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TECHFARM Hub is a Pan-African Enterprenurship, Innovation and Business Development Hub driven by Change Makers who are passionate promoting disruptive knowledge, skills, technologies, and resources to support next generation savvy Entrepreneurs, Agripreneurs, Innovators and Startups to upscale life changing innovative solutions for productivity and profitability. <p></p> <mark>We promote decent work and economic development to end poverty, accelerate technological tools and innovation for productivity in Agri-Tech, Agribusiness and Smart Agriculture across Ghana and Africa. We provide our youth-oriented member-based change makers with essential business development, Eureka Maker Space, SINI Creative Space, Co-working and training space, vibrant events and networking space. </mark> <p></p> Our Vision<br> Building a dynamic market-driven entrepreneurship and innovative tech savvy ecosystem of change makers for productivity and profitability across Ghana and Africa. Our Mission Statement <br>1. To apply innovative programs towards building a strong entrepreneurship eco-system to enable young entrepreneurs, techies and change makers enhance their entrepreneurship and agripreneurship skills, and access relevant information to generate, develop and up-scale innovative solutions for profitability. <br>2. To connect young entrepreneurs, agripreneurs, startups and change makers to seed funding and investment matchmaking resources. <br>3. To become a supportive change makers platform where innovative tech minds can produce solutions and tools useful to promote Agri-Tech, Smart Agriculture and Agribusiness growth in Ghana and Africa. <br>4. To promote and accelerate technology driven life–long learning and digital literacy training opportunities for young change makers and innovators to acquire hands-on skills and satisfy the increasing market demand for techies and tech savvy professionals. <br>5. To partner key ecosystem stakeholders using interactive and vibrant advocacy and professional networking events.

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Koforidua Technical University

The Computer Science Department was established in 2004 with an initial enrollment of 45 students. The department has gradually developed over the years since its establishment with regard to infrastructure and facilities, caliber of lecturers, among others. The development of the department has for these years turn-out many competent graduates in collaboration with industry in the area of Computer Science, Computer Networking Management, Information and Communications Technology and as well as Information Systems at both the HND and BSc levels for both industry and academia. Our tracer study outcomes reveal these products are excelling greatly in their respective fields of endeavors. Also, the Computer Science Department in addition to its core mandate of providing teaching and learning, conducting and publishing of research findings, and supervising students’ research as well, services other departments within and without the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology in the handling of various courses especially in the area of computer literacy and IT related courses. <p></p> Mission <br> The mission of the department is to <mark>provide students with excellent academic and professional training in Computer Science, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity with the view of meeting the skilled manpower needs for development and efficient management of organizations.</mark> <p></p> Vision <br> The department aspires to be a center of excellence to produce, for both private and public sector organizations, <mark>high caliber middle level manpower who have sound practical and technical skills in the areas of Computer programming and related discipline to meet the challenges of Information and Communication Technology related organizations in Ghana and beyond.</mark>

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All Nations University

Computer science is the study of computers and computational systems, both hardware and software. Computer Science is a diverse field that spans several core areas including Artificial Intelligence, Security, Computer systems and Networks, Database Systems, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Vision and Graphics, Numerical Analysis, Programming Languages, and Data Structures and Algorithms. <p></p> MISSION: At ANU, our mission is to <mark> develop students that will incorporate meticulous analysis with inquisitiveness, creative power, and a desire for solving the problems in society.</mark> <p></p>Why Study Computer Science? <p></p> Tomorrow’s problems will require technologies not yet invented. Many of the software and hardware tools that enable these technologies are being developed by our faculty and students. Such innovation requires dedication to learning, in the classroom, in the research laboratory, and throughout one’s professional career. Scientific discovery and technological innovation require mastery of the fundamentals of computing science as well as mastery of practical technical skills. At the Department of Computer Science, <mark> we offer a unique educational opportunity for students to achieve excellence in both through rigorous classes and participation in cutting edge research.</mark> <p></p> Graduates of this program have career opportunities in many industries, including computer systems design, digital systems, systems analysis, software engineering, data communications and information systems and many more.