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Expert-Lab Technologie

Become a computer scientist in 6 months. Training: Computer programming and Software engineering. <mark>Create a dynamic website compatible on all platforms</mark> for your: Business, company, NGO, E-Commerce (online purchase-sale for merchants), Establishment (University, High School). Learn Database design and administration.

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Jokkolabs Bamako

Jokkolabs Bamako is an open space, which welcomes any entrepreneur seeking to develop their network, meet new collaborators, discuss their practices and develop their professional, personal or associative projects. <p></p> It is <mark>designed to meet the needs of micro-enterprises, freelancers, home-based workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups or digital economy workers, writers, designers and other new media or digital arts professionals whose work does not fit into a classic desktop model.</mark>

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We foster a more integrated West Africa by stimulating entrepreneurship in the region by empowering youth and women to lead a journey of economic self-determination. <p></p>Our programs focus on: <mark><br> - Help entrepreneurs obtain financing in national and international markets. <br> - Develop strong, financially self-sufficient and interconnected hubs across the region. <br> - Facilitated regional expansion of entrepreneurs and regional partnerships.</mark> <br> - Organize conferences and symposia that promote regional integration

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Impact Hub Bamako

Impact Hub Bamako first implementation in French-speaking Africa, considered as the largest network of incubators and innovation centers (social and technological) in the world. They are an innovation hub that is focused on job creation, youth engagement and innovation. <p></p> <mark>Bamako Impact Hub has a collaborative workspace. Impact Hub Bamako is affiliated with Net Impact Global Hub, the first global network of business incubators, laboratories for innovation and social entrepreneurs communities (100+hubs, more than 16 000 members in 50 countries).</mark> <p></p> Bamako Impact Hub also provides training, incubation and acceleration programs open to all businesses but specialized on young entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs in agriculture and agribusiness.

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DoniLab is a business incubator that covers sectors of activity with a high potential for innovation, namely ICT, health, social innovation. <mark>They offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to work in a comfortable space while benefiting from various expertise, also an innovation hub that is focused on social impact, job creation and innovation and get most of their funds from Europe.</mark> <p></p> Features: <br> - Acceleration - Supporting entrepreneurs is DoniLab's core business. <br> - Studies and Advice - We support individuals/companies in obtaining reliable information on their markets. <br> - Co-working - “A stimulating workspace…” With the latest generation equipment. <br> - Fablab - Digital manufacturing laboratory, serving as a place of learning. find out more

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Faculté des sciences et techniques

The Faculty of Science and Technology is a public education structure in Mali created in 1996 with the University of Mali. Today, it is a structure of the University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako. Since its creation, it has trained many students in the field of science and technology, from DEUG level to Doctorate level. Science and technology are at the heart of understanding all processes, from the formation of the Universe to the dynamics of animal populations, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. Today's scientists must meet the challenges of innovation and the implementation of a new development model. We are proud to<mark> train these specialists who show day after day their ability to develop, discover and create.</mark> <p></p> Our Faculty, with an area of ​​nearly 9 ha, with a 550-seat amphitheater, 9 rooms with 150 to 200 places, 40 rooms with more than 50 places, 28 research laboratories, 14 rooms for practical work and other specialized rooms, welcomes more than 4,000 students each year. The missions entrusted to it are general practical and specialized higher education, research and the promotion of scientific and technological research, professional training, postgraduate training, preparation for the Grandes Ecoles, the development and dissemination of culture and knowledge, carrying out expertise in the field of science and technology. <p></p> Five departments are responsible for carrying out these specific missions. They are: the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics and Computer Science and Physics.