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University of Souk Ahras

At the University of Souk Ahras, we've designed our Computer Science degree to train graduates capable of solving the world’s greatest challenges. When you study to be a computer scientist, you could help fight diseases by discovering biomarkers that allow early diagnosis. Perhaps you’ll develop more sophisticated online learning systems to support access to education. You might improve safety and security by mining the data captured in smart cities. Or develop virtual reality programs to help people recover from post traumatic stress. <p></p> <mark>Why study with us? <br> - Hands-on practical experience: build vital professional networks and hands-on industry experience. <br> - Study courses with world-leading researchers in robotics, cybersecurity and virtual reality. <br> - Customise your degree: choose from one of the three majors - Computer Systems and Robotics, Software Development, or Cyber Security. <br> - Connect with industry leaders through guest lectures and work integrated learning. </mark>

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University of Tizi-Ouzou

Computer systems are a set of hardware and software means, with the purpose of to collect, process, store, transport and present data. In a context where the data is increasingly distributed, heterogeneous and massive, it becomes essential to implement techniques for development guaranteeing the sustainability of these systems. Quite rightly, the objective of this Master is to provide students with the fundamentals theoretical and practical essential to the design, development and validation of systems computers. <p></p> At the end of this training, the <mark>student is supposed to acquire the necessary skills for mastery of the main aspects constituting a computer system project, namely the aspect hardware, software and the human aspect, but also, guarantee a high degree of reliability and safety of the product system.</mark> <p></p> Profiles and business skills targeted:<br> This Master allows students to acquire the skills to: <br> - Realize infrastructures for the systems distributed as well as the design/production distributed and/or embedded applications. <br> - Design and administer databases, see also, implement architectures of data warehouses for large companies. <br> - Analyze and search information in flows of complex data using systems real-time computing. <br> - Design and develop measurement solutions to from smart sensors by integrating the quality constraints to guarantee systems durable computers. <p></p> Thus, this training course gives access to various careers. Future graduates will have the opportunity to enter the world of work as (non-exhaustive list): <br> - Software integrator consultant <br> - Technical architect for computer systems <br> - Database administrator <br> - Specialist in mobile web development <br> - Embedded IT Developer….

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University of Saida

Welcome to the IT department of the Faculty of Technology. Our department provides training that allows you to master all the basics of computer science, namely: programming, systems, computer networks, analysis and design of applications, databases, computer science. embedded and the IOT. <p></p> The LMD Informatique License training provides students with a <mark>general education that allows them easy integration into the professional life of companies or public administrations, it will also allow them to enter the field of innovative start-ups.</mark> <p></p> The Master LMD Informatique training opens up new horizons for students in terms of research and mastery of the various emerging technologies in computer science. <p></p> The IT department offers two training paths:<br> License which is spread over two years after a year of Common Core in Computer Mathematics; <br> - Bachelor's degree in Information Systems (IS) <br> - Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Software Engineering (ISIL) <p></p> Three Master courses spread over two years.<br> <br> - Master in Computer Modeling of Knowledge and Reasoning (MICR) <br> - Master in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (RISR) <br> - Master in Computer Security and Cryptography (SIC) <p></p> In parallel with conventional face-to-face teaching, the teachers of the Computer Science department offer different types of online teaching materials on the university's Moodle platform in order to ensure the continuity of training even in the different conditions that may prevent face-to-face mode.

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University of Laghouat

Our graduates discover that computer science (CS) opens up a world of possibilities. <p></p> Computer scientists enjoy exceptional career opportunities, in settings ranging from large, established companies to adventurous new start-ups. They are also well qualified to pursue graduate study in a number of fields. <p></p> <mark>Our students are creative, analytical problem-solvers. This is a rich, collaborative and varied field that you will find challenging, no matter where your individual interests lie.</mark> <p></p> And there is more to CS than programming. While software engineering is an important skill, computer scientists also work with robots and other physical devices, design hardware that runs faster and more efficiently, and apply machine learning techniques to gain insight from large data sets—to name just a few examples. <p></p> Because CS has become highly interconnected with medicine, business and many other fields, it is a great fit with other interests you may have. You will enjoy a strong career outlook while having an impact on society.

