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We focus on Africa’s largest economic engines and invest in founders who are creating opportunities for everyone. We invest in early-stage founders building the future of digital commerce in Africa. We back our portfolio with the funding, mentorship, and expertise they need to thrive. <p></p> Our expertise extends from years researching and investing in commerce ecosystems around the continent which have helped us form deep insights and convictions around the approaches we believe will thrive. <p></p> <mark>For our founders and co-investors, we bring an unparalleled mix of startup-building experience and sector-specific knowledge.</mark> <p></p> Thesis<br> We invest guided by a digital commerce thesis informed by years of data-driven research. Our hands-on partnerships with our portfolio companies then enables even deeper, more ground-tested intelligence. <p></p> Insights<br> We're trusted by the world's leading research organizations, investors, and impact donors to help provide insights on the latest developments in digital commerce in Africa and its impacts. <p></p> Community<br> <mark>We're a remote team that hails from the USA, France, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, but our community - Sufficient Capital - spans the globe and includes the most active digital commerce investors and founders.</mark> <p></p> Programs<br> Differentiated Capital<br> We offer high-conviction capital at founder-friendly terms. <mark>We invest $50,000 with our first check, then up to $150,000 in follow-on capital alongside our syndicate. We're often one of the first investors in our portfolio companies.</mark> <p></p> Practical Mentorship<br> We connect founders with other operators who can offer ground-tested advice to help shortcut the cycles needed to keep growing. Our team offers a hands-on program designed to help startups successfully prepare and close their first institutional round in exchange for advisory shares. <p></p> Focused Community<br> Our Sufficient Capital community is the meeting place for the best investors, builders, and experts in the African digital commerce.

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Village Capital

Africa's innovation economy is booming. There are now more than 500 incubators and accelerators on the continent that are <mark>helping startups solve problems around financial inclusion, healthcare, and education.</mark> Our Nairobi office is leading accelerators as well as initiatives around talent and entrepreneur support. <p></p> Village Capital is a company that <mark>helps early-stage entrepreneurs develop and grow their businesses. They focus on businesses that provide solutions for social, economic, and environmental challenges.</mark> Village Capital supports startups across various sectors, and they have a lot of experience - having run over 150 accelerators. They provide unique tools to founders to help increase their efficiency, sustainability, impact, and inclusiveness.

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Visa Accelerator Program

Unlock your startup's potential and fast-track your success in the dynamic world of fintech with the Visa Accelerator program. This groundbreaking initiative connects Africa's brightest minds with experienced mentors, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled investment opportunities. <p></p> Are you ready to disrupt the industry, revolutionize finance, and make an impact in the ecosystem? <mark>Join us on this exciting 3-months journey to propel your startup towards unprecedented growth and recognition. It's time to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and forge a path to success in the vibrant fintech landscape. </mark> <p></p> Benefits<br> Knowledge and Expertise <br> Gain a competitive edge with a tailored program covering product design, marketing, finance, sales and more. Receive experts’ guidance and strategic insights to accelerate your startup's growth and unlock its full potential. <p></p>Mentorship <br> Gain access to 1:1 mentoring from experts and founders in the ecosystem from Africa and beyond. Learn from the experience of others to solve your challenges. <p></p>Visa Specific Training <br> Benefit from exclusive Fintech and payment training modules designed by Visa. Enhance your understanding of the fintech landscape, payment ecosystem, and industry best practices. Startups will also get the chance to access Visa’s developer portal and experiment with Visa products and services. <p></p>Funding <br> Secure the funding you need to bring your innovative ideas to life. Showcase your startup during the Demo Day and you could be considered for an investment opportunity by Visa, Plug and Play, and our wider Venture Capital community. <p></p>Partnership Opportunities <br> Forge powerful partnerships that can drive your startup forward. The program aims to open doors to valuable collaboration opportunities with industry leaders, innovative companies, and strategic partners. <p></p>Product Perks <br> Gain access to a wide selection of product perks and discounts from over 100 vendors for a combined offer value over $200,000. Offers include credits from Google Cloud, HubSpot.

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ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator

The ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator Program invests in early-stage startups based in Africa with a focus on FinTech, Mobility, E-commerce and TalentTech. <p></p> Techstars accelerators have one goal: to help entrepreneurs succeed. During each three-month program, we surround companies with the best mentors and an unrivaled network of corporate partners, investors, and alumni. <mark>We provide funding and fundraising opportunities, workshops and curated resources, not to mention countless moments where you can learn from your peers.</mark> It’s a proven model that’s helped build thousands of successful companies, all over the world.

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AWS FinTech Africa Accelerator

The AWS FinTech Africa Accelerator is a virtual, equity-free 10-week program that leverages the best of Amazon's infrastructure and partner network to support pre-seed and seed stage FinTech startups developing their projects in Africa and beyond in the following categories: <br> - Open & Embedded Finance <br> - Big Data & AIML <br> - Blockchain & Decentralised Finance <br> - FinTech-as-a-service <br> - Financial inclusion & Sustainability <p></p> <mark>The Accelerator gives high-potential seed-stage fintech companies the specialized mentorship, resources, and partnership opportunities they need to better leverage AI, innovate financial services, and meet new customer demands—all while creating powerful solutions in the cloud.</mark> <p></p> AWS FinTech Africa Accelerator trains chief executive and chief technology officers in strategy, tech team management, product development, and helps founders prepare for navigating the complexities of fundraising. Amazon does not take equity or debt in the companies. <p></p> Startups that are selected will join AWS’ Activate program which provides founders with up to $25,000 in Activate Credits, and other services. Founders will also participate in workshops and one-on-one sessions with industry experts to address specific challenges their company faces.

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Cubit Ventures

Cubit Ventures is an early stage venture fund backing tech startups driving digital transformation in North Africa. <p></p> <mark>We invest in inspiring founders who leverage local engineering talent, helping them scale with our extensive global network.</mark> <p></p> Our strategic alliance with Founder Institute and our extensive eco-system engagement ensures great deal flow, business acceleration, market access, and exit potential via our partnerships' huge network of VCs and portfolio companies. <p></p> TARGET IMPACT <br> Supporting companies that make us proud of what they do <br> - Helping local companies scale globally capitalizing on our expansive global networks <br> - Backing North African startups will be instrumental to tech talent brain-drain reduction <br> - <mark>We believe that startups are the primary vehicle for innovation and job creation in North Africa</mark> <br> - In search for startups where the solution directly creates impact for low and middle-income communities <br> -In search for solutions that enable financial inclusion across different socio-economic segments <br> - In search for solutions that expand healthcare or education access and/or brings costs down <br> - We believe that making money and making a positive impact on the world doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, so we prefer startups with a socially responsive mindset

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Benin Business Angels Network

Benin Business Angels Network is a network of Business Angels based in Benin. Launched in April 2019 at the end of the Early Stage Startup Investment Conference (ESSIC), it is made up of local and diaspora entrepreneurs, investors and professionals willing to invest their money, open their networks and guide ecosystem entrepreneurs. The network will help provide seed capital to promising startups to help them grow rapidly. <p></p> Capital contribution<br> The BBAN provides startups in the seed or development phase with financing from individual or group investments made up of investments in equity or convertible debt. <p></p> Skills contribution<br> <mark>Beyond the financial aspect, entrepreneurs benefit from the expertise of Business Angels (BA) who offer them quality mentoring and support with a view to improving the management of their businesses.</mark> <p></p> Contribution of a network<br> The BBAN provides entrepreneurs with a vast relational network, important for broadening their fields of action and accelerating the growth of their businesses.

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Beta Ventures

Beta.Ventures is a New York and Lagos based venture capital firm helping ambitious entrepreneurs build innovative products and services, with a focus on rapid revenue and profit growth. We are unique in our ability to help companies grow organically in Africa, while also scaling globally. <p></p> <mark>We work closely with talented founders and teams from product idea to product launch through to the next stage of company development with a goal to maximize success and minimize risk.</mark> <p></p> Our partners, affiliates and mentors lead top technology companies locally and internationally and we encourage you to partner with us to take advantage of our experience building great products/services, negotiating partnerships and deals, leading teams, and raising money. <p></p> With us, you will avoid mistakes we, and others, have made.

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Acasia Ventures

Acasia Ventures invests in people first. Our commitment to our founders goes beyond financial capital. <mark>We continuously support early-stage startups throughout their life cycles, setting a solid and long-lasting foundation for their success. </mark> <p></p> As first believers, Acasia Ventures works closely with founders by providing venture capital, unique insights, opportunities to expand to new markets and access to global investors and connections. Our community empowers individuals to build highly scalable, sustainable digital solutions that solve real-world essential problems.

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Chanzo Capital

Chanzo Capital is a venture and growth capital firm, investing Capital, Capacity and Community in high-tech Startups and Scaleups in Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa (KINGS) – these countries make up the "KINGS" of Africa's digital economy. – these countries make up the of Africa's digital economy. <p></p> What we do <br> <mark>We invest between $500K and $5M staggered over the exponential growth phase of the company from Series A to C. We also make Seed investments of $50K to $500K</mark> <p></p>Our intentions <br> The firm intends to finance the growth and development of the high-tech sector through the provision of Capital, Capacity and Community to our portfolio of companies and the entire ecosystem in Africa. <p></p> Capacity <br> We have being developing the Capacity of our portfolio companies by strengthening the leadership of the senior management teams and introducing corporate governance. We also help in re-organizing the corporate and organizational structure of the businesses. <p></p>Community <br> We have being developing the Community in Africa through our annual Angel Fair Africa which brings selected entrepreneurs to pitch to invited investors. Over the six years of organizing the event, we have realized US$23m of investment and 1 exit.

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Chinook Capital

Chinook Capital is a venture capital firm focused on making investment in "pre-seed" and early stage ventures that are building a viable and scalable technology businesses for strong financial returns with maximum impacts. <p></p> We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs and work side-by-side with them to turn great ideas into remarkable companies, by helping them to provide earliest institutional funding to launch and scale their new ventures. As operators and entrepreneurs, ourselves, we roll up our sleeves and work with the entrepreneurs in all parts of their businesses that need additional resources. <mark>We provide more than capital to our investees, we provide support from market validation, product design, product-market-fit, customer discovery to creating fundable and scalable business. </mark> <p></p> Vision <br> To be the most admirable technology investment firm in Africa. <p></p>Mission <br> Serve as a catalyst to bridge the gap between capital and innovation. <p></p>New Venture <br> We combine seed capital, hands-on help and a great co-working location with an expert team to positively impact the trajectory of early-stage startups. <mark>Through Chinook Lab Program, we invest at the earliest stage of a startup's lifecycle "pre-seed", as the first institutional capital - and helps the entrepreneurs validate and iterate on the original hypotheses of their core business concepts. In short, we help companies achieve product-market fit in preparation to raise institutional venture financing.</mark> <p></p>Strategy Reboot <br> We help existing businesses revamp their strategies through early-stage investment, increase their addressable market opportunities and operationally focus on accelerating revenue growth to become a high-growth, venture-fundable business. We work alongside with the entrepreneurs to give birth to new industry-leading companies by leveraging on our experience and relationships as a fund manager to turn great ideas into great companies.

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Comoe Capital

Comoé Capital is a private company under Ivorian law created in 2018 by entrepreneurs and private actors including Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P), a pioneering group in impact investment, entirely dedicated to the financing and support of start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Sub-Saharan Africa. <p></p> Our approach <br> <mark>Comoé Capital works with Ivorian entrepreneurs and local suppliers to develop a dynamic community of SMEs in Côte d’Ivoire. Working with the entrepreneur, we build a strategy to boost the company’s development.</mark> <br> Our approach is organized around the entrepreneur with whom we aim to build a long-term relationship based on trust. <p></p> Our Impact Objectives <br> We are persuaded that companies have an essential social role in the real economy. <br> In addition to the extra-financial activities, Comoé Capital is a committed player in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. <br> One of our objectives is also to promote the social and environmental responsibility of the company and build with the entrepreneur an action plan to boost the impacts on each of its stakeholders (employees, customers, local communities, suppliers…), referring to the framework established by the United Nations with the Sustainable Development Goals. <p></p>Entrepreneur Corner <br> In parallel with its investment activities, Comoé Capital publishes Entrepreneur Corner, a trimestrial magazine providing a sector analysis (education, health, digital, etc.), and success-stories of entrepreneurs. More than just an information support, Entrepreneur Corner is a real advocacy tool in favor of Ivorian entrepreneurship.

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TLcom Capital

Since 1999 tlcom has supported innovative entrepreneurs that leverage technology to find market solutions to significant challenges. They are resilient and creative, critical thinkers with a superior capability to articulate and execute innovative business models. <p></p> Tech entrepreneurs are building the future by transforming traditional industries and creating new industries– a task that cannot be done alone. <mark>We partner with entrepreneurs BY MOBILIZING our resources – capital, expertise, networks - to increase the odds of success IN THE PURSUIT OF MAJOR ECONOMIC UPSIDE. </mark> <p></p> TLcom has managed in excess of $300m and is currently investing from its TIDE Africa Fund, which invests in early to growth stage companies in Sub Saharan AFRICA. We support entrepreneurs who are building fast growth tech enabled businesses solving some of the most complex challenges the continent is faced with. We invest between $500k and $10m in a company.

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We founded Novastar to join and fuel an entrepreneurial revolution that is transforming markets and sectors in Africa. <p></p> Together, we aim to create lasting value for the many, not just the few, for people and planet – for good. <p></p> Working from the vibrant centres of Lagos, London and Nairobi we partner with the bold entrepreneurs forging solutions to the continent’s biggest problems. <p></p> These are the companies that will become the truly valuable enterprises of the future. <br>We see in Africa an unmatched opportunity to reimagine industries in ways that signal a new, sustainable, inclusive development path for the world. <p></p> <mark>We aren’t interested in incremental solutions to marginal problems and inconveniences for the wealthiest 10% of the population.</mark> <p></p> The entrepreneurs we back, like us, are obsessed with serving the basic needs of everyday consumers; understanding their lifestyles, the friction that slows them down, the tools that lift them up, and the informal markets where they live, work and shop. <p></p> We don’t invest in lookalike business models. Plug-and-play tech solutions that address a single problem rarely work in a context where so many value chains are broken. While we learn from developed markets and adapt technology to power new solutions, our job is to understand the business models that work here. <p></p> We approach our work seeking to be generous in our relationships and generative in our actions. Our core values comprise our foundational beliefs and guide our daily decisions and behaviors. <p></p> As a small band with a bold vision, these values mirror those of the entrepreneurial teams who we partner with. We expect and invite all our stakeholders to hold us to them.

