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Kalon Venture Partners

Kalon Venture Partners invests in and builds a portfolio of high growth technology companies, with innovative business models, geared to existing and emerging institutions and their customers. <p></p> Kalon Venture Partners <mark>invests growth capital in the form of equity to be used to assist established, but still high-risk ventures in expanding activity such as creating additional traction in South Africa, launching into Africa and then foreign markets, as well as creating new product / technology lines.</mark> <p></p> Our overriding strategy is to provide growth capital and acquire a minority stake in high growth innovative digital technology companies. We assist these companies with hands on involvement, to help build the businesses into assets of value and exit the business to trade buyers or through an IPO (a buy to flip strategy). <p></p> Kalon Venture Partners will invest most of its capital in <mark>support of African entrepreneurs who are looking for growth capital to scale their businesses, which are disrupting traditional industries, e.g. banking, insurance, retail, media and entertainment.</mark> <p></p> We have a highly experienced team to conduct detailed due diligences of potential investments to help reduce the business risk. The outcome of the DD will be presented to our Investment Committee for a decision. <p></p> These companies will most likely operate initially in South Africa with the intention to scale them to Africa and globally. We target potential returns of a minimum of 5X money (IRR > 30%) on each investment.

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South African Chemical Technology Incubator

The South African Chemical Technology Incubator is a not-for-profit business incubator, under the Small Enterprise Development Agency’s incubation program. <p></p> We are <mark>dedicated to supporting the growth of very early stage technology-based businesses in the South African Chemical sector.</mark> Chemin provides clients with an exceptional entrepreneurial business environment that promotes collaboration, innovation and encourages ingenuity as well the creation of wealth. <p></p> Chemin’s incubation program has assisted many entrepreneurs with developing ideas to profitable businesses. <mark>Our program provides an array of resources and services such as lab space, testing facilities, manufacturing equipment, office space, access to seed finance and collaboration with universities, industrial experts, financing agencies and other government departments.</mark>

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​ WomHub is a boutique incubator and advisory firm supporting innovation along the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing) value chain, proving a holistic offering of business services tailored for female founders. The Incubator and Accelerator supports STEM innovation through providing both hackathons, venture building, virtual and in-person incubator and accelerator support. WomHub’s expertise is with female led innovation and working with female founders, however, it has run equally successful gender agnostic programmes as well. WomHub’s fit-for-purpose Hub in Johannesburg and Cape Town supports female led innovators and provides business support, eventing and co-working space. <p></p> <mark>Looking to accelerate your business and get investment ready? WomHub's Incubator & Accelerator programmes draws on our unique scale-up toolkit from business diagnostics, to venture clinics & investor readiness consulting to support your business. We also focus on the leadership capabilities of the founder to support ​your holistic growth</mark>

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Holberton School Johannesburg

Our full-time, intensive program will first introduce you to the foundations of computer science, then specialize in what drives you. Our collaborative, project-based environment makes every student real-world ready after graduating. <p></p> <mark>Foundations of Computer Science and Front-End Web Development <br> The work of front-end developers is what helps technology be usable to the average person, and companies with the best, most stable, and most usable sites are the most popular on the web. <p></p> Foundations of Computer Science and Back-End Web Development <br> Finding the perfect rental, sharing a photo from the cloud, and keeping data secure while using the web are all driven by back-end web developers.</mark>

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WeWork - South Africa

Whether you’re an established enterprise or a scaling startup, find an office space that's right for you. Get the workspace you need, when and where you need it so you can focus on your business <p></p> Flexible spaces that meet your needs<br> Whether you need a desk for hybrid or remote employees, move-in ready offices for teams of any size, or a new headquarters — we have the solution. <p></p> Workspace when you want it<br> Book by the hour or day, get monthly global access, or settle into an office for as long as you want.  <p></p> Do your best work anywhere<br> Your membership lets you tap into a global network of 700+ prime locations, each filled with business essentials and a friendly community. <p></p> <mark>Find space to focus and collaborate <br> Take a break from working from home with your choice of hot desks, phone booths or comfortable lounges. Meet with coworkers or customers in bookable private offices or conference rooms.</mark> <p></p> One membership, hundreds of locations <br> Get out of the house and enjoy the convenience of working near or far from home with 24/7 access to hundreds of WeWork locations worldwide. <p></p> Your best work is just around the corner <br> Take on the workday and be more productive in spaces that offer high-speed internet, business-class printers, and conferencing A/V tools. <p></p> Our commitment to health and safety We’re prioritizing the health and safety of all members and employees in our spaces so you can continue working with peace of mind.

