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Maryam Abacha American University Of Niger

With growing market demand, software engineering is one of Nigers' newest engineering disciplines; however, there are few software engineering programs in Niger. At Maryam Abacha American University Of Niger, our Software Engineering program focuses on the design of computer software and is exposed to software design for embedded systems, enterprise and mobile systems, distributed systems, real-time control systems, multi-media, and man-machine interfaces. Courses including software design, user interface, advanced networks, and design and analysis of algorithms <mark>prepare graduates for successful careers in the software engineering field.</mark>

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The Islamic University of Niger

We are committed to delivering high quality taught programmes that prepare students to compete in a global marketplace for computing expertise. We believe that the best way to prepare students for the rapidly changing world of computing is to give them the skills and knowledge that enables them to readily adapt to those changes. <p></p> The aims and objectives of this revised programme are to: <mark><br> - Expose candidates to cutting edge developments in computing technology and contemporary computing research. <br> - Meet industry research and development needs, as well as the needs of candidates seeking to pursue further academic research. <br> - Provide a programme that meets local and regional needs, while meeting or surpassing the standards of top international programmes. <br> - Offer a programme that will attract increased interest, by introducing specializations and courses that address current and future needs of the industry. <br> - Establish a framework and programme structure that will flexibly facilitate evolution of the programme without compromising any of the programme objectives. <br> - Strengthen the core of the programme by defining a core that can support a broad set of specializations in Computer Science. <br> - Introduce a framework that allows candidates who have completed their degrees at various times in the past, who may not have completed the current requirements of an undergraduate degree in <br> - Computer Science, to be brought to the same level of competence before pursuing advanced courses in Computer Science.</mark>