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Demand for information technology graduates exceeds supply in most economies – developed and developing. Whether you’re looking to study a wide range of IT modules or specialise in a particular IT niche, the globally relevant and recognised Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences degree offered at IIE MSA can get you there. <p></p> This IIE bachelor of computer science degree is divided into two focus areas based on the interest of the students; 1. The Business Systems focus area, and 2. The Application Development and Networks focus area. The IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences will provide candidates with a thorough theoretical grounding and knowledge base in the key principles of Computer and Information Systems. These are the key disciplines that inform the professional practice of Information Technology (IT). <mark>Graduates will be equipped with the practical skills to apply the theory obtained in the degree in enterprises. The design for the computer science degree has been informed by a demand identified in industry for Information Technology specialists and to graduate solution-focused, logical and creative thinkers geared for both South African and international markets.</mark> This computer science degree will also develop graduates’ abilities to design, implement, and manage innovative, integrated IT solutions, and will nurture an understanding of the role IT plays in the information systems and applications in a business environment. Graduates will be able to engage appropriately with management executives and stakeholders in planning and designing corporate solutions. <p></p> IT professionals are found across organisations and enterprises with the current move to online business, connected offices, cloud computing and global trends in the economy. Only when IT professionals understand the relevant technologies and how they fit together can they design, upgrade or implement effective corporate solutions. The success of organisations is dependent on information and communications technology meeting the needs of the business in ways that align with corporate strategy. <p></p> Computer science studies range from non-technical areas, such as organisational needs, to hardware, software, network and multimedia technologies. <mark>Students also learn the development and management skills needed to create and implement computer-based systems. Further skills include advanced programming, system analysis and design, project management software engineering and information and networks depending on the focus area of interest.</mark> <p></p> Students who continue on to the IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences honours programme will polish their knowledge, preparing them for a more specialised career in the IT industry, further study or research. <p></p> Successful completion of this Information Technology programme leads to an IIE qualification.

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University of the Witwatersrand

The Information Engineering degree focuses on Software Engineering, Telecommunications, and Computer Networking. <p></p>In the first two years, you will focus on enhancing your capabilities in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. At the beginning of the third year, you can choose to continue with the Electrical Engineering degree or register for the Information Engineering degree. <p></p> In the final year, you will study five complementary courses, including Engineering Design, Engineering Laboratory, and Systems Management. <p></p> You will also choose three elective courses, to specialise in either Electrical or Information Engineering. Engineering Design and Engineering Laboratory are project-based subjects in which you are required to submit a report for examination. <p></p> Career Opportunities:<br> <mark>- Computer Engineer<br> - Information Engineer<br> - Software Developer<br> - Software Engineer<br> - Software Project Manager<br> - Software Systems Architect<br> - Network Engineer<br> - Telecommunications Engineer<br> - Information Technology Consultant</mark>