ESMT (Higher School of Technology and Management) - school image
ESMT (Higher School of Technology and Management)

The bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Technologies and Computer Science provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of ICT engineering and the specific skills pertaining to each of the majors that are offered. <mark>It produces versatile professionals who are able to change work environments and meet the sector's future challenges and those that will occur in industrial sectors that employ these technologies.</mark> The degree also ensures concentrated learning in the following majors: Audiovisual Systems, Telecommunications Systems and Network Systems. <p></p> Given that ICTs are crucial in any industrial, research and innovation sector, graduates' professional opportunities are wide-ranging: they will be able to accomplish a broad range of technical and management tasks and start new entrepreneurial projects in this technological field. <p></p> Communications are ever more necessary in all environments and scenarios, and specialists are highly sought after in fibre optics; in mobile communications, to serve the fourth generation and develop the foundations of the fifth; and in GPS technologies and services. Other examples are projects involving cities whose intelligence increases as networks of sensors, such as cameras and pollution sensors, are implemented to improve the lives of citizens, and the extensive use of communication networks and the so-called Internet of Things, a use that demands that the privacy and security of our data be protected. <mark>The audiovisual sector also requires highly skilled professionals to design advanced systems, for 3D sound and image technologies, for example, and not just for direct consumers of media, such as music shows or the cinema, but also for important sectors such as health and the automotive and transport industries. In these sectors, there is a clear need for developing electronic devices and instruments that provide accurate and reliable data, to monitor patients’ progress,</mark> for example. Another area that is emerging forcefully is the design of new solar cells and photovoltaic systems in the energy sector.

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Dakar Institute of Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques allow to better translate languages, recognize images, drive cars, understand complex texts, analyze customer behavior, perform medical diagnoses, AI is everywhere in our lives and is revolutionizing all sectors. We support you so that you can take advantage of this global wave. Follow our training courses to be actors in the world of tomorrow. We are a private university recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation of Senegal under the number RepSEN/Ensup-priv/AP/376-2021 <p></p> Our trainings <br> <mark>Data Science Intensive</mark><br> This training opens the doors to the professions of artificial intelligence and teaches you all the advanced techniques of data science and big data processing. <br> In 12 weeks (daytime classes) or 24 weeks (evening classes and weekends), start your career as a data expert as a Data Scientist and/or Data Analyst . <br> You can follow the Data Scientist Intensive certification training face-to-face (day course), or remotely (evening course LIVE via ZOOM) <p></p> <mark>Big Data Computer License</mark><br> Practical training to become a qualified developer. <br> Master the art of managing data and storing it in the cloud using SQL and No-SQL databases. <br> Become a specialist in data analysis and visualization, know how to create powerful APIs and solve complex problems. <p></p> <mark>Master's degree "Artificial Intelligence"</mark><br> The "Artificial Intelligence" master's is aimed at students and professionals who want to become specialists in so-called "Artificial Intelligence" techniques. It is open to holders of at least a bachelor's degree. Six specializations are offered: – Image Recognition, Internet of Things, Natural Language Processing, Marketing and Sales, Finance, Health <p></p> Other certifying training<br> The DIT offers 3 certification training courses LIVE via ZOOM <mark><br>– Python Basics: Learn the basic concepts of programming and the philosophy of the Python language. <br>– Fullstack Web : Master the Django framework for the Back end as well as the React.js framework to become autonomous in the creation of dynamic applications and websites</mark> <br>– Data Manager : Master all aspects of data management for the company

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Sonatel Academy

Sonatel Academy is the first free coding school created by Sonatel to contribute to the employability of young people through digital professions. <p></p> TRAINING <br> With an active pedagogy purely oriented practical skills, we guarantee the operationality of our learners who are trained in 3 repositories: <br><mark> - Web and mobile development <br> - Data development</mark> <br> - Digital referent <p></p> How to join the Sonatel Academy adventure?<br> A free program accessible to all to familiarize themselves with the digital world, develop their skills or be accompanied in a professional career. <br> - Apply online for the desired repository <br> - Pass the tests <br> - Pass the selection interviews

