University Institute of the Coast - school image
University Institute of the Coast

This specialty trains senior technicians who, with the help of their capability to study the needs of the society, can analyse (MERISE, UML), design and implement computer applications in various fields. <p></p> OBJECTIVES: <mark><br> - Design and develop computer applications; implement and ensure the maintenance of computer programs; <br> - Develop software or systems based on software by following professional standards adequately; <br> - Put in place and customize distributed applications; <br> - Diagnose the main faults affecting the computer system and replace defective parts; plan, monitor and control a computer project. </mark> <p></p>JOB OPPORTUNITIES: <br> - Head of IT project; <br> - Software Consultant; <br> - Developer of applications; <br> - System Administrator.

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LocalHost Academy

LocalHost Academy is a practical training and certification center for digital professions in Cameroon. We train students, entrepreneurs, employees and business executives to discover and master digital professions. Based in Douala, Cameroon, LocalHost Academy aims to quickly become a leader in Training and Certification for Strategic Technological Professions. <p></p> A Unique Pedagogical Approach<br> At Localhost Academy learners are at the center of the educational program. The training provided is 90% practical for a better understanding. Our formula is simple: A carefully developed pedagogical approach, centered around the acquisition of skills immediately usable in the workplace, combined with the use of modern pedagogical means. <p></p> Our Vision<br> Become an Elite Institution that democratizes access to quality IT and Digital Training for Africans in a high-level learning environment supervised and taught by the best professionals in the industry. <p></p> Our Missions<br> TRAIN AND SUPPORT THE DIGITAL ELITE OF THE CONTINENT. <mark>We are determined to provide Cameroonians and Africans with high-level IT and digital skills, strategic areas in which Africa must be able to play its part. At the risk of seeing his future definitively compromised.</mark> <p></p> We want to be able to democratize quality technical training by making it accessible to the less privileged so that they too can bring value to society.

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This specialty aims to train specialists capable of developing computer applications in various fields, using their skills in needs study, analysis (Merise, UML, etc.) and coding. <p></p> Required Skills (Generic and specific) <mark><br> - Participate in / lead an IT project management process <br> - Know and use the professional and institutional networks of the IT sectors <br> - Design, develop and upgrade IT applications intended for business information systems. </mark> <p></p> Opportunities <br> - IT Project Manager ; <br> - IT project analyst; <br> - Software consultant; <br> - Application developer; <br> - System administrator

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ESCM Pigier

Design and implement the economic intelligence strategy of the organization (company, institution or territory). Support digital uses in the organization: information collection, online communication, cyber security, analysis and visualization of “Big Data”. <p></p> This degree will present you the opportunity to: <mark> <br> - Select a concentration in healthcare, finance, human resources, or business ventures, which are a direct reflection of the AI value potential in these industries. <br> - Graduate with a portfolio of work samples that demonstrates your range and depth of competencies and skills with machine learning and artificial intelligence. <br> - Gain exposure to our experiential AI courses, which includes an introductory course, as well as an advanced course with an end-to-end AI education that thoughtfully prepares students for evolving technology and the challenges it presents. </mark>

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ESIAC is a private school, which prepares students for higher education diplomas, among others (Engineers, Masters and professional license, Higher technician certificate, HND). <p></p> Software Engineering<br> TRAINING OBJECTIVE<br> <mark>This specialty aims to train specialists capable of developing computer applications in various fields, using their skills in needs study, analysis (Merise, UML, etc.) and coding.</mark> <p></p> BIG DATA or Artificial Intelligence<br> TRAINING OBJECTIVE<br> In order to effectively use their data, companies and organizations need professionals capable of mastering all the analysis tools used to process this information for decision-making or predictive purposes. <p></p> CYBERSECURITY<br> TRAINING OBJECTIVE<br> In an interconnected global economy where digital is at the heart of our system, companies are increasingly interested in cybersecurity. <p></p> PRODUCT OWNER<br> TRAINING OBJECTIVE<br> The Product Owner is a conductor in charge of the creation, management, and improvement of websites, applications or IT infrastructures. He must ensure that the different teams work together to meet the client's needs. <p></p>Computer Systems Maintenance<br> TRAINING OBJECTIVE<br> Also called Help Desk Technician, the Computer Systems Maintenance Support Technician is most often called upon for diagnostic tasks, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and repair of computer hardware and software.