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University of Boumerdes

All CS majors will get hands-on programming experience, learn fundamental software design principles, and the use industry standard tool chains. CS majors have access to a number of research opportunities and apprenticeships through our many industry partners. Our program has diverse course offerings in Artificial Intelligence, Database Administration, Computer Networking, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Game Development, Mobile Applications, Web frameworks, Computer Forensics, Bioinformatics, Computer Graphics, and much more. With this superb training, our graduates are well prepared to enter the tech industry or admission into graduate school. <p></p> Student Outcomes <br> - <mark>Ability to apply mathematical reasoning and logic to formulate solutions to computing problems. <br> - Ability to analyze a problem statement, identify requirements, and implement a solution.</mark> <br> - Ability to communicate effectively and present work coherently to one’s peers. <br> - Ability to assimilate new results, approaches, and paradigms in the computing profession. <br> - Ability to function effectively as a member of a team to collaboratively solve problems. <br> - Appreciation and understanding of ethical, legal, security, and social issues involving computing. <br> - Ability to analyze the impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society. <br> - Ability to apply analysis of algorithms and computer theory in the modeling and design of a system to evaluate the tradeoffs involved in design decisions. <br> - Ability to identify and understand the algorithmic core of a problem statement, reduce the problem to a familiar model, and efficiently design a solution using well-known methods.

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Blida University 1

In this bachelor’s degree program, you’ll take classes that build the necessary software fundamentals in programming, math and systems management to fully understand and manage how computer systems work. You’ll learn programming languages, how to build code, software program development and important cyber security concepts. <p></p> Classes in this software engineering degree will help you build your skills in areas such as: <br> - Calculus for engineers. <br> - Computer and operating system management. <br> - Database management. <br> - Physics and mechanics. <br> - <mark>Programming fundamentals.</mark> <p></p> This degree uses a project-focused curriculum that prioritizes discovery and learning by doing. As a part of this curriculum, you’ll complete software engineering projects during every semester of the program. <mark>These projects will give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge, gain hands-on experience and develop teamwork skills. </mark> <p></p> Career Opportunities <p></p> The knowledge acquired by the holder of the degree will enable him to: <br> - Lead a team of software developers <br> - Follow and apply the company's IT master plan <br> - Animate the continuous training of the company's staff <br> - Design, update quality software <br> - Integrate software taking into account the environment and specificities of the company <br> - Start doctoral studies according to his abilities.

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University of Mostaganem

Covering all fields of knowledge in science and engineering, the Faculty of Exact Sciences and Computer Science is committed to supporting research at the heart of disciplines and to promoting multidisciplinary approaches to meet the major challenges of the 21st century. The Faculty of Exact Sciences and Computer Science is dedicated to enriching and transmitting knowledge within its departments. Comprised of three departments » <mark>Mathematics-Computer Science</mark> | Physics | Chemistry”, the Faculty offers more than 1400 students quality training in the fields of material sciences and mathematics and computer science.

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National Polytechnic School of Algiers

Knowledge is central to modern society. Smart chips help companies keep track of goods and manage supplies and stocks. New, high-tech communication devices, such as mobile phones, navigation instruments and digital cameras, are greatly enhanced by intelligent software and medical and biological engineering help medical doctors arrive quickly at accurate diagnoses. <p></p> <mark>As a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence student, you'll study methods to approach new challenges in these important areas. You’ll generate new knowledge by gathering and ordering valuable information using mathematics and intelligent computer techniques. The knowledge you'll acquire can in turn be used to take decisions or solve problems efficiently.</mark>

