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Avery Scott

Our mission is to give budding Ghana-based entrepreneurs the necessary leverage in elevating their businesses to a professional standard equitable to those of advanced countries. As a measure of economic growth via the GDP Growth Rate proxy, several studies have shown that advances in economic growth in the developed world as well as that of transition economies are primarily entrepreneurship driven (Acs and Audretsch, 1990; Carlsson, 1992; Audrestch and Thurik, 2000; Carree et al, 2002; Audretsch et al, 2007; Thurik, 2009; Audretsch and Thurik, 2010; Acs et al, 2012; Sarkodee, 2013). <p></p> The Issue<br> Again studies show that poor ICT penetration and unfavorable financial markets are some of the factors that stifle opportunity seeking entrepreneurs in developing countries such as Ghana. In Ghana where leasehold demands are stringent with landlords asking for 2-year advance payment coupled with unrealistic interest rates on loans from financial institutions, entrepreneurs run into financial constraints before their ventures get off the ground. <p></p> The Solution<br> <mark>In giving entrepreneurs the necessary tools; a professional environment, access to knowledge via reliable internet connectivity, a fully fitted and functional work space, conference room equipped with video conferencing, projector, etc, we do not only give budding entrepreneurs the stepping stone to elevate their businesses, we also encourage the knowledge spillover process which sparks further innovation via interaction.</mark> <p></p> Vision<br> The vision is to be the market leader in facilitating multiple serviced offices across Ghana in efforts to churn out growth-driven entrepreneurs who will in effect contribute toward Ghana’s economic growth through their activities in employment creation, spending, savings and investment.

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Horizons Offices

Horizons Offices is a fully furnished serviced office provider based in Accra, Ghana with a presence in Kenya and Nigeria. We provide a world class working space, home to African’s businesses within prime locations in the continent’s business hubs. We are a business partner committed to supporting and growing your business. <p></p> At Horizons Offices, you have found a "Home in Africa". We have created workspaces that offer you the comforts of home. <p></p> <mark>A place where you can focus on your business and your business will be nurtured through your efforts and the care of the Horizons team. We understand what it takes to grow a business in Africa.</mark> We have been operating here for the past 10 years and we understand the ups and downs of doing business in Africa. <p></p> We are in it together, so you will never have to do it all alone. It is our home and we have the networks that can support your business growth and success. We are excited about the opportunities for growth within the continent and as we’ve seen our network of offices grow, we believe that you too can succeed within our business home.

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Community Spaces

When you become a member of ComUnity_Spaces, you get access to much more than just a desk or office. We take care of all the small details so that you can spend all your time focusing on the things that matter. <p></p> Our Integrated Facility Management ensures our spaces are "Plug and Play", you only have to walk in and you are covered on every amenity and utility required for a productive day. <p></p> 24/7 BUILDING ACCESS <br> At ComUnity_Spaces, we believe in giving our members the freedom to work worry-free and at their convenience. Our access control and security systems allow you that flexibility. Please let us know if there’s something else you need, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests. <p></p>HIGH-SPEED INTERNET <br> <mark>As a growing Coworking Space, we pride ourselves on creating a work environment that is hassle-free and fosters success. That’s why we provide High-Speed Internet for all members. Allow your business to experience uninterrupted connection.</mark> <p></p>CAFETERIA <br> Continue your business discussion over a sip and a bite in our cafeteria or hangout there for the superb networking opportunities. Our well stocked bar would satisfy your cravings, otherwise you could make an order from the many partner restaurants and malls in the enclave.

