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Mkwawa University College of Education

The Informatics Unit belongs to Faculty of Science and offers courses to undergraduate students pursuing Bachelor of Science with Education where one of the major subjects must be Informatics. <p></p><mark>The courses that we offer include Data Structures and Programming, Operating Systems, Basic Computer Applications, Network Design and Administration, Software Development, Introduction to High-level Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, System Analysis and Designing, and Implementation of Databases.</mark> <p></p> The courses offered by the department cover both theoretical and practical aspects that prepare students to be ICT-teachers as well as experts once graduated. Furthermore, the unit administers a research project for final year students that stands as a measure of student’s competence upon knowledge acquired in the entire period of study. We have enough Lecturers and Assistant Lecturers specialized in various fields that can groom students to be teachers, researchers and leaders.

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University of Iringa

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (IT) curriculum provides students with a broad foundation of technical skills and understanding. <p></p> The program curriculum is highly flexible which allows students to personalize their curriculum to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge needed for their desired career path. <mark>The core curriculum covered in the Information Technology degree program includes theoretical and applied concepts, including computer programming, networking, cybersecurity, web design, data management and analysis and more.</mark> <p></p> In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program, students may also elect to pursue a Concentration in Business with this program as well. This concentration is ideal for students seeking to create technology-enabled solutions to critical business challenges.

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Ruaha Catholic University

The Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FICT) is among the Faculties of Ruaha Catholic University (RUCU), formerly Ruaha University College (RUCO). It was one of the first faculties, established in the academic year 2005/2006, to address the demand for ICT experts in the country through the effective utilization of available human and physical resources to increase the University’s teaching, research and public service in ICT-related disciplines. <p></p> The Vision of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology is in line with the vision of Ruaha Catholic University. <mark>The vision of the Faculty is to be a centre of excellence in ICT programmes by providing modern, relevant and research-based solutions to the countless problems encountered in Computing and Information & Communication Technology areas in Tanzania by 2026.</mark>