North Africa.

We invest in inspiring founders who leverage local engineering talent, helping them scale with our extensive global network.

Our strategic alliance with Founder Institute and our extensive eco-system engagement ensures great deal flow, business acceleration, market access, and exit potential via our partnerships' huge network of VCs and portfolio companies.

Supporting companies that make us proud of what they do
- Helping local companies scale globally capitalizing on our expansive global networks
- Backing North African startups will be instrumental to tech talent brain-drain reduction
- We believe that startups are the primary vehicle for innovation and job creation in North Africa
- In search for startups where the solution directly creates impact for low and middle-income communities
-In search for solutions that enable financial inclusion across different socio-economic segments
- In search for solutions that expand healthcare or education access and/or brings costs down
- We believe that making money and making a positive impact on the world doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, so we prefer startups with a socially responsive mindset