Africa Outsourcing Business center - school image
Africa Outsourcing Business center

Are you looking for a quiet and comfortable place to work? The comfort of our coworking offices would suit you for your work while making you more productive. Also you can network or collaborate in our offices. <p></p> <mark>Looking for a place to work alone or a place for your team? Our fully equipped private offices provide you with an inspiring space that can be adapted to your needs. </mark> <p></p> You need a room for a seminar, a training, a recruitment or an interview? Our meeting rooms would go with your needs, we adapt them to your objectives according to your criteria while proposing a range of services to make your moment pleasant.

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To meet the needs of companies, ISI SUPTECH offers a complete offer of intra and inter-company training, and high-level services, through two centers: SUPTECH Manager Program and SUPTECH Consulting. The multiple skills of SUPTECH are based on the experience of the teaching staff and the involvement of partner companies in the various projects of our customers. <p></p> SUPTECH provides you with training skills. The school can thus build a training project strictly adapted to the needs of your employees: diagnosis of needs, development of a training plan and recommendations, design of content, organization of recruitment, implementation of specific material or logistical means , administrative set-up of the file (financing study, etc…), setting up of a validation procedure, etc… <p></p> <mark>Skills acquired in the software engineering program <br> - Analyze and design computer applications; <br> - Implement computer applications; <br> - Test, deploy and maintain computer applications; <br> - Produce technical and functional documentation; <br> - Do the versioning of computer applications; <br> - Manage an IT project; </mark> <p></p> Opportunities <br> - Assistant project manager; <br> - Enterprise application developer; <br> - Developer of web/mobile applications; <br> - Application tester; <br> - Developer in IOT. <br> - Work as a team.

Polytechnic School Dakar - school image
Polytechnic School Dakar

The objective of this master is to train specialists in software engineering and information systems whose role is to advise companies in the field of ICT, but also to create and manage engineering services companies. computer science. <p></p> <mark>At the end of the master's degree, graduates will be able to design and develop applications in the field of information and communication technologies (ICTs), to practice engineering and the integration of solutions, of ICT products and services.</mark> <p></p> The objective of this master is to train specialists in software engineering and information systems whose role is to advise companies in the field of ICT, but also to create and manage engineering services companies. computer science.

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DakarTECH aims to offer the next generation of the African elite quality training in line with international standards to enable them to participate effectively in the international competition of human resources. <p></p> <mark>Vision<br>To play a leading role in the training sector, Dakar Tech intends <br> - rely on a quality local faculty capable of providing internationally recognized teaching in a modern campus. <br> - train young people capable of adapting to the demands of the business world <br> - opening up internationally by developing targeted international partnerships. <br> - Promote the culture of continuous improvement in all its activities.</mark>

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Jokkolabs Senegal

Jokkolabs Dakar welcomes you to its space with open space, coworking space, meeting rooms, terrace. Our hub regularly hosts entrepreneurs and events (workshops, talks, etc.) <p></P> <mark>Jokkolabs is a unique environment where entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators can develop their business quickly.</mark> <p></P> As the oldest hub of Jokkolabs, the Dakar hub is particularly active in new community animation and the Action Tank, notably through: World Entrepreneurship Week, Africa Code Week, Civictech festival , Civitech Senegal Tour, Citizen Connections, Jokkofood, Jokkokids, and many more!