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Douala Institute Of Technology

The main function of specialists in the IT sector ( Software engineering, Design and maintenance of computer systems and networks, Computer management ) is to design and build complex systems for processing information on the one hand, and on the other part to ensure their maintenance. This includes in its entirety the organization of Man-Machine-System work where the organization of the unfolding of the regulation processes and that of the construction of interdependencies are fundamentally to be considered and structured. <p></p> <mark>At the end of the training, students must be able to develop hardware systems and software “ Software ” in their various fields of application. They then have the capacity to be able to simulate practical problems, to state possible solutions and to transform these into programs. They can analyze and assess alternative solutions, choose and adapt existing programs to solve specific problems.</mark> <p></p>For their specialization, students in this course have the following options. <br> Specialization options: <br> - Software engineering; <br> - Industrial Computing & Automation; <br> - Maintenance of computer systems; <br> - Computer graphics & Web-design; <br> - E-Commerce & Digital Marketing;

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Cowork Africa

We are the first premiun co-working space in Douala Cameroon, the best place in town to innovate, share, and achieve incredible results! We provide a comfortable, connected, and secure environment to work independently, meet with clients and partners, and interact with other professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives from across the Central Africa region. <p></p><mark>Beyond simply offering a superior workplace for our members, we aim to incubate innovative startups at Cowork.Africa and thus attract, nurture and develop these key actors of tomorrow's digital age in the most enabling environment. </mark> <p></p> Our space is located on the third floor of the golden Building opposite Serena Hotel in Bali, the heart of downtown Douala and in close proximity of Bonapriso, Bonanjo & Akwa.

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Is having premises for the current development of your business superfluous? MOYO has designed its Mo'Packs for you, giving you access to a range of services allowing you to stay focused on your core business. <p></p> At MOYO you can: <mark> <br> - Work comfortably alone or with a colleague <br> - Organize your meetings with a client or partner <br> - Organize your training sessions and company meetings.</mark> <br> - Receive and draft your business and administrative correspondence <br> - Benefit from many other services on demand. <p></p> BUILD A COMMUNITY Consultants, entrepreneurs, and other freelancers go through great moments of loneliness. <p></p> MOYO offers you a platform that promotes openness to others through meetings and exchanges with exceptional people through conferences, seminars, and other meetings. <br> - Conferences <br> - Seminars <br> - And other encounters

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We provide you with fully equipped, accessible and ready-to-use workspaces. Bureau807 is an Accurate initiative to give entrepreneurs and organizations the opportunity to have administrative and logistical support for their activities. Bureau807 is a dedicated team to establish with the client the formula that best meets their needs. Bureau807 is operated as a trademark owned by Accurate. <p></p> <mark>Benefits <br> - workspace perfectly adapted to your business configuration: <br> - office equipped with 1 workstation <br> - executive office with meeting table <br> - landscaped area with several workstations <br> - high-speed Internet access for your exchanges <br> - courier service <br> - access to all professional spaces and services: photocopiers, printers, scanners, <br> - meeting rooms, coffee area, etc. </mark>

University Institute of the Gulf of Guinea - school image
University Institute of the Gulf of Guinea

This specialty trains senior technicians who, with the help of their capability to study the needs of the society, can analyse (MERISE, UML), design and implement computer applications in various fields. Through GG's courses, students will develop strong communication skills and learn to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team environment. Leadership capabilities will also be explored by collaborating effectively with others, recognizing various leadership styles and examining the consequences of choice. <p></p> Expected Skills <mark> <br> - Design and develop computer applications; <br> - implement and ensure the maintenance of computer programs; <br> - Develop software or systems based on software by following professional standards adequately; <br> - Put in place and customize distributed applications; <br> - Diagnose the main faults affecting the computer system and replace defective parts; plan, monitor and control a computer project. </mark>