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E3 Capital

E3 Capital is a leading investor in early stage companies developing innovative business models that are digitised, decentralised, and decarbonised. <p></p> We are a young and diverse team, committed to the future of the low carbon economy. <mark>As one of the only majority-African partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a combined investment experience of 40 years, we are uniquely positioned to help companies grow and scale, without compromising sustainability. </mark> <p></p> We partner with forward thinking entrepreneurs endeavoring to bridge the gap between climate transition and growth in emerging and frontier markets with energy as the enabler of these products and services. <p></p> STRATEGIC THOUGHT PARTNER TO ENTREPRENEURS <br> We are known for our capacity to anticipate trends and identify unique investment opportunities or ‘diamonds in the rough’, and help them scale. <p></p> <mark>We are passionate about forward-looking entrepreneurs who want to drive change and make a difference.</mark> <p></p> With us, entrepreneurs know that they will get more than just financial support; a partner who will work alongside them to build their growth strategy and also help them strive through more difficult times.

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Kalon Venture Partners

Kalon Venture Partners invests in and builds a portfolio of high growth technology companies, with innovative business models, geared to existing and emerging institutions and their customers. <p></p> Kalon Venture Partners <mark>invests growth capital in the form of equity to be used to assist established, but still high-risk ventures in expanding activity such as creating additional traction in South Africa, launching into Africa and then foreign markets, as well as creating new product / technology lines.</mark> <p></p> Our overriding strategy is to provide growth capital and acquire a minority stake in high growth innovative digital technology companies. We assist these companies with hands on involvement, to help build the businesses into assets of value and exit the business to trade buyers or through an IPO (a buy to flip strategy). <p></p> Kalon Venture Partners will invest most of its capital in <mark>support of African entrepreneurs who are looking for growth capital to scale their businesses, which are disrupting traditional industries, e.g. banking, insurance, retail, media and entertainment.</mark> <p></p> We have a highly experienced team to conduct detailed due diligences of potential investments to help reduce the business risk. The outcome of the DD will be presented to our Investment Committee for a decision. <p></p> These companies will most likely operate initially in South Africa with the intention to scale them to Africa and globally. We target potential returns of a minimum of 5X money (IRR > 30%) on each investment.

Venturewell  - Innovate Egypt - school image
Venturewell - Innovate Egypt

Are you an aspiring innovator or entrepreneur who is passionate about turning their idea or discovery into a startup? This program is for you! <p></p> Innovate Egypt is designed to <mark>support the advancement of early-stage science and technology innovation and commercialization in Egypt.</mark> We’re helping students, researchers, and faculty move their inventions out of the university and into the marketplace! <mark>Innovators in this program will learn how to effectively move their ventures forward and gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to build the future of Egyptian entrepreneurship.</mark> <p></p> Together, we’re working to support the future of Egyptian innovation, building connections between investors and innovators, and deepening collaboration between leading public and private institutions in the Egyptian and U.S. entrepreneurial ecosystems. Apply today to be a part of this life-changing opportunity for your venture and be a part of Egypt’s innovation future.

Kamelizer - school image

Kamelizer is an Egyptian angel startup studio providing Services, expertise, and more to technology startups. Kamelizer Invests in early stage companies focused on two industries the Sharing Economy and the Cloud services for SMB. <p></p> <mark>We support founders in shaping their ideas to transform their startup from seed stage to series A stage.</mark> <p></p> Founders need to be patient, resilient and always save a bit of water ( energy, money, tools) for the tough days.

Microtraction - school image

The preferred and most accessible source of pre-seed funding for African technology entrepreneurs. We invest a minimum of $100k into Africa's most remarkable teams with technical founders at the earliest stage of their venture. <p></p> Accepting applications all year round <p></p> - <mark>We identify the best early-stage, growth-driven technology startups with the potential to become billion dollar companies</mark> <br> - We work closely with the startups, providing them with pre-seed funding, professional and advisory services <br> - We get startups to a point where they are impressive enough to raise more funding or join world class accelerators <br> - We introduce startups to later stage investors and help them navigate the process of raising a larger round of funding <p></p> What makes Microtraction different <br> - Founders can apply for investment at anytime, all year round without an intro <br> <mark>- Our investors are Venture Capitalists and Angels on the look out for great startups</mark> <br>- Our startups have a direct line to capital to scale from Seed to Series A and beyond <br>- Our network gives access to companies that would otherwise be hard to reach

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Samata Capital

Samata Capital LLC is dedicated to making private sector investments in early stage, scalable businesses in emerging markets that advance opportunities for women and promote gender diversity. <p></p> With its first fund, Samata focuses on the dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems in East and West Africa targeting high-growth industry segments including agribusiness, consumer products, financial services, healthcare and technology. In addition to providing capital to fuel growth, <mark>Samata offers additional support through strategic partnerships to ensure entrepreneurs have access to business service networks, governance expertise, coaching and other advisory assistance they need to build sustainable businesses.</mark> <p></p> Investment Approach <p></p> Capital for Growth Bolstered by Integrated Support <BR> We invest in early stage, scalable businesses with innovative management teams building inclusive cultures that spur productivity and mitigate risk. In addition to capital to fuel expansion, we provide support to our investee companies through our team as well as strategic partnerships to ensure entrepreneurs have access to the expertise, coaching, and networks needed to grow sustainably. <p></p> Geographic Focus <BR> We currently concentrate on countries in Anglophone East and West Africa with an emphasis on Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria and Ghana. <p></p> Impact <BR> We will work with each of our companies to implement best practice Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. In addition, our investments and the support we provide to companies will directly contribute to SDG 5 (Gender Equality), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and 10 (Reduced Inequalities). Individual investments across different industry segments targeted by Samata will also impact other SDGs.

Riversands I-Hub - school image
Riversands I-Hub

Riversands Incubation Hub is a ground-breaking initiative with the scale to have a real economic impact by supporting small businesses, fostering job creation and alleviating poverty. <mark>Riversands I-Hub offers a professional environment and virtual ecosystem, with a range of added-value business services, resources and programs to help grow SMEs.</mark> <p></p> <Our Vision <br> To build a growing community of performance-orientated businesses and entrepreneurs. <p></p> A community that catalyses change and a thriving future. <p></p> Our Mission <br> To create a growing and powerfully enabling ecosystem of services, resources and learning experiences. <p></p> To promote high growth entrepreneurs and businesses with the intention to attract investors and customers. <p></p> To collaborate with local and international business and academia. <p></p> We offer an evolving range of business services, resources and programing. We assist SMEs with: <br> - Professional services – Back office services such as Accounting, Legal, HR, and Marketing. <br> - Low cost utility spaces – Light manufacturing and office spaces geared for small businesses. <br> - Finance – From asset funding to purchase order financing to facilitate business growth. <br> - Business advisory services – Access to our growing pool of quality business advisors. <br> - Workshops and Masterclasses – To help businesses integrate best practices. <br> - Online Modules – Stimulating content curated with entrepreneurs and their team in mind. <br> - Service Consultants – To build value-adding relationships with our entrepreneur ecosystem. <br> - Growth Programing – Industry, subject or location specific entrepreneur programs. <br> - Community – A physical and virtual community of like-minded performance entrepreneurs. <p></p> What we look for<br> Our selection criteria <br> <mark>We seek to drive inclusive economic growth and so we don’t believe in a 'one-size-fits-all' approach – as such we are continuously looking for SMEs that are the right fit for Riversands I-Hub ecosystem. This means that we are always evaluating businesses against our published selection criteria.</mark> We are not a commercial landlord – we do our best to invest our resources in businesses likely to give the best return on investment. <br> - Viability with potential to grow <br> - 51% black ownership is advantageous <br> - Entrepreneurial characteristics <br> - Ratio of benefit to cost and risk <br> - Business aligned to ecosystem model <br> - Commitment to performance and continuous learning

Outlierz Ventures - school image
Outlierz Ventures

Outlierz Ventures is a pioneer African Seed-focused VC firm backing outstanding founders solving Africa's most pressing challenges and re-inventing the continent's future. <p></p> <mark>We believe Technology creates tremendous opportunities for talented entrepreneurs to change the status quo.</mark> Our mission is to channel capital, knowledge, and networks to Outlierz founders solving Africa’s pivotal problems. Thus, generating outsized returns while creating long-lasting socio-economic impact. <p></p> We invest at Pre-Seed, Seed, and Pre-Series A stages in companies using Technology to transform key traditional industries across Africa's main tech hubs. <p></p> INVESTMENT STRATEGY <br> We invest in Pre-Seed, Seed, and Pre-Series A companies solving fundamental problems and digitizing key traditional industries, across four main target markets: Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya. <p></p> We also back African diaspora founders building companies anywhere in the world, as we believe they have a harder time accessing capital. <p></p> <mark>We add value by providing access to our deep network of industry experts, as well as by building bridges between the North and Subsaharan African markets for expansion, especially opening doors to Francophone Africa.</mark> <p></p> With Fund II, we like to lead or co-lead rounds but don't necessarily have to.

Savannah Innovation Labs - school image
Savannah Innovation Labs

At Savannah, we are dedicated to delivering business solutions that empower our clients and community to achieve their goals. We are committed to producing the highest quality work and ensuring our clients’ satisfaction. Whether you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or large corporation, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your objectives. Partner with us and let us help you reach new heights of success. <p></p> <mark>We are on a mission to drive economic growth and development in Sudan by fostering innovation, building talent, and connecting Sudanese entrepreneurs with global resources and opportunities.</mark> <p></p> We aim to become the leading incubator and business consultancy firm in Sudan, investing in the ideas and talents of entrepreneurs and change-makers. By supporting and growing the Sudanese entrepreneurship ecosystem, we believe we can help create a more prosperous and sustainable future for Sudan. Join us in our journey and let us help you bring your ideas to life and achieve your goals.

Sawari Ventures - school image
Sawari Ventures

Sawari Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Cairo, investing in knowledge and innovation-based technologies across North Africa. <p></p> In our part of the world, everywhere you look, there are huge opportunities to be captured and entire industries ripe for transformation. We believe the best way to tackle these transformations is to pair the best talent with smart capital. Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs in the region to create innovative solutions that will drive the region’s economies for years to come. <p></p> Our Investment Thesis <br> We focus our investments on growth and early-stage startups across industries, in sectors including consumer internet, fintech, edtech, healthtech, deeptech, and e-commerce and enabling infrastructure. <p></p> We provide a small allocation to seed stage investments and, through our investments in the Tunis and Cairo seed stage vehicles of Flat6Labs, further contribute to building and strengthening the region’s early-stage ecosystem. <p></p> How we operate and invest is driven by our core convictions: <mark><br>Innovation <br> Our region has an abundance of talent that we are convinced can transform industries if given the opportunity, capital, and necessary support. Our deeptech investments are testament to the innovation that can and will grow out of this region. <p></p>Value Creation <br> We see ourselves as proactive investors who go beyond providing capital. We continuously strive to bring expertise, operational support, and value-add to the companies we work with, and in the process build successful, sustainable companies that capitalize on their opportunities. </mark> <p></p>Responsible Investment <br> We aim to create value not only to our portfolio and investors, but to the wider ecosystem and societies in which we operate. In support of this vision, we have established a tailored framework to effectively integrate ESG considerations into fund decision making. We are also raising awareness and building capacity in ESG matters both at the fund and portfolio level. In the process, we are looking to establish Sawari Ventures as the go-to VC fund for ESG & Impact integration in the region. Sawari Ventures North Africa Fund I & Egypt Fund I <p></p> Our dual fund structure, with Netherlands-incorporated North Africa Fund I and Egypt-incorporated Egypt Fund I, allows us to bring together international capital from our DFI partners and domestic capital from local stakeholders. We believe that this combination of international funds and expertise with local knowledge and roots is critical, and demonstrates how far the local ecosystem has come. <p></p> Founded in 2010, with currently 70M USD AUM, to date, we have invested in 19 companies and 2 seed stage vehicles.

Sasware - school image

We are a technology investment company that provides seed fund for technology and technology-enabled start-ups and those in their growth phase. <p></p> Our goal is not just to provide you with seed fund, but to also provide young entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to develop and take their business to the next level. <p></p> Through workshops, mentorship, and linking entrepreneurs with our network, we aim to expose the entrepreneur to profitable business models and entrepreneurial skills that would make them successful. <p></p> Startup In Residence - Benefits <br> <mark>Co-entrepreneurship <br> Leverage on Sasware’s expertise <p></p>Strategic Funding <br> Receive financial support to cover product development and a 12 months stipend during the incubation period. Additionally, the startup will receive support post incubation for additional seed capital, marketing, technology <p></p>Mentoring <br> Receive support and expertise from professionals in different areas that can drive your startup growth. </mark>

LoftyInc Capital Management - school image
LoftyInc Capital Management

We invest in world‐class teams of local and returning Africans who are leveraging technology innovation to solve significant problems in Africa. As capital becomes a commodity with more early-stage investors flocking to Africa, what will make us stand out will be our networks, relationships, and reputations. We manage social impact investment vehicles such as the LoftyInc Afropreneurs Fund. <p></p> What we look for <p></p>Do you have a compelling team? <br> When investing locally, we are very interested in the reputation of your team. Your founders should be globally minded, passionate about the problems you are solving, and interested in developing long-term partnerships. <p></p>Are you looking for more than money? <br> We want to leverage our internal and external networks, as well as our own experience to help you grow into an established business. <p></p>Are you stubborn on vision but flexible on the details? <br> <mark>We expect founders to know that their original idea can change over time and that they might need to pivot to another market as the idea develops.</mark> <p></p>Are you going after a large market? <br> When developing your idea, make sure you are aware of the potential of your market. Position your idea in a market in which you can scale and grow. <p></p> What additional support will you get? <p></p>Sector Experience <br> Help from our experienced GPs and their team. Our 50+ years of experience cuts across different sectors and countries.. <p></p>Founders Network <br> <mark>We have invested in some of Africa's best startups and founders. You will become part of an investee network willing to help you succeed.</mark> <p></p>Wennovation Hub <br> We have a business incubator and supporting entrepreneur community in four Nigerian cities. You can attend important events and use our office space services.