Arccelerate - school image

On the occasion of World Entrepreneurship Week, Arc Informatique and Jokkolabs are launching Arccelerate, a startup growth acceleration program dedicated to Senegal. <mark>Arccelerate offers a complete solution adapted to the Tech & Digital challenges faced by Senegalese companies, whether they are at the preliminary stage of their development or in critical size acquisition issues (scalability).</mark> Mentoring, Cloud offers and co-working:<br> The program is open to startups made up of at least 2 people (no individual founder ), engaged full-time and having an incorporated company. <p></p> A specific acceleration program is developed for each team and gives access to a range of high added value services:<br> LEARN <br> - To support project leaders in clarifying their business project <p></p> BUILD <br> - To provide access to the expertise and infrastructure of ARC Informatique and Jokkolabs to existing companies that need to consolidate their project <p></p> GROW <br> - To help established businesses with a tangible customer base grow and optimize their infrastructure

GOMYCODE Dakar - school image

We empower people by upskilling and reskilling them on digital skills through instructor-assisted, affordable and quality trainings. We provide trainings for the future of work on a wide selection of digital skills. <p></P> Our available programs <BR> - Digital Marketing <mark> <BR> - Full-Stack Development <BR> - Intro. To Web Development</mark> <BR> - Artificial Intelligence <BR> - Data science <BR> - Deep Learning <BR> - Intro. to Game Development <BR> - Kids track <BR> - DevOps <BR> - UX/UI Design

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Freepenseur was created with the aim of providing a modern and user-friendly workspace. Our space has dedicated offices, closed offices and all the necessary amenities to evolve in a work environment conducive to your success. <p></p> The advantages of our offices. In addition to having modern offices and flexible plans, upgrading to Freethinker includes the following advantages: <mark> <br> - Fiber Optic Internet</mark> <br> - Printer, Fax and Scanner <br> - Courier service and business domiciliation <mark><br> - Networking events </mark> <br> - Meeting room <br> - Equipped kitchen <br> - Car park <br> - Periodic cleaning <br> - Water and Coffee <br> - Common relaxation area <br> - Accessible to members 24/7 <br> - Secure building at all times

Diokotech - school image

Are you looking for a quiet and comfortable place to work? The comfort of our coworking offices would suit you for your work while making you gain in productivity. Also you can network or collaborate in our premises. <p></p> <mark>Do you want a room for a meeting, seminar, training, recruitment or interview? Our meeting rooms would go with your needs. We adapt them to your objectives according to your criteria while offering a range of services to make your time enjoyable.</mark>

École Supérieure de Technologie et de Management Dakar - school image
École Supérieure de Technologie et de Management Dakar

ESTM is a school of engineers and management specialists at the cutting edge of the latest technologies, supported by a very experienced faculty. <p></p> We cultivate passion, excellence, practical knowledge, professionalism, thanks to our excellent international relations materialized by privileged partnerships with leading institutions in their respective fields. <p></p> The objective of ESTM is not only to <mark>deliver recognized, innovative and quality training to our students</mark>, but it is also to support them in their professional integration and in the construction of a great career! <p></p> The production of software is a very complex task involving several resources, in particular human, material and technological. The Software Engineering course aims to <mark>provide students with the in-depth skills required to be able to intervene in all phases of software production.</mark>Training available in daytime classes (license) and evening classes (professional and master's degree)

École Centrale des Logiciels Libres et de Télécommunications EC2LT Dakar - school image
École Centrale des Logiciels Libres et de Télécommunications EC2LT Dakar

The holder of a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, DevOps course, works in all companies using ICT, in particular those specializing in IT development and systems administration. <p></p> The DevOps profession, which requires dual skills, creates a bridge between the teams responsible for developing software and those who manage and ensure the stability of applications. <p></p> It is therefore present in all areas of application development, complete automation of software production, administration of operating systems and administration of networks. <p></p> <mark>The objective of the training is therefore to train competent technicians capable of taking into account the technical specifications in the specifications of the applications to be developed and to guarantee the proper functioning of these applications in a production environment thanks to the mastery of technologies and criteria</mark> <p></p> DevOps technicians must therefore have on the one hand a real technological mastery and on the other hand human qualities, skills to work in a team and an ability to listen to better understand the needs of the teams with which they collaborate.