Black Umbrellas Virtual Incubator - school image
Black Umbrellas Virtual Incubator

The Black Umbrellas Virtual Incubator is an online platform that is designed to offer training, mentoring support and business coaching from anywhere with an internet connection. <mark>No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we’ll help you build a resilient, compliant and sustainable business.</mark>

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HillCross College of Higher Education

The purpose of this qualification is to build a foundational entry into the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, specifically into the field of Systems Development, covering basic knowledge needed for further study in the field of Systems Development at Higher Education Levels. <p></p> A qualifying learner at this level will be a <mark>well-rounded entry-level Computer Systems Developer with a good fundamental knowledge of the Information Technology field, coupled with interpersonal and business skills, preparing for later specialization in Systems Development fields.</mark> <p></p> The qualification is designed to: <br> - Provide learners with an entry level for further study in Information Technology and related fields, as well as for initial employment in the computer industry. <br> - Provide a foundational qualification for people who are pursuing a career in the computer industry, or related fields. <mark>People with this qualification have an introductory level of understanding about computer industry concepts and/or are able to work in areas of Information Technology with little technical complexity, for example entry-level computer programming, as junior project team member.</mark> <br> - Have a flexible structure to allow for changing requirements in the computer industry, and to allow providers to create learning programmes with a predominantly Information Technology component but tailored to meet local, national or international needs. <p></p> Why study with us? <br> We provide high quality academic trainings that will enable you to get qualified in your chosen field; you will also be provided with a solid foundation to help you build your career or business. We’ll help you achieve your ambitions no matter how big they are and at the same time open your mind to possibilities you didn’t even know existed. Our standards are very high yet, we are easily accessible and affordable to everyone irrespective of their socio-economic background.

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TechTribe Accelerator

The TechTribe Accelerator (TTA) leverages a technology based e-learning and virtual mentorship system to support technology driven impact ventures across Africa to become investment ready, access capital and new networks. <p></p> <mark>Holistic entrepreneurship support and development</mark> <p></p>e -Learning <br> Flexible self-paced world class content to fit any founder’s schedule. <p></p>OnDemand Virtual Mentorship <br> Captains of industry available at the click of a button. <p></p>Community <br> A tribe of African innovators supporting and inspiring each other. <p></p>Access Investment <br> Facilitated introductions coming from reliable sources.

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Cube Workspace

Cube Workspace is a South African company providing premium serviced office and co-working space for the <mark>modern professional looking to either start-up a business or expand their footprint.</mark> <p></p> Our "Co-Space" solution comes with the benefits of flexibility and mobility while you work and grow your business. It allows you to fulfill your day-to-day business activities in a shared, productive and secure workspace environment, as well as providing you the added benefit of networking with like-minded people. "Co-Space" empowers you to choose from various custom-made services to suit your business requirements. <p></p> No matter what your office space requirement may be, we have options to fit your business and budget. Our workspaces can be altered to accommodate your needs to create an environment that suits you best.

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Code College

Our Coding Bootcamps are designed to get you on employment - graded coding levels. <p></p> Expert teachers <br> Our founder has 30 years experience in coding and teaching after he did his BSc Hons in Computer Science. He worked locally and abroad. All our trainers follows his example of learning practically. <p></p> Trusted certifications <br> Our competency certificates are well-respected in the industry and many students found work by obtaining these. Many professionals found career advancement after doing one of our short courses. Our Java Bootcamp is aligned with the international ORACLE JAVA OCP Certification. <p></p> Since 1990 in Consulting, Since 2004 in Training <br> We are very well entrenched in the IT Industry. Our founding company, Compuways is in the recruitment and consulting industry since 1990. Our cutting-edge training courses are in shaping careers since 2004. <p></p> Become a first-time software developer with us <br> <mark>Our Coding Bootcamps are designed to prepare you for a job by teaching you the hottest skills in a practical way. How many people can say they have done a course, but how many can say they have done a course and learned to apply their knowledge at the same time.</mark>

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Cities around the world are developing high-tech digital clusters that lead to the advancement of innovation, business and economic growth as well as job creation. Johannesburg is a connecting node to the world with the development of Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct, strategically located in Braamfontein. We form the nexus point where the vibrancy of inner-city life converges with the creativity of youth, the scalability of big business, the academic rigour of Wits University and proximity to other educational institutions. <p></p> With the intention of <mark>creating world-leading African digital entrepreneurs, we actively identify emerging talent to create and grow digital ventures. We are also the place for the business community to develop your digital innovation capacity by investing in relevant enterprise and supplier development, along with creating your digital skills pipeline. </mark> <p></p> We are unwavering in our pursuit to normalise African excellence, solving local challenges and taking action on opportunities with digital solutions. This is made possible by the Pan-African focused programming, international partnerships and a supportive local government – City of Joburg and Gauteng Provincial Government.

