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Ambassade by Ideas Cartel

We are a comfortable and friendly co-working space that offers both flexible and fixed office options to suit the ever-growing need for an adaptable work-life in a beautifully designed space. <p></p> <mark>We know that you've been working from home and missing that connection to your team and other people, so we facilitate great work culture throughout our spaces. Whether you want to do your own thing, have a meeting or just get out of the house to get some concentration things done, we have you covered.</mark> <p></p Features <br> - A desk in a beautifully designed space <br> - A comfortable seat <br> - Fast Internet <br> - Boardrooms <br> - 24/7 Access <br> - 24/7 Security <br> - Aircon <br> - Internet and electricity during load-shedding <p></p FACILITIES <br> - Concierge and 24/7 security <br> - M&F change rooms with showers <br> - High speed internet <br> - Dedicated support <br> - Business address <br> - Healthy Café <br> - Charging points <br> - Airconditioning <br> - Fully furnished reception <br> - Golf Simulator <br> - Business WhatsApp <br> - Truth Coffee

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Hello Work

Hello Work is a coworking office space in Stellenbosch focussing on delivering a modern, creative, focus-friendly environment for creative entrepreneurs and startups. <p></p> Don’t spend a fortune setting up your own office and pay unnecessary amounts on overheads each month. We supply you with all the services you need to manage your business. <p></p> Our Services <br> <mark>Hi-Speed WiFi <br> We will make sure you always have fast, reliable internet. <p></p>Always-on Electricity <br> Our building generators will make sure we forget about loadshedding. <p></p>Printing/Scanning <br> You will have access to the communal printer/scanner for your admin needs. <p></p>Dedicated Parking <br> A dedicated parking space for you and your employees. (Unheard of for Stellenbosch, right?) <p></p>Everyone needs coffee! <br> Coffee shops with some of the best coffee in town. <p></p>Boardrooms <br> Different options of meeting rooms according to your needs. <p></p>Flexible options <br> Daily, Weekly and Monthly options available to suit your needs. <p></p>No traffic <br> We are situated in a quiet but vibrant part of Stellenbosch. No hassles getting here! <p></p>Lounge/relax areas <br> Put your feet up and take a break in our comfortable lounge areas. </mark>

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Launch Lab

We are transforming Africa's biggest challenges into its greatest opportunities by serving as a confident, commercial co-builder for world-shaping startups. <p></p> What we build<br> Entrepreneurial Mindset + World-Shaping Startups <p></p>Community<br> We create and foster an entrepreneurial environment in a safe, empathetic manner focused on co-working, events & business support. Our aim is for our community members to learn something new, meet someone interesting and have fun in the process. <p></p> Innovation<br> <mark>We help teach a new problem solving method and the mentality that goes along with it to universities, corporate partners and anyone interested in viewing the world in a new way. This effort is made possible through various bootcamps, pitch competitions, experiential learning workshops and teaching support.</mark> <p></p>Business Building<br> We transform startups from across Africa into high impact, sustainable organisations through standardised content, bespoke support and access to a deep network of mentors, experts and investors. We have two business builder programs: University Startup Lab and Climate Lab. Five day Builder Sprints allow us to work with non-university or climate startups in a focused, high impact manner potentially leading to consulting mandates and brand recognition.

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Stellenbosch University

The purpose of the focus area in Data Engineering is to prepare students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution where the work environment has fundamentally changed and there is a flood of data that needs to be structured, modelled and analysed for data-driven organizations, to discover the underlying knowledge. Data Engineering contains all the tasks required to make data available for analysis, knowledge discovery and decision-making processes. The most important task of a data engineer is to develop and maintain an organization's data pipeline systems and implement algorithms to transform data into a usable format for analysis. The tasks of a data engineer include data collection, data storage, data synchronization, data transformation, data cleaning, data management, and data model development. <p></p> <mark>This requires a considerable set of technical skills, including in-depth knowledge of database design and various programming languages. Data engineers are often responsible for building algorithms to provide easier access to structured and unstructured data, but it requires an understanding of the goals of an organization using large datasets.</mark> Data engineers need excellent communication skills to connect with different stakeholders inside and outside the organization to understand what Big Data business leaders want to earn and also to present their findings in a way the audience can easily understand. <p></P> Throughout the degree, the focus area in Data Engineering is built on the foundations of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Students develop the engineering skills to create mathematical, physical, and statistical models of real systems, including data systems. After obtaining the qualification, Stellenbosch University's Data Engineers can integrate these areas of knowledge to critically analyse complex systems to come up with innovative solutions to problems. This degree is accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa and hence, is recognized through the Washington Accord.