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Enygma Ventures

Enygma Ventures is a unique purpose driven investment fund, led by award winning entrepreneurs with 40 years of combined experience growing and scaling businesses in Africa, US & Europe. We understand the struggles and challenges of building big businesses, having built big businesses ourselves. We wholeheartedly believe in win/win scenarios for the investor and entrepreneur and therefore have the ability to create flexible financial solutions with efficient & strategic deployment of capital whilst providing helpful tailored support. Through our networks we are able to create access to expertise, mentors, local and overseas markets. We are truly collaborative partners. <p></p> We are looking for businesses that meet these criteria: <mark> <br> - Woman founded/led or empowering of women <br> - Scalable <br> - A unique defensible business proposition <br> - A dynamic entrepreneur(s) with demonstrated ability to execute <br> - A proven revenue model & business concept <br> - Clarity of purpose <br> - Demonstrated growth <br> - Looking for early stage or growth capital <br> - Are based in SADC region </mark>

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GreenTec Capital Partners

GreenTec Capital Partners invests in African start-ups and SMEs with a focus on combining social and environmental impact with financial success. We use capacity building, process optimization and a diverse team of international experts to help them implement and adapt the latest technologies to their models so they can extend their value chains and have more impact locally. <p></p> Transformative Venture Building <br> Jointly, we seek to transform innovative local businesses with a proof-of-concept into successful and sustainable enterprises that have growth perspective in Africa and beyond. We do more than just invest: We provide custom-tailored operational support to transform companies and help them create the additional added value necessary to bridge funding gaps and early crucial phases. <p></p> <mark>Portfolio Company Profile <br> We are looking to support entrepreneurs operating in Africa who are positioned to grow their businesses and need additional capacity, expertise, technology and funding in order to extend their impact and add value. <br>Operations in Sub-Saharan Africa Focus on Impact and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Early stage companies with proof of concept </mark> <p></p> Investment Criteria <br> We rank investment attractiveness through a proprietary country scoring model based on certain public domain criteria. <br> - Proof of Concept Scalability <br> - Potential Management Team <br> - Environmental and Social Impact <br> - Profitability Potential <br> - Long-term Commitment and Strategy <p></p> Sector Focus <br> We invest into three broad categories that are positioned for growth connected with the rapidly increasing young African population. We focus on solutions, products, and services with Pan-African expansion potential, high impact, and strong returns. <p></p> Agriculture <br> By 2030 we expect the size of the African agriculture market to reach 1 trillion US-Dollars. <p></p>Sustainable Resources <br> Sustainable resources are essential to meet the growing demographic needs of Africa. <p></p>Digitalization <br> Digitalization will be the driver for a sustainable transformation across various sectors.

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Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance

Harambeans are African innovators who have pledged “to work together as one” to unlock the potential of Africa. Over the last decade, Harambeans has spawned a series of tech-enabled ventures such as Andela, Flutterwave, and Yoco, which have collectively generated over 3000 jobs, raised over $1bn from Google Ventures, CRE Ventures and Accel. <br> - We are an alliance of determined entrepreneurs who are building Africa’s future. <br> - We are visionaries transforming Africa’s challenges into opportunities. <br> - We are founders of businesses that create positive and scalable change, enabling Africa to reach its boundless potential. <mark> <br> - We are innovators scaling ventures to unlock the full potential of our people. <br> - We are signatories of the Harambe Declaration, who have pledged “to work together as one to fulfill the dream of our generation.” <br> - We are visionaries who believe that “the Africa our generation desires can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible. It is ours.” </mark>

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Growth Capital

We are Nigeria's first social innovation fund aimed at creating an unprecedented path to scale for outliers driving social change in Nigeria. <p></p> We support high potential, early stage businesses building our next generation infrastructure using technology. <p></p> Our participating investors bring their experience, resources and networks together to work for our investees to catalyze their path to growth <p></p> Our primary purposes include: <mark><br> - Supporting early stage ventures solving local problems in Nigeria to rapidly scale through targeted support <br> - Generating profits to increase the Company’s value and sustainability over time, providing good returns for our investors <br> - Serving as a vehicle for investing in early stage innovative ventures incubated within the CcHub’s network </mark>

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Crossfin invests in high growth and established cash generative businesses, offering investors a blended exposure to technology investments in Fintech. <p></p> The Crossfin group is uniquely positioned to unlock real value through the organic and acquisitive growth of our ecosystem and the continual introduction of additional products and services through our various platforms. <p></p> Crossfin aims to influence technology across the value chain from point of processing to point of fulfillment either directly or through partnerships. all stakeholders. <p></p> <mark>Crossfin is on track through both the organic growth of its existing portfolio assets and its planned acquisition pipeline to be Africa's leading Independent FinTech Group within the next 5 years. Crossfin backs innovative companies that focus on solving specific everyday pain points that are not adequately covered by existing products in the market.</mark> <p></p> Crossfin’s portfolio and healthy partner ecosystem creates exciting opportunities to integrate a broad suite of financial products and services to support local merchants and consumers on multiple levels. <p></p> Currently Crossfin's portfolio processes over 270 million card and 20 million mobile-enabled payment transactions per annum with an aggregated value of over R100 billion ($5.64 billion). <p></p> Crossfin offers investors exposure to the exciting and fast-growing African FinTech sector through a portfolio of assets presenting various exit scenarios including IPO and/or trade sales.

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CVentures is an early-stage, cross-border venture capital firm primarily focused on investing in companies creating meaningful change in financial services. CVentures favors fast-moving, forward-thinking teams with deep market insights and high-performance cultures. The firm backs groundbreaking businesses with fundamentally distinguishable characteristics and disruptive business models. <p></p> We combine the speed and agility of an independent investor with the breadth and support of CIB's businesses. We support portfolio companies and work closely with relevant stakeholders and the innovation ecosystem at large to increase the likelihood of rapid distribution and accelerated product adoption. <p></p> <mark>We leverage our existing network of partners to establish global relationships and engage in organized cross-border collaboration. We extend support throughout subsequent financing rounds and up to exit transactions. Our goal is to drive sustainable growth and invest in bold founders with high performance cultures.</mark> <p></p> Our Focus <br> CVentures primarily invests in next generation financial services including but not limited to innovation in Payments and Settlements, Remittance and FX Technology, Digital Banking and Alternative Finance, Data Management and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Security and Enterprise IT, RegTech, Market Infrastructure and Blockchain, and Wealth, InsurTech and Investment Management Technology.

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We are an Africa-focused venture capital firm with a simple, yet powerful mission: to help early and growth-stage entrepreneurs build enduring, high-impact businesses that drive the African continent forward. Our investment approach emphasizes key sectors like clean energy, agribusiness, education, healthcare, fintech, and social entrepreneurship. <p></p> As responsible investors, we pay close attention to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, working to create inclusive growth, jobs, gender equality, climate resilience, and financial inclusion within our diverse portfolio companies. <p></p> <mark>Our strategy is rooted in a thesis-driven, research-based methodology, allowing us to uncover exceptional opportunities that contribute to sustainable development, regional integration, and better access to essential services in Africa.</mark> By harnessing our expertise in frontier markets and our commitment to social and economic empowerment, Consonance Investment Managers is the go-to choice for global Limited Partners (LPs) eager to make a lasting, positive impact on the African continent. <mark>Our Approach <br>01 - We are Thesis driven <br>02 - We invest in technology and technology-enabled companies <br>03 - We are Africa-focused <br>04 - We invest in foundations </mark>

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Compass is the driving force behind the next generation of industry leaders. As the premier venture capital fund in the Indian Ocean region, <mark>we empower innovative start-ups and dynamic small and medium enterprises with exceptional growth potential. With a keen eye for scalable business models and a commitment to sustainable development, we invest in companies based in Mauritius, Reunion Island, Kenya, and South Africa. </mark> <p></p>As a wholly owned subsidiary of the ENL Group, one of Mauritius’ largest and most successful conglomerates, Compass leverages deep expertise and resources to propel our portfolio companies towards unparalleled success. <p></p> Collaborating with our sister organization, the Turbine, the region’s leading incubator and start-up accelerator, Compass is actively shaping a thriving, dynamic start-up ecosystem that will power the region’s economic growth for decades to come.

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DOB Equity

We invest in businesses that positively contribute to a more social and sustainable society and deliver long-term profitability. We work with entrepreneurs to mitigate potential risks related to environmental, social and governance matters, whilst creating value and social impact for the company and its communities. We work from our offices in Kenya, Tanzania and The Netherlands. DOB Equity is an evergreen fund with all proceeds from investments being reinvested, making DOB Equity a true long-term growth partner for its portfolio companies. <mark>We provide mentoring and training, hands-on management support by two portfolio managers, technical assistance, access to a broad network, recruitment, support with fundraising etc</mark>

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V8 Capital Partners

As a firm, we are focused on achieving enterprise automation on the African continent. We believe the transformative power of technology is key to accelerating business growth across all major industry verticals. <p></p> We invest in highly driven and ambitious entrepreneurs who can harness the power of technology to create more effective and efficient ways for businesses to deliver goods and services to a vibrant young African population. Being able to scale their vision and dream is key to creating a better future for all Africans living in Africa.

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Venture Platform Fund

We are a discovery fund that invests early in mission-driven founders that are building capital-efficient platforms that democratize prosperity, plug infrastructural gaps, connect underrepresented communities, solve for non-consumption, and improve livelihoods in Africa. <p></p> <mark>We’re founders and tech junkies - your first call, the coach in the corner, and a kick in the ass when you need it most. We don’t split angel, seed and pre-seed into separate categories - we provide support across the board. The earlier we can invest, the more helpful we can be.</mark> <p></p> We are early investors in some of the most compelling technology companies on the African continent

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Zephyr Acorn

Zephyr Acorn is an investment and business building company focused on investing in and supporting early-stage technology-enabled companies primarily in East Africa. Zephyr Acorn invests in and actively supports innovative early-stage companies across sectors in East Africa that have the potential to scale across the continent and beyond. <p></p> Fund Overview & Strategy <br> Zephyr Acorn is an early-stage investor focused on technology-enabled startups in financial technology, logistics and agribusiness. We are typically a company's first institutional capital and seek to invest across the following themes: <mark> <br> - Digitization of traditional business models <br> - Use of technology to enhance productivity and deliver cost-effective products and services <br> - Innovation in the distribution or delivery of products and services <br> - Inclusion of new customer segments with new products and services </mark> <p></p> We seek to partner with entrepreneurs who are passionate about a big idea, committed, adaptable, and coachable with strong execution skills and high integrity. <p></p> Post-investment, we actively support portfolio companies in areas such as capital raise, finance and financial planning, strategy, recruitment, new market entry, and governance to help build the foundation for future growth.

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Asime Ventures

Asime means "in the hand" or "the market" in Ewe, a West African language. By extension, the expression "Asi le Asime" means hand in hand, therefore a relationship based on Trust and Bond, in a way "my Word is my Bond" and the handshake seals the relationship. Asime Ventures is a preferred Agel, pre-Seed, and Seed firm with a reputation for successful partnerships across Africa, both Anglophone, and Francophone. <br> - Founded in 2020, Asime Ventures is already recognized as a preferred Angel, pre-Seed and Seed firm with a reputation for successful partnerships across Africa, both Anglophone and Francophone. <br> - When we decide to work with a new company or new team, we go all in and become fully invested in all aspects of their business, without being obstructive. We're here to support ! <br> - We’re looking for innovation, hard work and grit, and have a strict criteria for selecting our next startup and SME partners. <br> - <mark>While we only invest in a handful of companies a year, it means we can focus solely on those who we believe really have the founders, team and drive to succeed.</mark> <br> - We invest between $5k and $100k primarily across East and West Africa, notably Ghana, Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Togo, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa (more rarely).

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Ascent Africa

We’re investing in experienced and ambitious entrepreneurs that have the courage and drive to grow a best in class enterprise and eventually set the bar for business standards in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. We are seasoned entrepreneurs with many endeavours under our belts in the East African region. <mark>When we invest in your enterprise, we’re not just infusing cash; we’re coming alongside you as a partner. This is a symbiotic relationship in the truest sense. We’re in this together.</mark> <p></p> Growing Enterprises <br> The Funds invest in entrepreneurs & enterprises with a proven track record. We’re looking for ambitious, entrepreneurial stand-out performers that are poised & ready to grow a “best in class” enterprise. <p></p> A Diverse, Experienced Team <br> The Ascent team is comprised of entrepreneurs from around the world. We have a long track record of entrepreneurial investments across Africa. We understand your drive, as well as your challenges. We’ve been there. <p></p> Expanding Opportunities <br> We have developed a wide range of entrepreneurial investments around the world, many of which were right here in East Africa. We understand the opportunities and the challenges of the entrepreneurial environment in this region

Anglo African - school image
Anglo African

Anglo African is a 15+ year old technology-based investment company that attempts to cover the important technology sub-sectors in line with market opportunities. Anglo African covers both traditional and Emerging Tech, is headquartered in Mauritius, with fully owned subsidiaries in Zambia and India, and sales offices in Djibouti, Seychelles and clients over Africa. It employs around 100 people, 85% of whom are certified engineers & ICT professionals. <p></p> We remain a strong player in the Enterprise ICT space in areas such as Hardware, Software, Applications and Engineering Consultancy in the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Technology space. In line with our new vision, we have developed and are now operating our own IP platforms in FinTech Digital Payment and Lending space with NanoB&K, in the RiskTech Due Diligence Surveillance space with SonarPulse, in the PropTech Energy and Water Management space with EC3 and forthcoming MedTech platform. <p></p> <mark>Our Mission <br> To become the most respected Tech-Startup Factory in our markets. We will achieve this by ensuring that our values are embedded in every single startup we engage.</mark> <p></p>Our Purpose <br> To maximise value for all stakeholders by delivering innovative solutions and keeping our promises. Our Values <br> - Trust <br> - Innovation <br> - Inclusion <br> - Integrity

Angaza Capital - school image
Angaza Capital

We invest in sustainable companies, build high-impact projects, and develop innovation ecosystems that provide solutions consistent with a globally-conscious, healthy, and safe society. <p></p> Our mission is to support the Middle-East and <mark>Africa in shaping a more sustainable future for all, with local entrepreneurship, smart capital, and technology paving the path to success.</mark> <p></p> Our Investment Approach <br> We invest in growth-stage sustainable ventures, using innovation to address vast unmet needs of the African market <mark> <br> - Technologies and innovative business models have only recently become commercially available to the masses, ready to leapfrog old infrastructures and bridge endless gaps. <br> - We scale the most promising, affordable, inclusive, environmental and sustainable solutions. </mark> <p></p> Our Value Proposition <p></p> Proven Track Record <br> We are a team of entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and investment veterans, with a successful track record of founding, building and financing leading companies around the world. <p></p>Government Support & Collaboration <br> Vast access to local support, partners and deals, with vast local market knowledge, all being critical success factors in a region with few intermediaries and scarce business information. <p></p>Global Network <br> An extensive international network of global leaders, venture partners, dominant businesses, influential NGOs, and knowledgeable research partners. <p></p>Regional Understanding <br> Our team has experience of over a decade in operations, investment and business development in Africa, creating strong channels and a comprehensive understanding of the local market's challenges and needs.