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Mankis LLC

Our Office rentals, conference rooms, event spaces, coworking spaces in Yaounde and Douala are available 24/7. Office space has become more and more expensive in the Cameroon and Yaounde , and there are many people who can’t afford it. One solution for this problem is to move into a Mankis coworking office.  <p></p> <mark>Our offices are cheaper than renting an entire office because they have shared workstations and only some private areas where companies that don’t want to share their space can go if they need more privacy.</mark> Another option is renting our conference rooms or our other venues for a few hours on the day that you need them instead of buying an entire conference center all year long.  <p></p> Lastly, Our event spaces like kitchens which provide food service or meeting space are also a great way to find affordable office rental options. <p></p> Amenities <br> - Free Wifi <br> - Fast Internet connection <br> - Equipt with ACs <br> - Very Accessible <br> - White Board <br> - A Standby Generator <br> - Free Coffee <br> - 24/7 Front Desk Assistance <br> - Equipt with desktops <br> - Clean and organised <br> - A Projector

TriConex - school image

TriConex is a small IT startup with a big dream to spread computer literacy in Douala and Cameroon. We offer courses that are geared towards increasing the IT literacy of the younger generation, starting from the very basics of Computer Science, teaching kids how to code with the simplest language and moving on with advanced methods and programming languages.   <p></p> Our Vision is to <mark>equip the young generation with a bright tech future and build up young entrepreneurs who will be experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), Robotics and Data Science etc. </mark> <p></p> After doing research, we discovered communication, leadership, and effective project management skills are crucial factors that IT recruiters look for. Our students and employees needed to be taught self-management and adaptability skills to work well under any circumstance and grow a sense of ownership with their project. <p></p> Services Offered <p></p> <mark>Tech Startup and Software Training<br> Enroll in our software training program to equip yourself with excellent IT skills, build projects and gain a sense of the job market. We offer intensive training and hands-on experience to hone both your critical thinking and creativity skills. <p></p> Exposure to JavaScript and Python will allow you to focus on your back-end development and a chance to look at actual projects to get an understanding of market requirements. We offer training based on your skill level, therefore everyone gets the most out of their experience with us.</mark> <p></p> Our tech startup program will teach you the basics of how to create your own IT business, how to get clients and build your firm from scratch. Don’t miss out on this amazing learning opportunity and enroll now! <p></p>Coding for Kids<br> Do your children have a passion for learning? Do they often struggle with math? We’ve got you covered! Sign them up with TriConeX and get their coding journey started! <p></p> Our coding camp aims to instill a passion for programming and mathematical skills in children. We have children from ages 7-17 from all kinds of backgrounds. Teaching them the fantastic world of AI and game development allows them to become better at problem-solving and increases their computer literacy. <p></p> Coding and math work hand-in-hand. Our aim is to produce the next generation of coders from Cameroon. There’s live coding, website development, math, programming, and so much more! Sign your child up now! <p></p>Co-working Spaces<br> TriConeX aims to offer a friendly co-working space to foster a sense of community in its team. Working across from your fellow employee not only makes you approachable to your colleague but also allows you to be surrounded by people that can help you grow. <p></p> friendly co-working space to foster a sense of community in its team. Working across from your fellow employee not only makes you approachable to your colleague but also allows you to be surrounded by people that can help you grow. <p></p> Learning from other people and their experiences creates the stepping stones for our growth. Our team has also noticed a boost in productivity from our co-working environments as compared to an individual focus. This also gives our employees and members a chance to connect with each other and build a larger space with good quality utilities. <p></p> Learning from your peers and connecting with a diverse group of people on a personal level helps you understand what you’re lacking and what you need to grow.

Smartwork - school image

No matter what side of town you are, smartwork coworking is near you. We are 15 min by cab from bonamoussadi, kotto and logpom. 10 min from Deido, akwa and bonapriso. Come work and meet cool guys. Collaborate, network, have fun and make history. <p></p> Office spaces for every size and needs. <br> We are flexible and can accommodate our members' you need more space? special set-up? Just let us know. <p></p> <mark>Consultant <br> Large private office with individual toilet, storage cabinets etc. <p></p> Start Up / SME <br> Available in open space or as a private office. 4 to 6 seats <p></p> Workstation <br>Shared tables, dedicated tables and workstations available. </mark> <p></p> Just work, we handle everything <br> - Fast & unlimited WIFI <br> - Unlimited water, coffee and tea <br> - Backup Electricity and Water Supply <br> - Kitchenette with microwave <br> - Secretary and reception seats <br> - print, photocopy and scan <br> - Happy hour <br> - Air-conditioned offices

