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Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center

Do you have a project or a creative idea? Do you plan to develop a new innovative and wealth-creating activity? Do you want to start your own business and be your own boss? The Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center is a structure dedicated to entrepreneurs as well as project leaders wishing to create their own business. Supported by the Ministry of Economy and Finance responsible for industry, the scheme <mark>aims to support and accelerate business growth in Djibouti.</mark> <p></p> How it works<br> Accompaniement<br> Accompaniment by our team as well as by external experts who put their knowledge at the service of the center. <p></p> Training<br> <mark>Young entrepreneurs will have access to the various training courses offered and will benefit from the network of trainers.</mark> <p></p> Environment<br> Several spaces will be dedicated to project leaders, in particular the co-working space adapted to their needs. <p></p> Our services<br> Training<br> The CLE center (Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center) in Djibouti offers an opportunity for young Djiboutians to follow quality training on entrepreneurship. <p></p> FabLab Studio<br> Manufacturing space for entrepreneurs to take their projects from idea stage to working prototype and low-volume manufacturing. <p></p> Incubator<br> <mark>Our incubator is aimed at entrepreneurs and project leaders wishing to create their business. A team will accompany you in the realization of your project.</mark> <p></p> Co-working space<br> A free access space that will allow young entrepreneurs to have access to non-isolated premises in order to fully experience the world of start-ups. <p></p> Business Park<br> We also provide them with workstations, conference rooms and technical equipment dedicated to their activities. <p></p> Resource Center<br> Entrepreneurs will also have access to the resource center which offers specialized documentation on a number of subjects. The goal is to complete our catalog with training and support proposals.