Algebra Ventures - school image
Algebra Ventures

Algebra Ventures is Egypt’s leading tech Venture Capital firm. We have been partnering with bold and resilient founders building transformative companies since 2016. While our entrepreneurs are doing the heavy lifting, <mark>we support by providing multi-stage capital, assisting with strategy and operations as well as helping build star teams.</mark> We are a diverse and experienced team of founders, geeks and operators who are passionate about the positive impact of tech on people’s lives in the MEA region. <p></p> Our DNA <br> Egypt<br> Grounded in our continued belief in Egyptian tech entrepreneurs, Algebra Ventures doubled down on its home market with the launch of its $90M second fund, while still opportunistically investing in the rest of the MEA region. <p></p>Founders<br> <mark>We are dedicated to our founders by providing capital, assisting with strategy and operations, as well as helping build star teams to ensure that the most qualified and ambitious individuals continue to join Algebra’s portfolio.</mark> <p></p>Impact<br> We partner with founders who are transforming industries, addressing long-standing problems that only technology can provide solutions for, and directly improving the lives of millions. <p></p>Network<br> We engage with the strongest co-investors with EM experience to bring the right value to our startups and connect our portfolio with industry partners to support growth and future exit.

Africa Eats - school image
Africa Eats

Africa Eats has a unique structure, blending the best parts of a venture capital fund, a business accelerator, and Berkshire Hathaway to create an investment holding company optimized to support fast-growing, mission-driven, for-profit African companies. <p></p> The investments into the subsidiaries are minority stakes, empowering the founders to grow their companies. <mark>The founders are linked together to learn from each other, mentor each other, and to find synergies to make Africa Eats far more than just a portfolio of unrelated companies. The long term goal is to create a diverse, liquid investment that allows any European, American, or Asian investor an easy vehicle for investing into and across Africa.</mark> <p></p> Africa Eats focuses on funding and growing for-profit solutions to hunger and poverty across Africa. Hunger, as most Africans are farmers (or children living on a farm), and together they grow enough food for the 1.1 billion Africans, but with post-harvest losses, the continent instead imports food.

4DX Ventures - school image
4DX Ventures

4DX Ventures is a Pan-Africa Focused Venture Capital Firm. Our mission is to connect people, ideas, and capital to create a thriving African continent, and a vibrant global community. We do this by <mark>partnering with bold and gifted entrepreneurs who are building companies that will usher in Africa’s technology age. We look for founders who are focused, creative, have a growth mindset, and possess true grit.</mark> <p></p> We invest early and with conviction backed by extensive research & analysis, an expansive global network and deep local perspective. We view founders as our partners on the company journey and are unwavering in our commitment to add value not just with our capital and network but also by working closely with each company and providing strategic, operational and technical input that helps management teams to hyperscale their businesses. <p></p> We’ve backed some of the most iconic technology companies in Africa since 2014, and more than anything, we are committed to putting people first, operating with transparency and integrity, and always striving for true excellence in our work.

138pyramids - school image

138pyramids is a development finance initiative launched and managed by Delta Inspire in an effort to contribute an active role in supporting Egyptian startups and enhancing the development of the Small and Medium Enterprise “SME” sector. We aim to target high impact businesses with high employment opportunities at their early stages to either incubate them or accelerate their growth, unraveling their true potential. <p></p> Egypt has 138pyramids Pharonic Pyramid structures: <mark>a symbol of advancement and a brand that made ancient Egyptian civilization prominent over centuries. The construction of a Pyramid was a main driver for the establishment of internal settlements positioning Egypt among the first true estates in the world. Moreover, the Pyramids advocated economic growth and catered for the birth of new talents and the flourishment of learning and research. Today, we are taking the initiative to take the hands of Egyptian entrepreneurs to build the future of Egypt with 138pyramids new Pyramids in the form of start-ups and early stage growth companies in different industries.</mark> <p></p> We are a hybrid financial vehicle of social entrepreneurship, angels, venture capital and private equity. <p></p> Our aim is to help entrepreneurs build businesses or grow their existing platform, so that whilst scaling they create job opportunities as well as wealth to all the stakeholders. <p></p> Similar to any venture capital we have a general partner that has varied experience that enables the delivery of this financial hybrid. Our limited partners are all with credible multinational and local conglomerates with social impact focus. <p></p> Unlike a venture capital that will help you scale but not validate your business and market, we – using Delta Inspire our management company – offer comprehensive support to early and growth stage companies, i.e. all required business development support aid. <p></p> We differentiate ourselves in terms of timing: <br>– We do not do short term rounds and exit <br>– We have a model that maybe tough to enter but once named one of our pyramids we will provide the needed help and support in all that comes after <p></p> Our exit strategy is based on timing that best meets the mutual interest of all shareholders. <p></p> The funding we provide is against ownership and is both cash and in kind for services provided. <p></p> WHAT WE OFFER <br> - Team & Mentors <br> - Networks <br> - Funding <br> - Complementing Services

Mobile Business Clinic (MBC) - school image
Mobile Business Clinic (MBC)

Create a strong SME sector in Ghana that will contribute to the reduction of poverty, food insecurity and the creation of employment, particularly in rural zones. <p></p> Specific Objectives <mark> <br> - Improved management tools, processes and practices <br> - Strong company organization <br> - Revised business strategy <br> - Winning Fundraising package </mark> <br> Program Details <br> Step 1 Business Capacities Assessment <br> The first step prior to the training is to use our Business Diagnostic Tool to identify the constraints to the growth experienced by the program participants. We analyse 4 fundamental business pillars: organization, people, operations and financial structure. Based on this analysis, we adapt our training program to focus on the main challenges experienced by the group. <p></p> Step 2 Business Capacities Building <br> Training program – The program includes 7 training modules (each two to three days long), a pitch rehearsal session in a real situation. Our training approach is extremely hands-on and requires the full commitment of participants to achieve expected results through practical lessons (e.g. case studies, group discussions, question-answers, and scenarios). <br> Business coaching – one-on-one business coaching. The program lasts between three and four months to allow the businesses to put into practice what they learned during the training and to permit time to implement solutions to their main challenges. <p></p>Targeted Audience <br> We are looking for entrepreneurs and managers of SME’s that have a genuine will to improve their business model and current operations. <p></p>Criteria and Requirements <br> SME has: <br> - 3 years of operations and more <br> - 5 employees minimum <br> - A Turnover of 250,000 GHS or more. <br> - Financial information the last two years <br> - 2 change officers are identified in company and one of them participates to all trainings <br> - Payment of Business Clinic package

Gritcube - school image

We support entrepreneurs in Africa with resources to launch growing startups. Gritcube envisions an entrepreneurial Africa filled with job opportunities and economic growth. <mark>Gritcube is a virtual startup accelerator that builds startups through direct business support, access to educational resources, and connections to global networks.</mark><p></p> We connect high-growth entrepreneurs with volunteer business consultants with strategy and operations experience, and the ambition to use their skills to contribute to social good. We engage startups with a structured business development and educational program designed to prepare startups for operations and seeking investment.

RAD5 Tech Hub - school image
RAD5 Tech Hub

A venture studio where entrepreneurs and innovators are empowered to accelerate innovation and collaborate within the firm. Our ventures leverage shared resources to build, test and deploy new ventures. Our entrepreneurs are given a sense of community, exposure, mentorship and necessary support needed to grow. We guide them to building tech startups and products on e-Governance, e-Commerce, AgroTech, EduTech, FinTech, e-Health, Entertainment and AdTech. Our professional support for startups is across all stages of development from ideation to exit. <p></p> Our Services<br> Venture Building <br> As a venture studio, we invest in entrepreneurs and innovators to accelerate innovation and collaborate within the firm. We embed our team of top-tier operators into the ventures to work side-by-side with the entrepreneurs for a higher probability of success <p></p> <mark>Software Projects <br> We help individuals and organizations to build and deliver technology projects ranging from Web App Development to Mobile App Development. We use the 4Ps approach to effectively transform and innovate across the institution’s products, processes, position and paradigm.</mark> <p></p>Our Social Projects <br> We have a corporate responsibility to drive the adoption of technology in under-served locations. We achieve this through collaboration and partnerships with different organizations. We promote the TeenHack, Abia4Tech and Ladies who code Initiatives.

TVC Labs - school image
TVC Labs

TVC Labs is an entrepreneur support organization providing strategic and operational support to innovative early-stage African tech-enabled ventures. We believe that African startup founders are building a better future and supporting innovative African startups not only creates economic value but also social impact. We also believe that local Angel investors are a critical resource to founder and startup development and that international support when led locally accelerates the development of our African startup ecosystem. <mark>Our vision is to enable technology-led innovation and independence for new ideas on the African continent, especially West Africa.</mark> <p></p> TVC Labs values intellect, innovation, independence, collaboration and integrity in all our relationships as defined here: <p></p>01.Intellect<br> We make the abstract concrete by researching, reviewing and assessing to provide insights that inspire action. We bring talent together that uses critical thinking to drive change. We partner with our clients to build the capacity required for sustainable competitive advantage. <p></p><mark>02.Innovation<br> We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas, devices and methods that can be applied for better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. Being good is not always good enough as it can always be better.</mark> <p></p>03.Independence<br> Whether the required thinking is logical or creative, being independent thinkers enables us to increase performance, productivity, and efficiency. Independent thinking is the tool we use to open doors to opportunity for commercial expression. <p></p>04.Collaboration<br> We are a member of a vibrant, emerging, evolving ecosystem that requires knowledge, expertise and financial exchanges so our successful participation as those of others requires an ability to collaborate effectively and efficiently to the benefit of all. <p></p>05.Integrity<br> We believe Integrity is not just a core value, but that it is the fabric of every core value. It is the foundation on which we build relationships and trust, and it is a non-negotiable value we seek to always demonstrate and find in all people we engage with.

Innohub - school image

Innohub is a Business Accelerator, Management Consulting, and Impact Investment platform, which supports Small and Growing Businesses to become sustainable, scalable and investment ready, and match them to the capital needed for growth. <p></p> <mark>Whether you have an idea, starting out, going through a rebrand, launching in a new market or simply fundraising to expand your business, Innohub offers carefully curated services based on your unique needs to provide a truly excellent experience.</mark> <p></p> In collaboration with our strategic partners, we support high growth and high impact potential start-ups and SGBs to become investment ready, sustainable, and scalable to achieve profitability and social impact. <p></p>Growth Consulting <br> We offer business development and support services to organizations and individuals including Business Strategy Development, Business Model Validation, Growth Strategy Design, Business Plan Documentation, Financial Planning, etc. Our bespoke growth-oriented consulting services have been designed to help Small and Growing Businesses validate/refine their business models and their growth plans. We deploy world class consulting tools and standard practices to support our clients build growth-oriented business models and strategic implementation plans. <p></p> Our approach and tools will help you interrogate the assumptions behind your business and arrive at realistic but audacious growth ambitions. Our strategy is to take a deep dive into markets and help you understand your target or existing markets like no one else does. We help you get into the minds of the customer, as you address the question of “where to play”. <p></p>Capital Raise Support <br> <mark>We support SMEs with high growth potential to access capital from a range of local and international investors. Our satisfied clients have successfully raised funding from both local and international sources.</mrk> In line with our desire to bridge the early and missing middle funding gap for SGBs, Innohub is the sponsor of finance vehicles like Wangara Green Ventures Capital Limited with a $3.2m grant from the World Bank, and the Accra Angels Network. <p></p>Market-Entry Support <br> We help new entrant companies’ projects as well as new products and services successfully launch and establish local market presence. We help provide country overview, industry specific information, market insights, tailored implementation, and entry strategy, etc. For locally present companies who seek to launch new products, our Market-Entry Support service will help you do it the right way.

SmartLab - school image

We have a broad experience in African startup ecosystem, developing award winning innovative solutions and an added advantage of managing clients' projects through our Digital Innovation and Advertising Agency. We know what it takes to develop and create successful startups that can flourish in Africa. A centre to nurture and support startups, university students, and university staff with innovative solutions to scale their businesses. <p></p> Technical Assistance <br> <mark>Smart Lab provides services at startup’s disposal, ranging from cloud hosting, website development and other tech related assistance depending on the specific needs of your startup.</mark> <p></p> Creative Support <br> Smart Lab gives access to our in-house creative assets when it comes to creating a strategy, media planning and execution. <p></p> Management <br> Smart Lab assist startups in managing their startups to ensure sustainable growth and offer access to mentorship from industry experts within and outside Africa. <p></p> Partners <br> Smart Lab will connect startups with our reliable customer network and partners to create strategic business relationships.

UNDP - Growth Accelerator Sierra Leone - school image
UNDP - Growth Accelerator Sierra Leone

Growth Accelerator is a 12 month business acceleration programme that supports early stage innovative and impactful entrepreneurs with investment, technical assistance and mentorship. <p></p> Growth Accelerator Sierra Leone is an accelerator programme looking to support youthful entrepreneurs that run innovative and impactful businesses.  <br>  <mark>The Accelerator is offering: <br> - Up-to USD40,000 Co-Financing <br> - Technical Support. <br> - Mentorship <br> - Business development Support. </mark> The overall goal of the project is to accelerate the economic and social growth of 55 innovative, viable and ambitious MSMEs, with a specific focus on women and youth-led enterprises. This will be achieved by increasing access to finance, technical and business development support to selected MSMEs while also focusing on job creation and the development of innovative products and services to address social challenges for consumers. <p></p> The initiative will focus on supporting MSMEs through tailored coaching, mentorship and linkages to business development services to strengthen skills, capacity and planning for innovation, growth, and investment. <p></p>Innovation Challenge MSMEs are to apply and present their innovative ideas and business models addressing social and development challenges in their communities relating to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Applicants will be required to present their Innovation, Growth and Investment plans to an independent committee of business experts who will score each applicant based on innovativeness, capacity, feasibility, marketability and potential for growth and scale. <mark>Successful MSMEs will be contracted and provided investment funding to support their business ventures directly through UNDP.</mark> <p></p> Services <br> - Improved access to finance focusing on blended financing package (Grants, Loans and Guarantees) <br> - Technical assistance, and business development services <br> - Delivering social impact by creating new jobs  <br> - Addressing social and economic challenges through innovative business models and <br> - Providing low-income consumers with new or improved products and services.

