Transform an idea or a project into a viable and profitable business

Our mission is to help African entrepreneurs transform an idea or a project into a viable and profitable business while maintaining an ethical and innovative approach.

Support offers
We support you throughout the value chain of building your business.

Tech for equity
Do you want to design an application and you don't have the teams or the skills? Swan Factory supports you thanks to a team of nearly 80 expert developers in different technological fields (web, mobile, cloud, IA, ...).

Business for equity
Do you need to strengthen your team or support to launch your product? Swan Factory accompanies you in the development of the strategy and in the application of commercial operations.

Capital for equity
Do you have a viable business idea, an infallible strategy and a dynamic team? Swan Factory brings you the financing you need for your rise.

Mentoring and support
Do you want to improve your skills or bring additional knowledge to your team? Swan Factory supports you in improving your operational and commercial performance.

Hackathon by SF
Want to create an event where marketing, commerce, and technology experts come together to accelerate a project or upskill your teams? Swan Factory can support you in this ambitious and innovative approach.