Mustapha Stambouli University - school image
Mustapha Stambouli University

The IT department already existed as an institute since 1998 within the University Mascara Center. We then trained the first graduates of applied university studies and the first state engineers in computer science. <p></p> In 2007, it became the IT department attached to the Institute of Science and Technology. <p></p> In 2010, it became a Computer Maths department, attached to the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Mascara. <p></p> In 2016, it became a computer department again, attached to the Faculty of Exact Sciences of the University of Mascara. <p></p> The objective of the department is to <mark>train computer scientists who master the techniques and fundamental concepts in computer science, enabling some students to pursue post-graduate education and others to enter the job market in public or private companies.</mark> <p></p> The IT department offers a Bachelor's degree course and 3 Master's courses: <br> - Bachelor's degree in Information Systems (IS) <br> - Master in Networks and Distributed Systems (RSD) <br> - Master's degree in Computer Systems Engineering (ISI) <br> - Master's degree in Information Systems and Web Technology (SITW)

University of Skikda - school image
University of Skikda

The Information systems and software engineering program introduces concepts upon which information systems are founded and analyzes them as solutions to real-world problems. The curriculum provides students with the <mark>critical skills and knowledge required to direct and control the design, planning and management of information infrastructures in professional settings.</mark> This degree program addresses the workplace need for professionals with information systems management and development expertise.

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University of Jijel

We at the Department of Computer Science strive to offer a competitive curriculum. We are committed to training well-versed, competent computer scientists and software engineers prepared for employment at national, regional, and local levels in technology and information firms. The department's goal is to supply Algeria with qualified software engineers, computer security experts, bioinformaticians, and game developers. To achieve this we provide a <mark>complete and thorough foundation in the fields of computer sciences along with practical applications of those concepts with an emphasis on design patterns and algorithm design, principles in software engineering, an understanding of computer architecture, and a proficiency in high-level programming languages.</mark>

Djillali Liabes University - school image
Djillali Liabes University

The academic offers include 2 bachelor's and 3 master's degrees. The IT sector gives you the opportunity to acquire the practical skills necessary to integrate the world of work as well as fundamental training to apply for doctoral training. <mark>If you are passionate about IT, Computer Security, Computer Networks and Data Science this is the best degree for you.</mark>

Ferhat Abbas Setif University - school image
Ferhat Abbas Setif University

This program will teach you to design, build, and test sophisticated software systems and install them on computer platforms; work with and design software systems involving databases, modeling, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, communication, and information retrieval; and <mark>solve problems by working with programming languages, data structures, and algorithm analysis.</mark> <p></p> Program Highlights <br> - Develop a commitment to professional and ethical computer science standards as well as a devotion to the life-long learning of new trends in computing, information, and technologies <br> - Experience computer science in the work environment through internships and co-ops <br> - Tackle global and societal issues with diverse and exceptional faculty who are passionate about advancing both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of computer science <br> - Receive personal attention through academic and career advisement

Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella University - school image
Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella University

The objective of the department is to train computer scientists who master the techniques and fundamental concepts in computer science, enabling some students to pursue post-graduate education and others to enter the job market in public or private companies. Students who have completed this training will be able to perform, in addition to traditional IT tasks, other responsibilities: <mark><br>- Developer: He transforms and develops the enterprise architecture according to strategic needs and business objectives. <br>- Tester: He executes the test plans in order to guarantee the quality of a computer program and its functionalities. <br>- Integrator: He assists/monitors the implementation and integration of the recommended solutions </mark>

University of Tlemcen - school image
University of Tlemcen

The Computer Science program at Tlemcen strives to allow graduates to achieve at least one of the following program educational objectives: <br> - Become successful practicing professionals and attain leadership positions in the computing industry; <br> - Pursue graduate studies and attain a graduate degree in computing or related fields at reputable universities. <br> - <mark>Become innovators or entrepreneurs in a rapidly evolving computing field by practicing professionally in multi-disciplinary environments.</mark>