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212 Founders

212 Founders, is a support and funding program in Seed and Series A, to accelerate the development of its startup in Morocco and internationally. The first support and funding program aimed at bringing out world-class startups linked to Morocco and Africa. <p></p> CDG Invest is the investment branch of the CDG Group. Through its minority investment strategy in sectors and companies with high development potential, CDG Invest participates in the structural transformation of the Moroccan economy. <p></p><mark>212Founders is free and open to all business sectors and targets all high-potential entrepreneurs.</mark> A program structured in two stages and offering a Seed and Series A investment of up to €700k (~7m MAD) at the end of the support.

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Akro Accelerate

Akro is a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses. We offer events, venture funding and consulting services, and we have a painfully practical attitude towards entrepreneurship. <p></p> HOW WE DO ACCELERATION <br> In partnership with Imvelo ventures<br> We build rather than just support startups. We work alongside companies to write code, make sales calls and close commercial contracts. As a venture-builder that’s been in the business for more than four years, we know what founders need to build and scale their businesses. We’ve taken all our learnings and knowledge and packaged it into a 20-week programme. We aim to get companies investment-ready and funded within five months of starting our programme. <p></p> 2 PHASES <br> <mark>We begin the 8-week Core Phase with a 1-week period of workshopping and mentorship, after which the final 10 startups are chosen to have a high touch rapid building, and scaling period, provided digitally. The other 20 startups continue with mentoring and coaching.</mark> <p></p> This is followed by the Extended Phase, a 12-week period of continued mentorship and accountability for the top 10 startups. <p></p> STARTUPS GET <br> Dedicated time and active business-building with our experts and advisors, including time with software architects, designers and other product-builders. <br> Post-programme mentorship with our advisors. <br> R100,000 in digital infrastructure services. <br> Access to potential partner and client networks, valuable startup-specific resources, and investors. <br> Access to our co-working spaces.

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Sahara Ventures

We work with Africa's most promising startups and SMEs helping them to access mentorship and investment opportunities. We will provide the necessary tools and networks you need to grow your business. <p></p> For SMEs<br> We work with post revenue SMEs with solid team looking to raise growth capital from impact and commercial investors. <p></p> For Startups<br> We work with post MVP startups with solid team, proven traction and business models with potential for exponential growth. <p></p>Value Proposition - This is What You Will Get <p></p> <mark>Virtual Program<br> The programs are virtual, flexible and catered to your specific needs. <p></p> Industry Experts<br> Access to professionals mentors and industry experts to give you feedback. <p></p> Equity Free<br> We are not taking any equity or demand ownership of your business during the program. <p></p> Global Networks<br> We guarantee you access to our diverse network of strategic partners and investors. </mark>

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Anza is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving lives through starting and scaling social businesses in Tanzania. Anza Hubs are more than just places to work, they are home to an inspiring community of entrepreneurs, innovators and impact organisations. A space where ideas collide, networks are formed and opportunities are in abundance. <p></p> Vision <br> A Tanzania where all people have access to opportunities that change their lives for the better <p></p> Mission <br> We enable businesses in Tanzania to grow by providing them with access to personalised and strategic capacity building, affordable capital and relevant networks. <p></p> Our Core Programming <p></p> Capacity Building<br> 1) Business Foundations Accelerator <mark>A 6 month intensive and tailored journey that ensures businesses have the foundations in place giving them the best opportunity for success.</mark> Through strategic consulting and hands-on skills training, we cover all areas of business including leadership, sales & marketing, book keeping, HR and more. <p></p> 2) Investment Readiness Accelerator In partnership with VilCap, the <mark>Investment Readiness Accelerator is designed for later stage, high impact businesses with potential for large scale growth.</mark> We work with entrepreneurs on their business models, financials, pitches, sales pipelines and more. Entrepreneurs also receive one-on-one time with mentors, industry experts, investors, top local business leaders, and potential customers. <p></p> Access to Capital <br> Anza Growth Fund provides capital leases to our entrepreneurs, giving them the necessary funding and tools they need to expand their businesses. Our financing is more affordable and flexible than other forms of capital available to our entrepreneurs in Tanzania. <p></p> Connect a Community <br> Anza entrepreneurs are connected to each other and to a global network of experts & mentors, building a community to drive catalytic change. <p></p> In order to provide a physical space for entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and create, we provide flexible office space at our Anza Hubs.

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Innovation Edge

Innovation Edge is an impact-first investor focused on solving early childhood challenges in South Africa. <p></p> We help mission-aligned entrepreneurs and organisations by de-risking early stage product and service development. We ignite the ecosystem around them; and provide multiple rounds of funding, strategic coaching, operational support and connections to social capital. <p></p> <mark>Find<br> We’re always on the lookout for courageous people with creative concepts for solving early childhood challenges <p></p> Support <br> Our flexible funding and hands-on non-financial support is customised to suit the stage of the solution <p></p> Ignite <br> Our work also focuses on igniting greater innovation and entrepreneurship in the early childhood ecosystem </mark> <p></p> Our impact Areas. <p></p> More than 6 out of 10 children in South Africa are at risk of never reaching their full potential. <p></p> Over 60% of South Africa’s children live in poverty. Challenging life experiences during their first six years, compounded by systemic failure, reduce their possibility of present-day and future well-being. Our investments aim to improve the chances of children’s life-long success by influencing the quality of their first six years of life. <p></p> We strive for impact in 4 areas: Daily Brain-Building Interactions <br> A child who has daily brain-building interactions right from birth develops strong learning foundations <p></p>Quality Early Learning Programmes <br> A child who attends a quality early learning programme for at least 2 years is more likely to start school on track <p></p>Early Health Care and Nutrition <br> A child who receives nourishing food and good healthcare is able to grow to their full potential <p></p>Safety and Protection <br> A child who feels safe and is protected from toxic levels of stress is free to thrive

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Cortex Hub

The Cortex Hub is the home for innovative start-ups building socially impactful solutions.The Cortex Hub is structured as a non-profit, seed-funding incubation hub. ​<p></p> Located at East London’s 33 Church Street, the Cortex Hub is a business incubator with a strong focus on innovative product design, good team dynamics and customer satisfaction. <p></p> <mark>Successful applicants enjoy our free working space and leverage the business support resources and peer-to-peer learning environment where creativity and tech innovation meet.</mark> ​<p></p> To ensure time spent at the Cortex Hub is dedicated completely to the development of game-changing products, we provide each start-up with early-stage funding ensuring each entrepreneur is able to pay expenses and keep a roof over their head whilst they get started.

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Sw7 partners with technology businesses, portfolios and their investor networks pre and post fundraising to prepare for technology business valuations, to fundraise & find matched funding, to provide business support, board advisory, to assist with off-shore expansion and sale of the business. <mark>Sw7 are one of the leading technology accelerators in Africa, having run 9 cohorts including the first Fintech Accelerator in Africa and have worked with over 300+ technology businesses & Founders from early-stage to growth, funding & exit with shared insights from 100+ experienced Technology Founder CEOs.</mark> The Sw7 LinkedIn group in Africa has over five thousand members & partners include Amazon, Microsoft & Google. <p></p> For Founders, COOs, CTOs and Product Owners in B2B technology businesses and ISVs <br> - Get To Market <br> - Create Predictable Revenue <br> - Grow Your Business <br> - Expand Your Network <br> - Get Funded <br> - Scale <br> - Exit <p></p> Sw7 work directly with founders of B2B technology businesses to build the sales and marketing processes that generate predictable revenue. <p></p> This accelerates your path to high growth and scale, enables you to expand to new markets and puts you in the best position to get ready for your first or your next funding round or even prepare for exit. <p></p> <mark>Through a blend of private one-to-one workshops, board advisory and mentoring sessions, we work together on priority areas of focus that will move your business forward. We craft a compelling storyline with cohesive messaging that powers and connects your sales, marketing, funding, talent acquisition & team culture strategies.</mark> <p></p> Peer-to-peer learning and sharing of know-how happens on our platform and in our curated private round tables and group webinars with a network of resourceful founder CEOs, mentors, technology platform partners and investors. <p></p> Sw7 is fully virtual so you can join Sw7 from anywhere, anytime. This means that you can build your business and expand your network without the need to travel or to take time off from your business.

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Land Accelerator Africa

In 2018, World Resources Institute (WRI) launched the Land Accelerator Africa, the world’s first training and mentorship program targeted specifically toward businesses that restore degraded forests, farmland and pasture. To support the AFR100 Initiative’s goal of restoring 100 million hectares of land by 2030, the Land Accelerator provides entrepreneurs across Africa with mentorship and networking opportunities, technical training and workshops to build up their storytelling and pitching skills. <p></p> Participants leave the program more empowered to connect with potential investors so that they can take their business to the next stage of growth. The program has attracted nearly 1,400 applicants in Africa since 2018, and its 104 alumni from 34 countries report that they have created 11,200 jobs, worked with 56,000 farmers and restored 127,000 hectares. <p></p>What does the program look like? In 2021, WRI and our partners at AFR100 and Fledge took a novel approach to the Land Accelerator Africa. We expanded the size of our cohort to the top 100 entrepreneurs from across the continent to join us for an all-virtual business accelerator. Restoration entrepreneurs were invited to apply from all sub-Saharan African countries, free of charge. <p></p> The Top 100 benefited from: <mark> <br> - 3 months of exclusive weekly trainings from experts. <br> - 3 months of access to Fledge’s online lessons for start-ups. <br> - Templates to create content to help your business thrive. <br> - Weekly office hours with mentors who will lend their expertise. <br> - Weekly networking sessions to speak with and learn from other entrepreneurs in your cohort. </mark> <p></p> By the end of the program, entrepreneurs accessed the trainings and tools that they needed to complete: <br> - A compelling one-minute pitch to hook investors, customers and potential partners. <br> - A 10 to 12 slide pitch deck targeted toward investors. <br> - An environmental indicator measurement, management and marketing plan. <br> - A three- to five-year financial model to visualize their growth projections and to identify capital needs. <br> - Increased confidence in their business’s mission and operations. <p></p> The top 100 entrepreneurs also had the opportunity to apply for a Land Accelerator investment pack, which an expert panel awarded to the top entrepreneurs. <p></p> Recipients of the investment packs benefited from: <br> - An innovation grant of $5,000 or more. <br> - A coaching meeting with a Land Accelerator organizer to develop an investment and innovation grant plan. <br> - A 90-minute group session with members of the Land Accelerator mentor network, who provided tailored feedback. <br> - A one-on-one call with a Land Accelerator mentor to provide feedback and a thorough review of all the materials submitted throughout the program. <br> - The opportunity to present a three-minute business pitch at the virtual Land Accelerator Impact Days, a two-day event that brings together the awardees and investors from across the continent. <br> - The opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs in-person for a week-long bootcamp in Nairobi, Kenya and learn from both leading entrepreneurs and trainers.

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Africa Transformative Mobility Accelerator

The increase in urban population in African cities has resulted to diversification and an upsurge in transport needs. Both public transport and private car use have drastically risen resulting to road congestion and air pollution. This nonetheless, <mark>provides a huge opportunity to provide transformative urban mobility solutions that can offer more travel options, reduce the travel time, cost and risk, and provide comfort for its users.</mark> <p></p> Africa Transformative Mobility Accelerator (ATMA) admitted 8 startups for the 2020/2021 cohort. The priority countries were Kenya and Uganda. Through a competitive process, the program aimed to admit transformative, practical, well researched and possibly tested solutions to urban mobility challenges in African Cities. <p></p> During the six-month acceleration period, the startups will benefit in several ways, including but not limited to: <br> - Participate in four startup immersion trips in East Africa (Kenya and Uganda for the 2020/2021 cohort) <br> - Receive coaching and mentorship from local and international mobility and enterprise development experts <br> - Network with mobility stakeholders, practitioners and enthusiasts in four separate sessions that will be organized in Nairobi and Kampala between November 2020 and March 2021 <br> - Attend a series of planned seminars that will be facilitated by subject matter experts in relevant topics such as mobility; value proposition design & problem solution fit; business modeling & product/service market fit; customer acquisition; financial modeling and investor relations <br> - Pitch their solutions to a selected and curated pool of investors during the Africa Transformative Mobility Summit on 28th May 2021 in Nairobi, Kenya <br> - Receive a grant of up to $25,000 for the top startups during the mobility summit on 28th May 2021

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Antler is a global early-stage VC enabling and investing in exceptional entrepreneurs. In Nairobi’s vibrant startup hub, we bring together entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to build defining companies of tomorrow. <mark>We work with individual founders with strong business and technical backgrounds and early-stage startups leveraging tech to tackle deep, relevant, and ambitious problem statements in Africa.</mark> <p></p> For solo founders - Antler’s platform helps you find the right co-founder, validate your ideas, pitch for investment, access $350k+ in top-tier tech platform credits, and rapidly grow your startup to the point that normally takes years to achieve. <p></p> For existing startups - Antler’s platform offers the opportunity to pitch for an investment in your current round, access to our global network of founders and advisors, and support in raising subsequent rounds.