Genius Challenge Hackathon - school image
Genius Challenge Hackathon

We all have ideas that pop into our minds and might have the business potential, but at the end of the day do not materialize. The first step is always the hardest and this is why we are here- to push you and guide you towards that first clickable prototype.  <p></p> If you have a novel idea that solves a problem under the sectors of FINTECH, EDUTECH, HEALTHTECH or CYBERSECURITY – now is the time to share it with others! <p></p> A team of experienced mentors will be there to guide you through the process of getting from an idea to a prototype in 48 hours. Tech and design mentors to help you to build the minimum viable product and business mentors who will show you how to validate the idea and sell it. <p></p> Categories <mark> <br> - Cyber-Security <br> - Edutech (Educational Technology) <br> - Fintech (Financial Technology) <br> - Healthtech (Health Technology) </mark> <p></p> We want to grow a strong community of developers, designers, entrepreneurs, startuppers and innovators with all of our events. Join us now! <p></p> For the hackathon, we are welcoming all young people – regardless of age, gender or nationality. If you have the spark inside and passion to make the world better, please join us for the Genius Challenge hackathon!

MBCODE - school image

We are MBCODE, a social and solidarity company that offers to learn digital professions in Cameroon for free. A great opportunity is offered to all young Cameroonians wishing to learn web programming, software and digital marketing. Whatever your level, you can become an expert at the end of the training offered by MBCODE. <p></p> Our Method <br> The MBCODE learning method is an active and project-based pedagogy where the learner is confronted with concrete situations through individual and group projects. The projects submitted to the learners meet the aspirations of national and international companies. <p></p> Our objective <br> Our goal is to enable today's talents to become the best developers of tomorrow and thus facilitate their socio-professional integration. <p></p> DEALING WITH YOUTH IMMIGRATION <br> Young people constitute more than half of the Cameroonian population. This youth of working age encounters enormous difficulties in finding a job. More than 70% of young people of working age are unemployed. This situation is one of the reasons for their immigration to the West in search of "a better life" , often at the risk of their lives. <p></p OUR TRAININGS<br> Mbcode, The Ideal Framework For Training… An airy room, a high-speed internet connection, spaces for workshops and seminars, qualified and competent trainers <p></p <mark>Full stack web developer<br> This training extends over 7 months and gives the right to a certification in web coding</mark> <p></p Javascript, HTML & CSS<br> Our Javascript training is intended for front-end and mobile developers <p></p Python Developers<br> This training is intended for those who want to operate in the field of AI and data science</mark> <p></p Digital Marketing<br> Knowing how to create software is good! Knowing how to sell them is even better. This training consists of giving… <p></p UX & UI Design<br> It is not enough for software to have sophisticated functionalities for it to be successful with users. one of the key elements of success is its ease of use (User Experience) <p></p Intro to Coding<br> This training is for toddlers. It comes in the form of an introduction to the world of programming in a fun way. this is the discovery of coding <p></p Database Design<br> Learn how to design and model your programs and software with our database training modules <p></p Ecommerce<br> This training is mainly based on the creation of online stores and sales platforms

KmerTech - school image

KmerTech is the Cameroonian network of support structures for innovative entrepreneurship and startups with the mission of promoting and enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem for a solid economy. <mark>It constitutes itself as the Cameroonian network of support structures for innovative entrepreneurship.</mark> Prepares the ecosystem for a better influence of innovative entrepreneurship in order to boost the digital economy.