Virtual University of Senegal - school image
Virtual University of Senegal

Applications developers use computer languages to create programs that perform specific tasks on computers and other devices. It is a useful specialty for high-demand jobs such as website developer, database designer, support specialist, and software tester. The program offers students a strong technical foundation and an understanding of science, communications, and quantitative reasoning. <mark>Students will learn to work in teams, manage IT projects, and prepare software documentation. They will cover subjects such as data analysis, application and software development, programming, and project management. </mark>

Universitè Amadou Hampate Ba de Dakar - school image
Universitè Amadou Hampate Ba de Dakar

Provides high quality educational programs by maintaining a balance between theoretical and experimental aspects of computer science, as well as a balance between software and hardware issues by providing curricula that serves our communities locally and globally. <p></p> <mark>Ares of study include: <br> - Software engineering <br> - IT method applied to management <br> - Business Intelligence</mark>

AFI Business School - school image
AFI Business School

The computer program of the AFI Technology department allows future engineers to have an in-depth mastery of computer tools and to be quickly operational in order to meet the increasingly complex needs of companies, in all sectors (finance, industry, SSII, software publishers, etc.). The objective is to train computer engineers with all the skills necessary for high-level careers: <br>– Mastery of the concepts and architectures of IT and information systems of SMEs and large companies, <br>– Analytical skills and complex problem solving, <mark><br>– Interpersonal skills and understanding of the company's “business” issues. In addition to technical skills, the training provides a framework that helps cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in the young engineer.</mark>

Dakar Bourguiba University - school image
Dakar Bourguiba University

SSE's software engineering students come from varied backgrounds — computer science, general science, mathematics, engineering, business and liberal arts — to develop the intellectual toolkit necessary to become architects and project leaders who can build the software-intensive systems of the future. <mark>The master's in software engineering program equips students with advanced knowledge in software architecture, project management, technical planning, risk management and software assurance — areas that are essential in implementing and overseeing software-intensive projects of high technical complexity.</mark> Upon completion of the M.S. degree, our graduates advance to professional positions of increasing responsibility across a broad range of industries such as aerospace & defense, finance, healthcare, information systems, manufacturing, software and technology.

Institut Polytechnique de Dakar - school image
Institut Polytechnique de Dakar

To design, develop and maintain increasingly complex software-centric systems, the world needs engineers with an education strongly rooted in the fundamentals of engineering and science who have the application-driven acumen to engineer software systems that are not only safe and secure, but also meet the needs of the modern marketplace. The School of Systems & Enterprises' (SSE's) four-year software engineering degree program, composing 141-credit hours provides students with a <mark>rigorous general engineering undergraduate education with depth in software engineering and systems engineering principles.</mark>

Université Amadou Mahtar MBOW de Dakar - school image
Université Amadou Mahtar MBOW de Dakar

The Graduate School of Engineering Sciences and Techniques was born from the creation of the second university of Dakar by decree n ° 2012-1474 of December 24, 2012, subsequently called University Amadou Mahtar MBOW (UAM) by decree n ° 2015-532 of April 21, 2015. The Graduate School of Engineering Sciences and Techniques meets development needs, by setting up professional training courses adapted and built around technological and applied skills. It participates in the production and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Engineering Sciences and Techniques. <p></p> Training offer <br> <mark>ESTI bases its training offer on the expressed needs of the labor market and the country's development objectives. It is resolutely oriented towards the offer of fully professional training courses which guarantee its graduates to be immediately operational in their fields.</mark>

