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The Clicking Generation

The Clicking Generation – ICT Academy for kids and teens is a social enterprise that offers computing and technology curriculum to kids and teens in both urban and rural areas of Botswana. Our curriculum offers <mark>STEM and technology related exploration to underserved learners who are future technology creators of socially relevant ICT solutions. Early child technology education is key if young innovators are going to become global player in the digital economy. </mark> <p></p> Digital literacy is the new currency! <p></p> Mission statement <br> The Clicking Generation intends to deliver the most appropriate computing skills and knowledge of ICT aspects to Batswana using appropriate interactive learning techniques. <p></p> Our Why! <br> <mark>We love what we do and our WHY is simple, we hope to contribute to the economy of Botswana and related national efforts towards the delivery of quality education to all learners. </mark> <p></p> In the spirit of ‘leaving no one behind’ we are contributing to equitable access for ALL, TCG continues to advocate for increased participation for women and girls in ICT and STEM related fields.