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Aurik works with established businesses that have sufficient complexity for our approach to have an impact. We work with the business owner and their team to deliver results quickly, with buy-in and accountability across the business. <p></p> What we do <br> To grow your business and secure a successful future exit, it is critical to address the following issues: <p></p> <mark>LEADERSHIP <br>1 Respond to a changing environment <br>2 More time leading; less time doing <br>3 Hand-over via delegation & succession <p></p>OPERATIONS <br>1 Find, win and hold customers <br>2 Grow without chaos <br>3 Find, win & hold the right team <p></p>VALUE <br>1 Grow revenue & profit <br>2 Ensure the business runs without you <br>3 Increase value & saleability </mark>

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1864 Accelerator

The 1864 Accelerator constitutes the first local financial technology focused 'FinTech' startup accelerator program of its kind in Egypt. Powered by Flat6Labs in partnership with Barclays Bank Egypt, the accelerator is a solid platform for fostering the 'FinTech' innovation space in Egypt through enabling entrepreneurs to transform their disruptive ideas into commercially viable solutions. <p></p> The program welcomes ideas and startups across all business areas related to financial services, including but not limited to; payments, digital banking solutions, banking relationships, machine learning, lending, trading, cyber security, data analytics, payments, cryptocurrency, insurance, wealth management, asset management, and capital markets. <p></p> SUPPORT & OFFERINGS <mark><br> - Funding <br> - Mentorship <br> - Coaching <br> - Training <br> - Industry Support by Barclays <br> - Full-time support staff <br> - Weekly Pitch Night <br> - Perks & Services <br> - Legal Support <br> - Office Space <br> - Business Networking Event <br> - Demo Day </mark>

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AUC Venture Lab

AUC Venture Lab is Egypt’s first university-based startup accelerator and an award-winning accelerator in Africa and the MENA region. We support innovation-driven and passionate entrepreneurs looking to turn their solutions and technologies into viable businesses. Since 2013, we have accelerated more than 270 startups covering multiple sectors. We believe in evidence-based entrepreneurship and with the support of our expanded network, we provide you with the right business and specialized know-how, tools and resources to connect with the entrepreneurial world and reach your full potential. <p></p> OUR PROGRAMS <p></p> Startup Launchpad<br> An immersive 8-week program in collaboration with ITIDA helping entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into technology startups. Startup Launchpad participants will learn the basics of entrepreneurship and business design, get mentorship, and support with validation and practice the best pitching techniques <p></p> Startup Accelerator<br> <mark>A 16-week program providing support for early-stage, high-growth, and innovative startups. We support startups from different industries including e-commerce, energy and environmental sustainability, healthcare innovation, creative and more! </mark> <p></p> Fintech Accelerator<br> 16-week customized program for financial technology (FinTech) startups providing specialized business finance and technology support.

HiiL Justice Accelerator - school image
HiiL Justice Accelerator

The only startup programme and innovation ecosystem builder in the world entirely dedicated to access to justice. Some of the 139 startups we have supported since 2011 are growing fast. To support their growth and impact we have designed a Scaling Programme together with Growth Africa, a tailored programme to unblock growth challenges and ensure investment-readiness. <p></p> For startups that are ready for investment we have developed the Innovating Justice Fund, together with fund manager FOUNT, and are currently deploying for first investments and raising more capital for future investments. <p></p> Our Justice Accelerator <mark>supports innovators who have developed solutions that need support to scale.</mark> With Justice Innovation Labs we offer a process to our national partners to develop fundable projects to develop or improve national gamechangers. <p></p> The Innovation Labs bring together stakeholders who share a common concern around a given justice goal or challenge. The participants recognize the need for new justice solutions and are willing to collaborate on designing and implementing such solutions. In the Lab, teams dive deep into the justice challenge, design different solutions, and develop investable project propositions.

OceanHub Africa - school image
OceanHub Africa

OceanHub Africa is launching the second cohort of its six-month online acceleration program to support up to six of Africa’s most promising impact-for-profit startups focused on preserving and restoring the health of the ocean. <p></p> The accelerator is on a mission to support ocean-minded start-ups with the express aim of nurturing an environmentally conscious and profitable economy that effectively mitigates the effects of global warming as well as the overexploitation and pollution of the oceans. Leveraging its highly qualified network of stakeholders and facilitators, it will deliver to the accelerated start-ups a program that seeks out sustainable pathways yielding stable profits (ROIs) and avenues for scalable growth throughout Africa. <p></p> What you can expect <p></p> Becoming part of OceanHub Africa portfolio will allow you to: <mark><br> - Unlock a network of leading ocean experts, mentors (entrepreneurs, investors, innovation experts, impact experts, scientists, lawyers, etc.), impact investors and potential clients. <br> - Engage with like-minded entrepreneurs within the Blue Economy space in Africa and abroad. <br> - Get support to fast-track your growth by acquiring new customers or running your first <br> - Proof of Concept, and scaling your business through commercial contracts and fund raises. </mark> <p></p> What we offer <p></p> Service Package <br> - Up to $75k worth of cloud services thanks to our partner AWS Activate <br> - Free access to IoT prototyping thanks to our partner Macrocomm <br> - Over $40k worth of mechanical engineering design software licences and support for prototyping and virtual testing, thanks to our partner 3DExperience Lab <br> - Access to Dassault Systèmes, Amazon Web Services and international marketplaces and/or salesforce for finished products of accelerated startups <br> - Advisory sessions with: Cullinan & Associates (international environmental law firm), Cape AI on machine learning and AI implementation, Macrocomm on data management and implementation of IoT, SWEN Blue Oceans Partners (ocean impact Venture Capitalist fund), Ocean14 Capital (ocean impact Private Equity fund), WWF – South Africa, Dept of Oceanography University of Cape Town, EuroSIMA (oceantech experts) and more! <p></p> Mentorship & Support <br> - Participation to an in-person training bootcamp in Cape Town <br> - Tailored business skills and personal development 1-to-1 coaching <br> - Sales, Product Development, Communication and Business Development Support <br> - Access to our network of scientific, business, impact and investment experts from international corporations, foundations, universities and IGOs <p></p> Network <br> - Access to networking events and conferences, including a stand and stage time at the Ocean Innovation Africa annual summit <br> - Access to potential clients (market leads) for local and international expansion <br> - Access to our international network of ocean-impact incubators/accelerators to scale overseas <br> - Access to key external partners <p></p> Fund-Raising Support <br> - Potential funding of up to 10k USD from OceanHub Africa <br> - Support in preparing and running investor pitches, including training sessions with partner investors directly <br> - Support in structuring deals, including reviews by transactional and commercial lawyers <br> - Access to a large portfolio of impact investors part of our ecosystems (inc. SWEN Blue Oceans, Ocean14 Capital, Finca Ventures, Conservation International Ventures, Builders Vision, AquaSpark, Athelia …) as well as corporate venture capitalist funds

Impulse Accelerator - school image
Impulse Accelerator

A unique acceleration program developed by Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and supported by OCP Group and its subsidiary OCP Africa <p></p> IMPULSE is a 12-week acceleration program dedicated to innovative startups in the fields of Agritech, BioTech, Mining Tech and Materials Science & Nano Engineering. IMPULSE will help entrepreneurs take their startups to the next level and bridge connections with OCP Group, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), MassChallenge and their ecosystems. <p></p> Why Impulse ? <p></p> <br> - <mark>World-class mentorship from MassChallenge, OCP and UM6P networks of seasoned executives and entrepreneurs</mark> <br> - Access to business opportunities via OCP, OCP Africa and UM6P Networks <br> - Access to UM6P resources: FabLab, experimental and living labs to help startups develop and test prototypes of their products and services <br> - Best-in class co-working space <br> - Equity-free cash prize of USD 250,000 to be shared between winning startups. <br> - <mark>Investment opportunities through our network of national and international venture capital firms and angel investors</mark> <br> - All-expense-paid training on UM6P Campus in Benguerir, Morocco and two study trips to the ecosystems of Boston and Lausanne

Injini - school image

Injini's programmes and research aim to support great founders with a mission to improve educational outcomes across the continent. <p></p> ​Injini is a registered Non-Profit Company that exists for the sole purpose of improving educational outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. We do this by supporting key stakeholders to increase the quality, access and relevance of education throughout the region. Injini’s Acceleration Partnership <p></p> Injini’s Acceleration Partnership is an <mark>EdTech-specialised venture development programme uniquely designed to support high-growth, high-impact companies using technology and innovation to address pressing education challenges across sub-Saharan Africa.</mark> Participating EdTech companies - or "Acceleration Partners" - are working to improve educational outcomes across pre-primary, K-12 and teacher training and professional development. <p></p> WHAT WE OFFER <p></p> ​Key Objectives of the Injini Acceleration Partnership Programme: <p></p> Equity-free support that takes a partnership approach to business acceleration, broken down into two phases with a variable timeframe: ​ ​​ <p></p> PHASE 1: <br> 6-8 months of intensive acceleration support focused on increasing capacity for the team in three key areas: <br> - Impact Measurement and Management, <br> - Market Access, and <br> - Financial Sustainability ​​​ <p></p> PHASE 2: <br> Bespoke support tailored to your strategic goals, for example: <br> - product development and commercialisation, <br> - curriculum design, <br> - assessment integration, and/or <br> - financial modelling and resource planning ​<p></p> <mark> - Facilitate market access with a lens to increase reach to beneficiaries at the “bottom of the pyramid”; <br> - Design and implement, or refine, impact measurement, monitoring, and evaluation systems; and <br> - Improve financial sustainability, including investment readiness support, where appropriate. </mark>

Grindstone Accelerator - school image
Grindstone Accelerator

Grindstone Accelerator is a structured entrepreneurship development programme. It takes South African SMEs with proven traction through an intensive year-long review of their strategies and provides them with the necessary support to build a foundation for growth in becoming more investable, sustainable, marketable and exit-ready. <p></p> Jointly owned by South African venture capital firm Knife Capital and Thinkroom Consulting, the Grindstone Accelerator <mark>assists high-growth innovation-driven small businesses to become sustainable and fundable through a year-long programme. Ten South African startups are selected per cohort. </mark>

Itanna - school image

Itanna is an impact initiative that invests in disruptive businesses in Africa providing growth capital and seed capital through its 5-month accelerator programme. Developed by the Honeywell Group in partnership with the African Economic Revolution Fund (AERF), it is located at the Enterprise Factory in Lagos where Africa’s top talent can bring their ideas, visions, expertise, and resources to create a new wave of revolutionary enterprises that stimulate economic growth across the continent. <p></p> <mark>We have a 4 month accelerator programme operating out of our Enterprise Factory in Lagos, Nigeria. Tech Startups will receive initial investment, as well as hands-on advice from experts and mentorship from leading global Tech entrepreneurs and industry experts.</mark> <p></p> We offer a professional working environment that is flexible and easily accessible, we also provide an environment where you can meet people, network, share your interest and achieve business growth and productivity.

GreenHouse Capital - school image
GreenHouse Capital

Working with Greenhouse Capital helps startups as our platform is enriched by VGG's decade of experience in innovative thinking and business incubation. Due to our various business functions we're able to provide a global network, know how of dealing with regulators, access to a community at various stages of a business and mentors. <p></p> GreenHouse Capital began as a simple initiative (known as GIBE) to empower budding entrepreneurs. We have since grown to run multiple accelerator programs each year, including our flagship program, GreenHouse Lab-Nigeria’s first tech accelerator for women-led startups. Our <mark>accelerators are developed in partnership with leading corporates and tech companies, with sessions facilitated by industry experts. Participating startups gain access to training, mentorship, the opportunity for investment from GreenHouse and our global network of investors.</mark>

Adaverse - school image

Adaverse is a Cardano Ecosystem Accelerator that aggregates entrepreneurs, strategists and mentors building its most robust foundation in Africa and Asia. It's a collaborative initiative between EMURGO and Everest Ventures Group that supports blockchain founders with funds, mentorship and tech infrastructure to scale Web3 solutions across the globe. <p></p><mark>Adaverse aims to facilitate the growth of selected projects and success of entrepreneurs building on Cardano, by working with most seasoned mentors and navigating through products build-up and go-to-market strategy.</mark> <p></p> Program Highlights <br> - A 3-month virtual accelerator program <br> - Up to $750K immediate funding for 6% equity and 8% future token/NFT supply with advisory tokens upon negotiation <br> - Project valuation range from 2M-30M <br> - Product launch and Listing management after successful fundraising through our joint venture partners <br> - Strategic Planning in Product, token economy design, fundraising, marketing and research.

pmaestro - school image

Launched in 2017 by a world-class team of experts in business consultancy, technology, project and product management to empower digital economy players <p></p> pmaestro is a company founded with a sharp focus on innovation and a mission to support businesses with innovative models and digital transformations <p></p> Our goal is to help companies adapt to the changing digital world by transforming their businesses to a highly performing ones with agile and efficient operations that exceeds all expectations. <p></p> Startups Acceleration Program <p></p> <mark>We love to recruit and enable visionary entrepreneurs and young start-ups through a rigorous selection process followed by providing support system and targeted professional services, tools, resources, and mentors for these companies.</mark> <br> - We provide you with the following: <br> - A fair valuation with great terms. <br> - Hands-on and operational experience. <br> - Support in next financing round. <br> - Recruiting talented people. <br> - Marketing and Business development support. <p></p> Benefits: <p></p> Regional Access: <br> Facilitate market accessibility in your region through co.’s network. <p></p>One to one Mentorship: <br> Personal mentorship by real entrepreneurs who have had the same experience and who understand startup businesses and their resource challenges. <p></p>Business Development Support: <br> Support for lead generation, client meetings, establishing CABs, and more. <p></p>Industry Expertise: <br> Access to experts who have the technical and market know-how you need to advance. <p></p>Technical Support: <br> Provide trusted experts that can take care of the MVP phase and above. <p></p>Strategy Support: <br> Strategy Support: Support in matters of strategy and ensure strategy is well-executed . <p></p>Funding Support: <br> Funding Support: Prepare startups for the next round of financing. <p></p>Operational Support: <br> Support in all operational matters including recruitment, finance, and more . <p></p>Monthly Performance Review: <br> Create and manage KPIs to monitor startup performance. <p></p>Hands-on Management: <br> Provide hands-on management support to fill gaps in execution strategy

Startupbootcamp FinTech Cairo - school image
Startupbootcamp FinTech Cairo

Startupbootcamp brings FinTech Cairo to the MENA region as the first of its kind FinTech program. This accelerator program supports innovative early-stage FinTech startups in Egypt, with a targeted focus of Financial Inclusion. The accelerator brings a unique focus in Egypt and helps develop the ecosystem and drives the next generation of technology startups to success. <p></p> <mark> Our intensive six-month program provides up-to ten selected FinTech companies with hands-on mentorship from over 100 industry experts, office space in the heart of Cairo, and access to a global network of investors and corporate partners from across the FinTech industry.</mark> In addition to the acceleration program, this time we are supporting the startups to scale their businesses in collaboration with established players in Cairo. <p></p> FinTech Cairo has partnered with: Visa, IFC, and GIZ to provide the expertise, exposure channels, and access to a network of industry professionals that most early-stage FinTech startups would not be able to access otherwise. These key industry players provide expertise, exposure channels and access to their deep FinTech network of industry professionals from around the world.

