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Loftyinc Capital Management

We empower Afropreneurs to build a prosperous and equitable future in Africa.

We invest in world‐class teams of local and returning Africans who are leveraging technology innovation to solve significant problems in Africa. As capital becomes a commodity with more early-stage investors flocking to Africa, what will make us stand out will be our networks, relationships, and reputations. We manage social impact investment vehicles such as the LoftyInc Afropreneurs Fund.

What we look for

Do you have a compelling team?
When investing locally, we are very interested in the reputation of your team. Your founders should be globally minded, passionate about the problems you are solving, and interested in developing long-term partnerships.

Are you looking for more than money?
We want to leverage our internal and external networks, as well as our own experience to help you grow into an established business.

Are you stubborn on vision but flexible on the details?
We expect founders to know that their original idea can change over time and that they might need to pivot to another market as the idea develops.

Are you going after a large market?
When developing your idea, make sure you are aware of the potential of your market. Position your idea in a market in which you can scale and grow.

What additional support will you get?

Sector Experience
Help from our experienced GPs and their team. Our 50+ years of experience cuts across different sectors and countries..

Founders Network
We have invested in some of Africa's best startups and founders. You will become part of an investee network willing to help you succeed.

Wennovation Hub
We have a business incubator and supporting entrepreneur community in four Nigerian cities. You can attend important events and use our office space services.