MIT University Dakar - school image
MIT University Dakar

MIT University offers this course Development of Information Systems and Software Engineering to meet the growing needs of organizations to quickly have relevant and reliable information. Nowadays, all data is digitized and processed automatically by software. This places the developer at the center of economic activity. <mark>The main skills are programming, databases and mastery of IT environments (Server, Terminals, networks).</mark> <p></p> MIT profiles provide access to a wide category of professions and jobs at all levels of expertise (from technician, engineer to Expert) in the different fields and technologies: Analyst & Software Designer; Application integrators; Database Administrator; Operations Manager; Director of Information Systems; Responsible for IS security; Advisor; Technical-commercial. From the BAC, the MIT course starts with the license (BAC+3). However, a BAC+2 diploma will be issued after 2 years of study (BTS/DTS). <p></p> Then, to be engineers, the candidates will be able to choose between 2 specialties <br> - Professional MASTER in Information Systems & Software Engineering <br> - Master in ICT Management (Technico – commercial and ICT manager). <p></p> Senior Technicians - Management Computing and Software Engineering<br> This program trains developers capable of exercising the profession of analyst-programmer in the field of computer programming and databases for the implementation of organizational information systems. It also provides skills to design and implement a data network and ensure its management and maintenance. <p></p> Professional License - Computer Management <br> This program trains students on IT with management skills. It provides knowledge on technologies and tools related to the management of data and processes, that is to say the collection, verification and organization of large amounts of information. <p></p> Certification - Development , Programming & Software<br> Web development is an umbrella term that refers to the process of writing a page or website. Web pages are written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These pages can be simple text and graphical elements that look like a document. Pages can also be interactive or display changing information. Interactive server pages are a bit more complex to write, but they make for richer websites. <mark>Today, most pages are interactive and offer modern online services, such as shopping carts, dynamic visualizations and even complex social networks</mark> <p></p> Professional MASTER - Information Systems & Software Engineering<br> The objective of the Master is to train in 2 years on the one hand, professionals of the information systems having a double competence in management and in data processing, making it possible to develop the lever which the new technologies of information and communication thanks to a transversal understanding of the functioning of the company. And on the other hand, this training is intended to teach the foundations of computer auditing. It allows auditors to learn about the main IT audit framework (COBIT) and to prepare, in a later stage, for international certification (CISA) organized by AFAI and ISACA.

École Supérieure de Commerce de Dakar (Supdeco) - school image
École Supérieure de Commerce de Dakar (Supdeco)

Students in the BSSE will be provided with skills in software engineering processes, including requirements analysis, software design and architecture, software testing, multiple programming languages and libraries, cloud computing technologies, project management, and foundational areas such as data structures and algorithmic complexity. Elective selections will permit students to specialize in other application areas, including human-computer interaction, socio-technical computing, computer networks, high-performance computing, and cybersecurity. A capstone project will allow students to exercise the full breadth of their skillset by working with clients on real-world projects. <mark>Software engineering positions are seeing rapid and expected continued growth, at a rate of 21% growth projected through 2028. With the new found skills in software engineering processes, graduates from the program will be able to join, and be successful in, the software developer workforce.</mark>

Regus - Dakar - school image
Regus - Dakar

Discover new opportunities in this important business district Grow your business in this growing commercial district in Senegal's capital. <mark>Enjoy an innovative workspace environment in our SIA building and share the neighborhood with many international companies and embassies.</mark> <p></p> Leave your car in the on-site car park to work productively in a modern professional environment. The large bay windows let in a maximum of natural light, while the common areas are conducive to relaxation. If you need to entertain your customers, the surrounding area is full of restaurants and luxury hotels.

Université Cheikh Anta Diop - school image
Université Cheikh Anta Diop

Computer science is the study and understanding of the design of computers systems and its processes and applications. It is useful for the purpose of information management and information transfer. It spans a variety of areas from mathematics and science to engineering and can be used in a variety of industries. <mark>Because of its central focus on processes and manipulation of data, the discipline requires a fundamental understanding of algorithms and information processes. Students need to have a clear understanding of theoretical studies, experimental methods, and engineering design. </mark> At Université Cheikh Anta Diop, students can study for an undergraduate degree, a bachelor of science in computer and information science. Students can choose from a variety of concentrations, including computational mathematics, computer science, information systems, and multimedia computing. Upon completion of a bachelor's degree, students are able to begin work in a variety of fields: software applications development, computer systems analysis or engineering, network systems administration, database management/administration, or Web development. Students can also continue on to higher degrees in computer science or computer engineering.