Agricultural Innovation Hub - school image
Agricultural Innovation Hub

Our Innovation hub assists promising innovative companies in the implementation of their disruptive business models <p></p> <mark> Agricultural Innovation hub is a hub where we identify challenges in our agriculture industry and come up with innovative solution to solve the problems and we also take an active part in shaping the future of agriculture.</mark> Our mission is to foster and implement new technologies or strategies, which increase efficiency, conserve resources or significantly improve the lives of farmers and consumers. <p></p>Our goal<br> Is to help Startups and innovative young companies to gain visible, long-term success, shaping the 21st century agriculture in a sustainable manner and gradually improving the world through our joint efforts. Does your idea have the potential we’re looking for?

ideiaLab - school image

ideiaLab is a Mozambican business founded in 2010 with the guiding purpose of inspiring entrepreneurs, supporting the <mark>development of start-ups, accelerating the growth of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation</mark> <p><p> Vision<br> We dream of an entrepreneurial country. A country that sees challenges as opportunities. A country whose people believe in themselves, have the courage to innovate and take the first step forward to make a difference. Where the spirit of collaboration is alive and where together we build a vibrant country of inclusive development. <p><p> Mission<br> We act as a catalyst of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. <mark>We enhance entrepreneurial capacities for sustainable and innovative business development and we promote actions that strengthen the business environment as a whole.</mark> <p><p> Mission<br> <br> - Share … because from sharing, dreams grow and ideas are born. <br>- Courage … because it is courage that leads to the first step toward success. <br> - Building to flourish… because only ideas built to flourish become sustainable and succeed in the market <br> - Persistence … because the true entrepreneur persists in order to transform obstacles into opportunities

Ideario Hub - school image
Ideario Hub

Helping African emerging creators Start-up, Build-up, and Scale-up asset-light business ventures. Ideario Hub is an innovation center with the goal to create better entrepreneurial experiences trough knowledge and technologies. <mark>We crafted our way to understand and help freelancers, universities, and organizations co-create and impact local communities.</mark> They get most of their funds from Europe.

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Algeria Venture

We are a group of passionate individuals who encourage startups and innovative projects to provide innovative solutions to the challenges the country faces through entrepreneurship; thus creating employment opportunities, promoting environmental protection, creating a cultural movement, and integrating minorities into development processes. Algeria Venture’s program <mark>targets passionate innovative project bearers and startups in particular. who, being able to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, see challenges as opportunities and opportunities to be seized.</mark> <p></p> Our Vision ? <br> Be the pioneer of business development in the country. Our vision is a better society, a society governed by individual actions for a common benefit. Through the promotion of social entrepreneurship (or other field), the center aims to create an endless chain of reactions that generate positive change and and economic development in Algeria. <p></p> Our mission ? <br> We aim to accelerate the country's aspirations (for industrialization, entrepreneurship, digital, etc.). <mark>Bridging the gap between ideas and results Vision</mark>. Our mission is to create a network of startups across Algeria, to train them, to support them and to accompany them in the management of their businesses and projects.

UNDP Algeria Accelerator Lab - school image
UNDP Algeria Accelerator Lab

UNDP Accelerator Lab teams are helping UNDP and partners close the gap between the current practices of international development and an accelerated pace of change. To do this, the Labs are creating new service lines in development that are open‑ended and safe to fail. The Lab network does this by iterating in a cycle of sensing, exploring, testing and growing. <br> - SENSE is about understanding what are emerging challenges and opportunities in the local context and determining where we need to focus our attention. <mark> <br> - EXPLORE is about better understanding the challenge and looking for solutions, particularly by looking at how citizens are already addressing these challenges and opportunities. </mark> <br> - TEST is about designing a portfolio of potential solutions to intervene at multiple points in the system and continuously testing them until we are confident they can work. <br> - GROW is about handing over the portfolio of solutions, advocacy for policy change or spinning solutions off as private ventures.

Google for Startups Accelerator: Africa - school image
Google for Startups Accelerator: Africa

A three-month virtual accelerator program for high potential Seed to Series A tech startups based in Africa. <p></p> If you're building a great business or product in Africa, for Africa, we should work together! Google for Startups Accelerator Africa <mark>accepts applications from startups located in Algeria, Botswana, Cameroon, Côte D'ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.</mark> <p></p> Google for Startups Accelerator: Africa is a three-month accelerator program for Seed to Series A technology startups across the African continent. <p></p> The accelerator is designed to bring the best of Google's programs, products, people and technology to startups that leverage machine learning and AI in their company today or plan to in the future. In addition to mentorship and technical project support, the accelerator also includes deep dives and workshops focused on product design, customer acquisition and leadership development for founders, specialized training, media opportunities and access to Google’s network of engineers and experts.

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Janngo builds, grows and invests in pan-African digital champions with proven business models and inclusive social impact. We build digital ecosystems in high growth sectors by providing business support and digital platforms allowing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to scale and contribute to the economic empowerment of youth and women through job creation and capacity building. <p></p> Janngo uses a three-pronged approach solution to address economic empowerment challenges <p></p> Build<br> <mark>Janngo builds start-ups to address digital platforms needs in high growth sectors and capacity for youth and women on professional development and entrepreneurial skills</mark> <p></p> Grow<br> Janngo grows partnering SMEs by providing access to market through digital platforms <p></p> Invest<br> Janngo invests in startups in its portfolio and SMEs in its ecosystem to accelerate their business

Swan Factory - school image
Swan Factory

Our mission is to help African entrepreneurs transform an idea or a project into a viable and profitable business while maintaining an ethical and innovative approach. <p></p> Support offers<br> We support you throughout the value chain of building your business. <p></p> Tech for equity<br> <mark>Do you want to design an application and you don't have the teams or the skills? Swan Factory supports you thanks to a team of nearly 80 expert developers in different technological fields (web, mobile, cloud, IA, ...).</mark> <p></p> Business for equity<br> Do you need to strengthen your team or support to launch your product? Swan Factory accompanies you in the development of the strategy and in the application of commercial operations. <p></p> Capital for equity<br> Do you have a viable business idea, an infallible strategy and a dynamic team? Swan Factory brings you the financing you need for your rise. <p></p> Mentoring and support<br> Do you want to improve your skills or bring additional knowledge to your team? Swan Factory supports you in improving your operational and commercial performance. <p></p> Hackathon by SF<br> <mark>Want to create an event where marketing, commerce, and technology experts come together to accelerate a project or upskill your teams? Swan Factory can support you in this ambitious and innovative approach.</mark>

Orange Fab CI - school image
Orange Fab CI

We are a platform connecting startups to corporations for strategic investment and partnership opportunities. Orange Fab Ivory Coast selects promising start-ups several times a year and offers them a program to develop their business and to strengthen their management. <mark>Our aim is to build commercial partnerships with Orange market lines and the market lines of major group partners, both in Ivory Coast and further afield. </mark>.

BeoogoLAB - school image

The mission of BeoogoLAB is to spot, fund and support toward competitiveness any innovative entrepreneurial initiatives based on digital technology in order to positively impact areas including agriculture, food and nutrition, health and wellbeing, education and learning, inclusion and financial empowerment, culture, art and handicraft, security, citizenship and peace. <p></p> What we do for upstart companies <p></p> Hire <br> the best talents at the right time <p></p> Elaborate <br> a marketing and communication plan <p></p> Build <br> on the best practices within their ecosystems <p></p> Articulate <br> their processes and operations <p></p> Arrange <br> networking meetings and events <p></p> <mark>Accelerate <br> the development of their businesses </mark>

Aréolis Business Center - school image
Aréolis Business Center

No matter the location in the world, businesses failure rates are impressive. And strangely enough, the main causes are recurrently the same everywhere : <br> - Solitude of the entrepreneurs <br> - Lack of investments <br> - Lack of certain capabilities <br> - Failure to innovate <p></p> SMEs accelerator AREOLIS is a member of RDE Senegal Group. Our objectives are to offer African SMEs new ways of organizing their production tool and structuring their business model. <p></p> <mark>The value proposition of AREOLIS revolves around pragmatic solutions, well adapted to local business ecosystems, while remaining perfectly aligned with international standards.</mark> <p></p> Our services consist of: <br> - Dedicated experts for 12months <br> - Scheduled and periodical support adapted to SME needs <br> - Training and technical skill transfer <br> - Access to local and international Areolis network <br> - Priority access to Areolis Knowledge center and Business Center Services

Renaissance Innovation Labs - school image
Renaissance Innovation Labs

At Renaissance Innovation Labs, we reimagine Africa in today’s world of rapid technological development. We find the smartest people, provide them with the right tools for success, and generate innovative solutions for individuals and industries. <p></p> RIL facilitates technology experiments from ideation to formation of business units, and translate solutions to enterprise. <p></p> <mark>We find areas right for disruption by engaging diverse participants in open collaboration. These participants (innovators) are taken through a guided learning process that equips them with the requisite knowledge and skill for progress. Together, we’re able to engineer innovative prototypes and explore opportunities with contributors, mentors, and sponsors.</mark> <p></p> We take on challenges too big for one organization by engaging diverse participants to create, elaborate, and prototype disruptive solutions.

Eko Innovation Center - school image
Eko Innovation Center

EIC accelerate enterprises that leverage innovation and technology at the core of their business. <p></p> Innovation Pillars <p></p> 1. Learning<br> We train and help people to acquire new understanding, skills and competencies in 5 key areas - Data, AI, Media, Blockchain and Digital Products <p></p> 2. Acceleration<br> We expose high-impact businesses to our faculty of high-ranking, multi-sector advisors, as well as our network of private & public stakeholders. Exposing high-impact businesses to our faculty of high-ranking, multi-sector advisors, as well as our network of private & public stakeholders. <p></p> 3. Digital Product Incubation<br> We accelerate the idea to commercialization curve for individuals and businesses that want to launch their products so they can go to market in record time. <p></p> <mark>Our Passion For Start-Ups<br> Passionate about the growth and development of Startups and entrepreneurship in Nigeria, grooming them to become global challengers, and help boost the economic revival of Africa.</mark>

Kobo Hub - school image
Kobo Hub

Kobo Hub is a Congolese platform dedicated to accelerating startups and young companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kobo Hub helps train and mentor startups to help them grow. <p></p> <mark>We support project leaders by providing them with a network of multidisciplinary experts, access to the skills, resources and infrastructure essential to the success and growth of their projects.</mark>

TechBuzz Hub Uganda - school image
TechBuzz Hub Uganda

Your Idea has the potential of becoming a revolution. And our mission is to help you fulfill your dream and vision. All made possible with four core services designed for this purpose. <p></p> A place where all ideas have the potential of becoming great companies! <p></p> Our love to see entrepreneurs succeed has enabled us to create <mark>a place where ideas can thrive and achieve their potential.</mark> <p></p> After looking at the prevailing rate of startup failure in Uganda and Africa - we created TechBuzz Hub. A collaborative community for growth and success of ideas.

Mawazo Innovation Hub - school image
Mawazo Innovation Hub

The Mawazo Innovation Hub, a division of NFT Consult, was established to support emerging Next Generation ICT businesses through accelerated technology commercialization. The Mawazo Innovation Hub has created a unique space for high-tech entrepreneurs, academics, researchers and venture capitalists to meet, network and collectively work towards growing the Ugandan economy through innovation. <mark>Its value-adding business support services contribute to the growth and globalization of technology rich enterprises in an environment that promotes innovation and enhances competitiveness for knowledge-based.</mark> The close proximity of the Mawazo Innovation Hub to Makerere University Kampala, Uganda’s largest institution of higher learning, has positioned it to provide value added services to the academics and researchers and emerging high-tech entrepreneurs from the University. <p></p> What we do <p></p> Innovation hub <br> Incubation program Diaspora Crowd funding platform, 50 /50 nft incubation <p></p> Accelerator program <br> Colaborate with NFT Mawazo on your project <p></p> Co working space<br> Rent an office / board room for a day a week or a month <p></p>Training Facility <br> ICDL accredited center, Rental training/ meeting space. <p></p>Software/ Web Apps <br> Website design, software applications and Mobile Apps <p></p>Website Hosting <br> Affordable Website Hosting and Domain registration <p></p>Customer contact center <br> Call center with flexible pricing options <p></p>Remote help desk services <br> 27/7 customer support and help desk services

The Baobab Network - school image
The Baobab Network

Based in Nairobi, The Baobab Network is Africa’s leading start-up accelerator, providing early stage technology companies across the African continent with funding, support and a global, platform to scale their businesses. <p></p> We run a world-class accelerator programme supporting Africa’s boldest innovators to scale homegrown solutions. <p></p> <mark>Our accelerator programme is designed to give you the funding and platform you need to take your company global.</mark> <p></p> We offer start-ups $25,000 USD in funding and a 3-month cohort program including personalised two-week consultation sessions with tailored support, in exchange for 10% equity. Our ventures team, work with our portfolio to accelerate growth, build capacity and unlock the next stages of funding to help companies scale.

Catalyst Fund Nairobi - school image
Catalyst Fund Nairobi

Catalyst Fund is an accelerator that supports inclusive tech innovators in emerging markets. We support impact companies offering accessible, affordable and appropriate solutions, designed for underserved individuals and micro and small enterprises, and accelerate the local ecosystems around them. <p></p> <mark>We offer bespoke venture building support, embedding our experts into the startup teams, to help them better understand their customers’ needs and preferences and gain their trust, develop robust technology foundations, reach product-market fit, communicate more effectively with their clients, raise investment and connect with partners who can help them scale. </mark> <p></p> We leverage global expertise and local knowledge to craft and scale solutions, and catalyze innovation ecosystems, partnering with leading public, private and philanthropic organizations, for a more inclusive and sustainable planet.