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We know Accra is full of talented and visionary people and we've set up Kukun to provide an inspiring space where this community of like-minded entrepreneurs and small businesses can work, meet, collaborate and socialise. Whether you're an innovative architectural practice, budding media agency, app developer or freelance journalist we hope you can call Kukun home. <p></p> Our renovated space comprises of office spaces and a cafe and bar and large outdoor garden. <p></p> Offices on the upper 2 floors of this building have been renovated in simple industrial style and are available for daily, weekly or monthly rental. <p></p> <mark>Workspace packages have been tailored to help establish and nurture emerging creative, companies grow their businesses. Whilst more established companies will be able to operate effectively with guaranteed costs and reliable internet within a stimulating and dynamic environment. </mark> <p></p> The cafe and bar on the ground floor is open to the public. With a large outdoor garden and air-conditioned inside space we hope you enjoy this space as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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Regus - Accra

Set in a five-star hotel in the central business district, Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel makes an inspiring home for ambitious businesses. <mark> Impress guests as they pass the palm-lined walkway, gushing fountains and the grand columned entrance, and work in comfort and style from bright and airy spaces.</mark> <p></p> Travel to major organisations, with the Accra Financial Centre, World Trade Centre, International Conference Centre and government ministries all close by. And unwind after work in the onsite fitness centre and Accra’s largest outdoor swimming pool.

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AfricaWorks Accra

Our mission is to unlock Africa’s business potential by providing high-quality office solutions and in turn creating vibrant and successful business communities across the continent. <p></p> AfricaWorks Accra drives a business culture of networking, creativity, and innovation in Accra’s fast-growing and robust economy. <mark> AfricaWorks Studio was tapped for the design, fit-out and project management for AfricaWorks Accra co-working space.</mark>

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Ijula is a direct reflection of Wyetey Group workforce and its process, it a colossal combination of a launchHouse, creativity playground and serious business. Imagine your packages delivered. Your caffeine fix arrives on your favorite productive corner, as you like it. Your schedules integrated; your data uncluttered. You get a roof to achieve; you can find your zone to slay. A seamless integration between online and offline space, digital yet real, that provides efficiency to the undulating process and reveal infinite possibilities: The possibility of you getting connected with your work and your world, anywhere, anytime. <p></p> <mark>It is more than just a place to work, it is a place for people to engage and learn from one another while developing their businesses, dreams and hopes.</mark>

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The Haus

The Haus is a membership-based coworking space that provides freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers with affordable and well-equipped work space, a vibrant networking community, and resources to grow their businesses. <p></p> A <mark>people-centric workspace that caters to the needs of driven and aspirational individuals in a personal manner, enabling them to feel inspired and productive.</mark> <p></p> Our Amenities <p></p> Comfort <br> Indoor and outdoor seating, air-conditioning etc. <p></p>Food & Drinks <br> Our in-house cafe is a true hidden jewel <p></p>High Speed Internet <br> <mark>Super fast internet with 2 backup providers</mark> <p></p>Conference Room <br> Host meetings in our spacious conference room <p></p>Prime Location <br> Walking distance from A&C Mall, the first mall in Ghana <p></p>Flexible Packages <br> From half-day passes to full-time members to virtual office <p></p>Events & Community <br> <mark>Courses, incubators, seminars, and networking events</mark> <p></p> Co-Living <br> We have a rooms for rental and a rooftop above our offices

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BaseCamp Initiative

Our vision at BaseCamp Initiative is governed by the fact that a simple idea, can change the future when nurtured in the right environment with the right resources. In fact, what started as a Collective Design Studio, under the stewardship of Sunita Kragbe, is now known as Accra's first Creative Hub. <mark>Nurturing the pulse and rhythm of young professionals, BaseCamp Initiative has been paving the way to progressive business culture through creative empowerment.</mark> <p></p> After 3 years of supporting professionals with work and leisure facilities through the medium of Coworking, BaseCamp Initiative has upgraded its ecosystem by merging with L'Atelier to create a new heaven. The agenda to connect people from different walks of life under one roof and facilitate the birth of creative thinking communities remains! <p></p> We've created <mark>a heaven like no other for remote workers, freelancer, entrepreneurs,</mark> art connoisseurs, event planners and we like to call it Accra's best kept secret.