SatoshiCentre - school image

It is a lab for learning new developments in the bitcoin space, including both second layer technology. <p></p> Mission <p></p> To mentor and train potential businesses and members of the fintech and blockchain community <p></p> To build an African blockchain hub that will incubate fintech and blockchain-based startups <p></p> To connect fintech and blockchain startups to investors with the aim of securing funding <p></p> To provide start-ups with access to funding in a stable environment where all stakeholders concerns are fulfilled <p></p> To provide online live pitch competitions where startups will be given an opportunity to pitch their ideas to onlive live investors <p></p> To select startups to be given an opportunity of being incubated at the SatoshiCentre Lab <p></p> To encourage collaboration between individuals, groups and startups in the fintech and blockchain industries <p></p> To explore fintech and blockchain use cases by actively identifying and developing selected business models for public use