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We provide a unique and holistic option for an interesting and dynamic response to the changing nature of work. <p></p> We provide a continuum of space from your home to the office. Our spaces include phone booths, meeting rooms, boardrooms and auditoriums which <mark>allow you to work, meet and collaborate in an optimal environment.</mark> <p></p> Our memberships offer a sanctuary away from home. Work, meet and network in a safe hygienic environment. Whether you occasionally need a space or a dedicated seat, we have a membership to suit your needs.

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JoziHub is a co-creation space in Johannesburg dedicated to creating sustainable change in Africa. <p></p> South Africa has the most developed telecommunications industry on the continent (there are more Sim cards than people). Within the context of this dynamic country, Johannesburg continues to be the engine room of the African economy and the perfect location for an incubator created to kickstart & accelerate innovation in the tech and social spheres. <p></p> <mark>We foster a culture of openness and innovation – providing a space to share ideas, collaborate and explore the opportunities created by the social and technological changes which are transforming our continent.</mark> In addition to providing a stimulating working environment we provide our members with access to a network of innovators and inspirational events and activities. <p></p> Jozihub is here to help and support entrepreneurs that are making an impact on the technological landscape in South Africa. <mark>The Jozihub ecosystem connects technologists, entrepreneurs and designers to bring about social change and innovation.</mark> <p></p> Jozihub is more than a co-working space, it’s an entrepreneurial ecosystem providing a community network, workspace, event space, workshops, mentorship and further benefits to its members.

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Umuzi works with top employers to support young people to access high-value tech and creative careers. Umuzi Academy offers free one-year full-time paid learnerships in coding, data, and design in Johannesburg. The program teaches a variety of skills including JavaScript, Node,js, Python, SQL, and UX/UI design. <p></p> Youth unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing South Africa. Since 2014, we’ve been building an alternative to higher education: a 12-month, paid training programme, that’s demand-driven, project based, Agile, and human-centred. <p></p> Over 80% of the young people who enter our programme secure high-value jobs at top employers. <p></p> Youth Unemployment is a massive problem <br> There are a tremendous number of talented young people not reaching their full potential. In South Africa, millions are unemployed, and locked out of the economy, or under-employed in dead end jobs, vulnerable to automation. <p></p> There are many barriers that prevent these talented young people, particularly those from lower income communities, from accessing high-value careers. The costs of traditional education are prohibitive. Most lack the social capital to access opportunities, and many face a more urgent need to get a low-paying job just to survive. <p></p> Our solution: Umuzi’s holistic user journey <br> <mark>Young people can discover high-value tech and creative careers through our community content platform, Ez’Ntswembu. Anyone interested can start learning immediately through our online learning application process.</mark> The most successful candidates from our online learning are interviewed and assessed in-person. If selected, these young people enter our full-time, paid, on-the-job training programme where they learn human-centred design, Agile, and specialise in a scarce tech and creative skill, including:<br> <br>- Data Science & Data Engineering <br>- Web Development <br>- UX Strategy <br>- UI Design and Copywriting <br> - Multimedia <p></p> Included in the programme is 3 months of work experience at a leading employer. We continue to support our alumni to reach their full potential through Umuzi Plug, our talent recruitment offering.

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Digital Regenesys

Upskill yourself with Digital Regensys online courses for digital-age skills to become future-ready for the dynamic workplace in the disruptive digital age. <p></p> The ongoing digital revolution demands a new breed of professionals to succeed in the new digital world where new technologies have sparked rapid innovation. <p></p> <mark>To give you a competitive advantage, we have developed cutting-edge digital technology programmes in the areas of information technology and management. Our programmes are facilitated by leading experts, entrepreneurs, and academics from top local and international institutions.</mark> <p></p> Get inspired and energised to transform your career with programmes grounded in the realities of the new digital world.

