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The Faculty of Sciences of the UD also continues through the implementation of professional internships and educational outings in the field and in the laboratory to better train and better equip its students in accordance with the major challenges of higher education. The objective being that its students are operational de facto to exercise a body of trade after obtaining the diploma of License or that they can possibly continue their studies in Master. <p></p> Finally, the Faculty of Sciences aims at the FS is, thanks to the human resources in lecturers in sufficient number, to move to a higher stage by investing enormously in research. A research carried out at the regional or even international level and capable of contributing to the country's development, by offering teacher-researchers high-performance equipment, excellent daily exercise conditions and a very attractive work environment. However, the first step in this direction is the creation of masters which make it possible to link the world of education to that of scientific research. <p></p> The licenses granted at the FS also make it possible to acquire general, theoretical and practical knowledge in all the fields of exact sciences and life sciences. These licenses offer in this sense several courses ranging from biology-biochemistry, geology, environmental sciences, mathematics and <mark>computer science.</mark>