African Women In Tech StartUp - school image
African Women In Tech StartUp

Female tech hub to boost entrepreneurship and promote access to technology opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa for women, youth and community project. <p></p>A non-profit initiative born in 2016, which is a Tech Hub whose goal is to prepare women to face the empowerment opportunities offered by technology through entrepreneurship, but also to support women entrepreneurs in the use of digital as a lever for growth regardless of their sector of activity. <p></p> Goals <p></p> <mark>Empowerment <br> Digital skills trainings for women and girls <p></p>Collaboration <br> Advice and expertise for gender-related programs <p></p>Community <br> Women's Professional Network <p></p>TechHub <br> Technology hub for women and girls </mark>

BBIncubator - school image

The Boris Bison Incubator programme will coach, train and mentor young entrepreneurs every 3 months, that will expose them to how the corporate environment works, with good corporate governance, project management, while learning best business practices. The programme will help participants develop a business plan, understand business policies that create successful enterprise. The programme will train participants on how to use the internet to grow their business with proper commercial correspondence and communication skills, using modern payment gateways for faster business transaction, and how to get loans to facilitate their business. <p></p> <mark>Ideation <br> - Ideation workshops, Masterclasses, Co-working spaces, Newsletters, Events/Networking, Ecosystem Access <p></p> Build and Grow <br> - Tech-enablement, Workshops on a variety of topics or to accelerate business growth, Online learning, Mentorship <p></p> Grow and Scale <br> - Mentorship, Preparation for funding, access to specialised skills </mark>

The Ucac-Icam Institute - school image
The Ucac-Icam Institute

Scientific and technical branch of the Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC). Created in 2002 in Pointe Noire (Congo) for the 1st cycle; and in 2004 (Douala) for the 2nd cycle. Courses: General Engineers by work-study program, Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Development, Professional Bachelor's degree in Petroleum, Master's in Process Engineering and Sustainable Development (new) and Manager of Information Systems (Computer Engineer). <p></p> The IT department of the Ucac-Icam Institute is made for you. <p></p> Why? <br> - Pedagogy is completely innovative in Cameroon. You will be placed in real business situations in order to develop the skills you will need in your professional life; <br> - Based on the PBL learning method (problem based learning), you are taught to learn and acquire the techniques, methods and professional behaviors of a good computer scientist; <br> - You are accompanied individually to help you define your professional project and progress at your own pace. Personalized follow-up interviews guide you in the development of this project; <mark><br> - The school's equipped laboratory immerses you in a high-tech environment allowing you to progress and prepare for your professional career in the best possible conditions</mark>; <br> - Finally, certifications that will help you improve in your field are included in the cost of training.

PIDERC Specialization Institute (ISP) - school image
PIDERC Specialization Institute (ISP)

The objective of the Professional License in Software Engineering (LPGL) is to train well-equipped professionals in the areas of knowledge of Networks, Multimedia and Distributed Systems. <p></p> Computing has for years become network computing, that is to say that all large-scale systems are network-based. The demand for specialists in Software Engineering is obvious. <p></p> In addition, although its vocation is professional, the LPGL can be part of a longer academic training course, leading to a Masters and then to a Doctorate. <p></p> Opportunities <br> The diploma of the Professional License in <mark>Software Engineering is able to participate in projects relating to the design, installation and operation of corporate networks including the interconnection of public networks. He can also design, produce and operate software adapted to the requirements and problems of companies.</mark> <p></p> In addition to the use of software, registration and distribution can adapt software.

IMIT - school image

The mission of IMIT is to train and certify learners in fields of industry certification and professional body qualifications of international repute and also to offer short course training on pertinent value adding skills that facilitate decent employment for the trainee. <mark>Generally, we train in fields of management, finance, information technology and business software applications.</mark> To fulfill this mission, we work with reputable international professional bodies like the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Association of Business Managers and Administrators (ABMA Education Ltd), the global Cisco Networking academy, Project Management Institute (PMI), just to name some. We administer international exams of these professional and certifying bodies and many other exams under licenses from CIPS, ACCA, ABMA Education Ltd, Nextec (PSI and PAN exams) and Pearson Vue.

BOLO89 - school image

89 is significant for our standard weekday hours of operation – 8am – 9pm (mind you our members get 24/7 access!). As digital nomads, we needed a space we could work out of that catered to our need for non-traditional work hours. We had a hard time finding one in Douala, so we did what any normal thinking person would – opened up our own! <mark>BOLO89 exists to provide high quality, flexible spaces to digital nomads, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and business travelers, allowing our members to grow their companies and exceed their business and professional goals. We provide a unique set of amenities and benefits that support business growth and professional development. </mark>Our vision is to provide upscale, flexible workspaces in every major city in Africa. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup, discover spaces that inspire your most impactful work.