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IIE Monash South Africa

Demand for information technology graduates exceeds supply in most economies – developed and developing. Whether you’re looking to study a wide range of IT modules or specialise in a particular IT niche, the globally relevant and recognised Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences degree offered at IIE MSA can get you there. <p></p> This IIE bachelor of computer science degree is divided into two focus areas based on the interest of the students; 1. The Business Systems focus area, and 2. The Application Development and Networks focus area. The IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences will provide candidates with a thorough theoretical grounding and knowledge base in the key principles of Computer and Information Systems. These are the key disciplines that inform the professional practice of Information Technology (IT). <mark>Graduates will be equipped with the practical skills to apply the theory obtained in the degree in enterprises. The design for the computer science degree has been informed by a demand identified in industry for Information Technology specialists and to graduate solution-focused, logical and creative thinkers geared for both South African and international markets.</mark> This computer science degree will also develop graduates’ abilities to design, implement, and manage innovative, integrated IT solutions, and will nurture an understanding of the role IT plays in the information systems and applications in a business environment. Graduates will be able to engage appropriately with management executives and stakeholders in planning and designing corporate solutions. <p></p> IT professionals are found across organisations and enterprises with the current move to online business, connected offices, cloud computing and global trends in the economy. Only when IT professionals understand the relevant technologies and how they fit together can they design, upgrade or implement effective corporate solutions. The success of organisations is dependent on information and communications technology meeting the needs of the business in ways that align with corporate strategy. <p></p> Computer science studies range from non-technical areas, such as organisational needs, to hardware, software, network and multimedia technologies. <mark>Students also learn the development and management skills needed to create and implement computer-based systems. Further skills include advanced programming, system analysis and design, project management software engineering and information and networks depending on the focus area of interest.</mark> <p></p> Students who continue on to the IIE Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences honours programme will polish their knowledge, preparing them for a more specialised career in the IT industry, further study or research. <p></p> Successful completion of this Information Technology programme leads to an IIE qualification.

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22 On Sloane

22 ON SLOANE is the largest startup campus in Africa. The campus offers disruptive startups and innovative SMEs a complete turnkey solution to scale, from the initial idea all the way to commercialisation, funding opportunities and access to markets. Its aim is to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset, ensure their sustainability, and explore development of new industries and contribute towards job creation in Africa. <p></p> A global and diverse team of experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, scientists, managers, CEOs, and funders support entrepreneurs enrolled at the campus, with product development, services and business models. The experts are active throughout the journey to build their companies and assist with market entry and financing through angel funders and venture capitals. <p></p> INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT <p></p> We offer students, startups and SMEs <mark>individual support and systematic mentorship and coaching in developing new products and services, guidance on building up a successful business when entering the market and in the growth stage.</mark>

University of the Witwatersrand - school image
University of the Witwatersrand

The Information Engineering degree focuses on Software Engineering, Telecommunications, and Computer Networking. <p></p>In the first two years, you will focus on enhancing your capabilities in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. At the beginning of the third year, you can choose to continue with the Electrical Engineering degree or register for the Information Engineering degree. <p></p> In the final year, you will study five complementary courses, including Engineering Design, Engineering Laboratory, and Systems Management. <p></p> You will also choose three elective courses, to specialise in either Electrical or Information Engineering. Engineering Design and Engineering Laboratory are project-based subjects in which you are required to submit a report for examination. <p></p> Career Opportunities:<br> <mark>- Computer Engineer<br> - Information Engineer<br> - Software Developer<br> - Software Engineer<br> - Software Project Manager<br> - Software Systems Architect<br> - Network Engineer<br> - Telecommunications Engineer<br> - Information Technology Consultant</mark>

Founders Factory Africa - school image
Founders Factory Africa

Launched in 2018 and headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, we’re a unique bunch of creative builders, designers, entrepreneurs and mentors, who bring a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to the founders and teams we work with. <p></p> Founders Factory has a heart for Africa. We are proud to be a part of its complex and flourishing fabric, and we are humbled by its history of individual and collective progress. Locally grounded and globally connected, <mark>we’re becoming the go-to innovation partner for startups, investors, governments, and corporates — throughout Africa</mark> and beyond. <p></p> The continent is blazing bright with opportunity. The creativity and agility offered by startups making it possible to reach previously excluded or underserved communities, creating accelerated access to new products and services through technology all while opening up new markets and commercial opportunities. Their ability to move fast, take risks, and truly ‘think outside the box’ benefits everyone — from governments and corporates to investors and end users — and the products, services, and knowledge developed locally are ready to be adapted for international adoption. <p></p> <mark>African entrepreneurs are the engines of growth, and we are here to fuel their momentum, helping them reach their full potential throughout the continent and across the globe.</mark>