Redstart Tunisia - school image
Redstart Tunisia

Redstart Tunisia is the newborn of the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem. The company is aiming to contribute to the strengthen the Tunisian SMEs and startups with high potential. In fact, it is the result of a partnership with Redstart France and Bridging Angels. <p></p> Redstart Tunisia is <mark>a stimulator that provides an acceleration program created to meet the needs of SMEs and Startups. We provide entrepreneurs with individual, tailor-made, variable support for their needs.</mark> <p></p> OUR OFFERS<br> At Redstart Tunisia, we provide a diversified range of acceleration services to entrepreneurs, startupers as well as other leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. <p></p> Customized services according to the needs of entrepreneurs <br> - Customized strategic and operational support <br> - personalized enhancement <br> - settled contract of objectives <br> - One-to-one working and coaching sessions with the entrepreneur and his team depending on their needs. <br> - Panels of mentors and national and international experts in all activity sectors. <br> - Commercial acceleration at the national and international level <br> - A reliable network of business angels and investors in Europe and around the world <br> - No fees needs to be played in advance

The Orange Fab Tunisia - school image
The Orange Fab Tunisia

Our primary objective is to create a commercial partnership between your start-up and an Orange Business Unit, to develop your business, by accelerating your growth and your visibility. <p></p> We know very well that each start-up is different and unique by its offer but also by its functioning! The idea is to offer you tailor-made support and a complete service offer. <p></p> The service offer <p></p> An International Network<br> Ability to internationalize startups through our international network of Orange Fabs: presence in 15 territories around the world <p></p> Personalized workshops<br> Personalized Workshops will be organized for your start-up to meet your specific needs <p></p> Infrastructure and supervision<br> Settle into the premises of Orange Fab Tunisie: access to co-working, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, cafeterias, etc. <p></p> Financial<br> Access to the issue of convertible bonds up to €15k (subject to eligibility) <p></p> cloud services<br> Take advantage of free cloud services from Orange Business Services to innovate, develop and test your solutions <p></p> <mark>Specialized workshops<br> Workshops on specialized subjects will be offered to you: Pitching Techniques, Financing, Export and International, Growth Hacking… These workshops will be provided by internal and external mentors</mark> <p></p> Events<br> Privileged access to national & international events sponsored by Orange <p></p> Demo Day<br> Strategic meetings (investors, major groups, international Orange Fabs network, etc.)

Hseven - school image

We accelerate world class African Startups led by Moroccans, Africans, and Africans at heart. Discover our incubation and acceleration programs. <p></p> IMPACT <br> <mark>We provide entrepreneurs with access to an Incubator, an Innovation Lab, an Accelerator, and to Funding</mark> <p></p> We provide investors with access to the most promising deal flow. <p></p> We provide Corporation with access to promising startups and disruptive ideas & technologies for their open innovation programs. <p></p> We provide Institutions & Governments with an ecosystem to implement their Entrepreneurship & Innovation initiatives

New Work Lab - school image
New Work Lab

New Work Lab has become THE SPRINGBOARD for young entrepreneurs, the meeting place for the Casablanca entrepreneurial scene. <p></p> New Work Lab supports entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs through various programs. You can <mark><br> - Attend weekly WORKSHOPS and TRAININGS that we organize, <br> - Work in our COWORKING space. <br> - Be part of a dynamic COMMUNITY. <br> - Strengthen your OPPORTUNITIES.</mark> <p></p> Become a member of the New Work Lab community and build the entrepreneurial and digital scene of tomorrow with us today!

TechTribe Accelerator - school image
TechTribe Accelerator

The TechTribe Accelerator (TTA) leverages a technology based e-learning and virtual mentorship system to support technology driven impact ventures across Africa to become investment ready, access capital and new networks. <p></p> <mark>Holistic entrepreneurship support and development</mark> <p></p>e -Learning <br> Flexible self-paced world class content to fit any founder’s schedule. <p></p>OnDemand Virtual Mentorship <br> Captains of industry available at the click of a button. <p></p>Community <br> A tribe of African innovators supporting and inspiring each other. <p></p>Access Investment <br> Facilitated introductions coming from reliable sources.

Innovate Ventures - school image
Innovate Ventures

We believe investing at the earliest stage is the greatest asset we can bring to your company Whether it’s finding product market fit, founder disputes, building out your sales and marketing capabilities or introductions to our global network, <mark>we provide you with a carefully curated core team and community of incredible people across the world to help you build your business.</mark> <p></p> The 12-week accelerator programme is structured to help entrepreneurs and startups to succeed and fail faster. Yes, it is far better to fail quickly, and realize your mistakes early in the process and we work with startups on their ideas. <p></p> The programme will help you identify if you’re headed down the wrong path and help iterate quickly from any ambiguity in your business model faster to succeed. <p></p>Access to Capital <br> Make a case for raising investment capital in exchange for equity on the “demo day” - an intensive day of startup pitches to an audience of well-respected investors including access to Innovate Ventures Fund. <mark>Demo day is an entrepreneur’s day to show off what his or her team has accomplished during the 12 week acceleration programme.</mark> <p></p> Demo day allows investors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect and explore collaborative opportunities worthy of investment capital and invaluable advice and expertise.

DoniLab - school image

DoniLab is a business incubator that covers sectors of activity with a high potential for innovation, namely ICT, health, social innovation. <mark>They offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to work in a comfortable space while benefiting from various expertise, also an innovation hub that is focused on social impact, job creation and innovation and get most of their funds from Europe.</mark> <p></p> Features: <br> - Acceleration - Supporting entrepreneurs is DoniLab's core business. <br> - Studies and Advice - We support individuals/companies in obtaining reliable information on their markets. <br> - Co-working - “A stimulating workspace…” With the latest generation equipment. <br> - Fablab - Digital manufacturing laboratory, serving as a place of learning. find out more

JATROPHA Hub - school image

JATROPHA Hub is an initiative of the Jatropha SA Group with the aim of giving the opportunity to many young people in Guinea to develop their entrepreneurial potential. We are a national NGO, with relay antennas in all the administrative regions of Guinea. Built on 1000M2, and installed in Kaporo in the commune of Ratoma, in the suburbs of Conakry, we are the first community of entrepreneurs in Guinea. Affiliated with several national and international networks of incubators, accelerators and Fablabs, Jatropha Hub aims to be a catalyst for technology made in Guinea. <p></p> Our values <p></p> Integrity <br> Adoption of the highest standards of integrity with our employees. <p></p> Flexibility <br> A company with international standards, while keeping our African values ​​as organizational skills. <p></p> Adaptability <br> <mark>Innovation at the heart of our development strategy. We think outside the box with an ease in welcoming change, new challenges, adopting new behaviors/tools, welcoming new talents.</mark>

xHub Addis - school image
xHub Addis

xHub Addis is an incubation and acceleration hub where enthusiastic entrepreneurs are trained, mentored, and coached. We have different incubation and acceleration programs, workshops, events, and networking opportunities in order to integrate leadership and entrepreneurship for a wide range of industries and in turn to produce successful innovators. Our incubation and acceleration center is well equipped to boost tomorrow’s innovators. <p></p> We also have a diverse team of dedicated employees who focus on empowering leaders and entrepreneurs of Ethiopia and who give innovators the tools to enhance their quality of leadership. <mark>Our aim is to motivate and enable the youth to build sustainable and innovative companies by sharing outcome-based knowledge and experience that inspires them to learn and grow personally and professionally.</mark> <p></p> Our business accelerator program gives developing companies access to mentorship, investors, and other support that help them become stable and self-sufficient businesses. <p></p> In addition, our accelerator program gives expanding companies access to logistical and technical resources. We will also connect companies to networks of peers for experience sharing. <p></p> Our aim is to support these companies to run on their own with strong positioning and claim a share of their target markets. Companies that use business accelerators are ones that have moved beyond the early stage of establishment and can stand on their own two feet. They only need guidance and peer support to gain strength. <p></p> If you are an early-stage company you would benefit from our business incubation program for support.

Startup Academy - school image
Startup Academy

The Cameroon Startup Academy is a youth-led Cameroonian-based professional training institution empowering young Cameroonian entrepreneurs, transforming skills into potential businesses and creating entrpreneurial ecosystems in Cameroon through intensive human capital development and facilitating access to critical finance for start-ups and SMEs to foster private sector growth and development. <p></p> We assist young people to start and grow their own sustainable businesses through delivery of capacity building initiatives, access to finance and ready markets. <p></p> <mark>We equally provide consultancy services in business analysis, financial forcast and pitching for youth-led Small and Medium sized enterprises.</mark> <p></p> Our startup accelerator program known as STARTUP ENERGIZERS runs for 3 months every year and aims at accelerating 50 startups in Cameroon annually, through providing intensive training, coaching from sucessful business executives, linking up investors and startups during a demo day, and providing product testing services.

StartUp'Nkap - school image

We accept ventures from all sectors; Agribusiness, IT and Software, Fashion and Design, Health, Renewable Energy, Real Estates, Education and Training etc. <mark>We offer mentorship and coaching opportunities to start-ups and SMEs this to enable them have specific skills and knowledge that will maximize their business potential and improve their performance</mark>

TIEC - school image

The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, TIEC, drives economic growth by providing knowledge and financial support to entrepreneurs and startups. Since 2010, we seek to unleash creative solutions and innovative ideas that make impacts in Egypt. Our vision expands well beyond local benefits; <mark>we aim for being a leading regional hub and world-class center for entrepreneurship and innovation. </mark> <p></p> Vision and Mission<br> IT innovations make our life easier and improve its quality. Entrepreneurial businesses spur economic growth and add to national incomes. Startups, innovators and entrepreneurs need to overcome challenges, capitalize on new opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls. The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) help them raise funds and bring them extremely close to their causes. <p></p> Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center(TIEC) runs an accelerator program to catapult startups towards investments and success by providing them with mentorship and business education. <mark>This program offers acceleration services, learning by doing business opportunities, business coaching, guidance & knowledge on topics like development of business models, market entry strategies, operations management, minimum viable product development, financial & budget planning of the businesses, access to workshops & boot camp programs and pitching opportunities in front of potential investors.</mark>

Start Egypt - school image
Start Egypt

Start Egypt hosts a pre-acceleration incubation program that empowers, inspires, and supports entrepreneurs of Egypt to build socially impactful business enterprises. <mark>This 4-month incubation program is funded by UK's DFID (Department for International Development) and is focused on providing members with mentorship, training, coaching, tailored business support, and access to network with industry corporates.</mark> They encourage young entrepreneurial minds and assist them to turn their business ideas into scalable and profitable business ventures.

ITIDA - school image

Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) runs a technology incubator business program that helps early-stage startups and entrepreneurs by offering them business support services, flexible business workspaces, and shared facilities. <mark>They assist startups to turn their business prototype, plans & ideas into successful business ventures.</mark> This program promotes economic development by providing entrepreneurs with job opportunities, mentorship & guidance, incubation services, emergence support, a collaborative business environment, cash upto EGP 60K, in-kind services, and tools & equipment for growth.

ChangeLabs - school image

We build some of the Middle East and North Africa’s most innovative and cutting edge impact entrepreneurship programs focused on key social outcomes. <mark>We also offer online training by some of the world’s leading educational programs. We aim to position youth and women at the forefront of innovation, empowering them to use business as a force for change. </mark>

Wennovation Hub - school image
Wennovation Hub

Wennovation Hub is a Pioneer Nigerian Innovation Accelerator. Wennovation Hub brings productive people together through shared workspaces, special events, social spaces and our digital member network. <p></p>We focus on social impact sectors: Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Clean Energy and Infrastructure. <p></p> <mark>As one of the very early innovation hubs in Nigeria, our “we”nnovators have enjoyed early success as we helped propel several award-winning start-ups to greatness. We strive to provide best tech support ever!</mark> <p></p> Our modern office spaces are simply stunning. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup, discover spaces in Ikeja, Abuja, Ibadan and Barbados (across the Caribbean) designed and equipped with all the tools bright minds need to inspire business ideas. <p></p> Founded in 2010 <br> As Nigeria's pioneer innovation hub we enjoyed successes and spun several award winning start-ups. <p></p> Our Focus <br> To inspire and empower Africa. We focus on social impact sectors: Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Clean Energy and Infrastructure. <p></p> Large Community <br> Join our community & "we"nnovate. We have the advantage of being the only hub in Nigeria with the widest reach across the 4 locations.

GrowthAfrica - school image

As GrowthAfrica, We are growth frontiers. We focus on growing successful enterprises business acceleration, strategic advice and access to investments. <p></p> We are the business runway to success <mark>for local businesses seeking a platform for their business take-off and for international companies in need of a market landing space and growth hub.</mark> <p></p> Entrepreneurs are at the centre of our attention and focus. The success of the entrepreneurs we work with is the best showcase of what we do and are achieving with and for our ventures. We deliver business growth that turns entrepreneurial ventures into successful, profitable companies. The aim is to create jobs and economic progress.

African Leadership Accelerator (ALX) - school image
African Leadership Accelerator (ALX)

ALX is a career accelerator for young professionals that prepares and help them launch careers of impact. <mark>Gain the skills, experience and relationships that keep you ahead of the curve.</mark> <p></p>Our programmes are designed to provide you with in-demand technology skills for the careers that power the world. <p></p>With ALX’s best-in-class training, and our commitment to lifelong learning, we’ve created an unrivaled opportunity to prepare, launch and grow your career. Companies across the globe will continue to face crucial talent gaps over the next decade.<p></p> <mark>ALX focuses on the in-demand, technology careers that support the kinds of digital transformation employers are required to make now and in the future.</mark>

Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative - school image
Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative

CiTi does so by creating globally competitive tech and innovation sectors, to enable sustainable economic growth and greater employment. <p></p> CiTi was established in 1999 and works at the intersection of business, government and society to positively shape the future of the economy and society with the use of innovation and technology. We see this model as the key driver for systemic, regional change and progression. <p></p> Our success at building successful regional technology ecosystems are recognised in a recent Endeavor Insight, 2018 report “Evaluation & Network Analysis of the Cape Town – Stellenbosch Tech Sector”. <p></p> The report concluded “Cape Town is arguably the most productive and impactful tech hub in Sub-Saharan Africa.” <p></p> CapaCiTi Digital Career Accelerator is the skills development division of CiTi. CapaCiTi’ s vision is to enable inclusive growth of the digital economy by ensuring a supply pipeline of future-fit, <mark>skilled employees with relevant digital skills matched to industry demand.</mark> <p></p> We do this through innovative training and experiential learning programmes that focus on both technical and professional development. <p></p> CapaCiTi brings together expertise, technology and resources from industry, academia, government and impact funders in order to <mark>develop young South African talent with in-demand skills, giving them a foundation for successful and fulfilling careers.</mark> <p></p> Candidates receive blended training at our Tech Campuses via an online learning platform that promotes self-learning and group work as part of a holistic programme designed to develop digitally confident candidates. Industry mentors provide teams with a business challenge and ask them to investigate a solution and present back to their mentor weekly. These activities enhance team work, communication and create a culture of solution-driven design thinking.