SHARA Coworking - school image
SHARA Coworking

Shara Coworking is a co-working / shared office space located in Bonaberi - Douala, Cameroon. We offer a new spot to build projects and generate connections to startups and lonely entrepreneurs seeking socializing opportunities. <p></p>Our facilities<br> Shared offices & Open Spaces<br> <mark>We offer freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs, visitors and small teams, air-conditioned workspaces equipped with high speed internet and free coffee to give them a comfortable space to make their dreams come through.</mark> <p></p> Private & VIP offices<br> We provide individuals or teams with luxurious private offices and spaces to allow them to work privately or in teams with complete peace of mind. A conference room and training rooms for your events, workshops, and seminars. <p></p> Conference Room<br> Our conference room functions as an events space, teamwork and open space, seminar room and conference room for start-ups and entrepreneurs. <p></p> Training Room The training room is suitable for hosting teams of up to 50 persons for training and workshops. <br>- Free Internet connection and high-speed Wi-Fi through optical fiber <br>- Air-conditioned offices <br>- A conference and training room (50 seats) at disposal <br>- Secretarial services when required <br>- Free coffee and water <br>- Fully equipped kitchen <br>- Free parking <br>- High-end printers and photocopiers <br>- White boards <br>- A UHD 4K 75'' Smart TV screen with the latest technology, <br>- Fully equipped, air-conditioned, and clean luxury offices

Jokkolabs Douala - school image
Jokkolabs Douala

The 1st coworking space in Francophone Africa among 700 world pioneers to undertake and innovate differently: together! <p></p> Jokkolabs is about collaborative innovation, networking and research <p></p> <mark>To innovate, it is essential to have the ability to establish exchanges and collaborations in confidence. Beyond that, innovation arises from diversity: from the crossroads of knowledge, practices, sectors, styles, generations, know-how and interpersonal skills. We promote - through our programs, new combinations to contribute to the emergence of a new society, new ideas and new opportunities that meet the needs of a globalized and interconnected world.</mark> “We cannot solve our problems with the same thought that we used when we created them. A.Einstein <p></p> We are constantly listening to the market and societal needs to encourage entrepreneurs to challenge the "status quo", find new paths... Our approach actively involves people and communities in the search for solutions to invent a world better.

Seven Academy - school image
Seven Academy

Seven Academy is a Silicon Valley blended First-Class IT Training Institute that trains young Cameroonians on highly-paid in-demand IT skills to enable them access high quality jobs worldwide. Located in Cameroon’s largest city Douala, Seven Academy is fast becoming a national <mark>leader in professional Web/Mobile Apps development, Digital Marketing, IT Security, Cloud Computing, Data science training and others.</mark>

Jaba Space - school image
Jaba Space

Jaba Space, which means "sharing space" in language Douala, is the meeting place between entrepreneurs, start-uppers, project and idea holders companies looking for a creative work environment and ready-to-use, <mark>start-up support (incubation) or a boost for the development of their activities.</mark>

WETECH - school image

WETECH - Women in Entrepreneurship and Technology is an organization and an Innovation Hub in Cameroon dedicated to supporting African women in the fields of entrepreneurship and Technology. <p></p> A COWORKING SPACE AND A DYNAMIC NETWORK Active members, ready to mark economic and social change in Africa. <p></p> FORMATION & MENTORING<br> Support and training programs for better education of women and young girls. <p></p> <mark>INCUBATOR & ACCELERATOR<br> Various programs and resources for the development and monitoring of projects.</mark> <p></p> SERVICES & EXPERTISE<br> Promotion of women's know-how and our expertise in fields integrating Information and Communication Technologies. <p></p> OUR SUPPORT PROGRAMS<br> From idea to expansion<br> WETECH Women in Code (WIC)<br> Training in Emerging Technologies and Entrepreneurship. <p></p> WETECH CIRCLES<br> Dedicated to project ideas from women entrepreneurs, women's groups, and girls. <p></p> WETECH Incubation Program<br> Program dedicated to projects that have already validated their contract or prototype. <p></p> WETECH WILE<br> Scaling Readiness Program for Startups and Women-Owned Businesses.