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Business Offices Lome

Our workspaces allow you to work where you need to, in a productive business environment. Create a workspace that fits your business, today and tomorrow, and grow within our professional community. <p></p> <mark>Fully equipped, our private offices provide an inspiring environment and help ensure that your team, whatever its size, can concentrate, collaborate and perform at their best.</mark> <p></p> Benefits: <br> - high-speed Internet <br> - Meeting facilities <br> - Secretariat <br> - Private phone booth <br> - Friendly staff <br> - Terrace lounge bar <br> - modern kitchen <br> - Video conference

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Djanta Tech Hub

The technology campus designed to promote and enhance entrepreneurship, creativity and economic development through digital, technology, innovation and research. <p></p> Do you have a startup? Check it out with Djanta Tech Hub! <p></p> <mark>The Djanta Tech Hub technological campus, initiated by the Togolese government in collaboration with private partners, is designed to promote and value entrepreneurship, creativity and economic development through digital. technology, innovation and research.</mark> <p></p> As part of its approach to accompanying technology entrepreneurship and supporting innovation, Djanta Tech Hub is starting a process to identify startups in order to: <br> - Inviting you to become a member of Djanta Tech Hub and benefit from the various opportunities offered: Incubation, participation in events, getting in touch with potential partners, sharing useful and practical information to grow your business, etc. <br> - To establish statistics on the state of startups in Togo.

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Minodoo community are a gathering of dynamic young people around the values ​​of collaborative work, knowledge sharing, and citizen engagement through ICTs, but also youth entrepreneurship. In fact, it is a social innovation factory and a space for the appropriation of the computer tool. Within the Minodoo community, we advocate a horizontal and transparent way of working, while involving citizens in solving their daily problems. <mark>Minodoo’s primary asset is its multidisciplinary team. Coming from various backgrounds far from technology, they are all self-taught geeks and passionate about what they’re doing.</mark>

WoeLab - school image

Open to all, the WoeLab, with its 1300m² of space, is an network of social incubators based in Lomé, Togo, where new approaches of productive collaboration and inclusive entrepreneurship in an African context. <p></p> <mark>WoeLab aims to welcome and accompany young people and unpack their potential by introducing them to the startup culture.</mark> <p></p> It includes various programs and startup initiatives within a radius of 1 km around WoeLab, addressing different urban issues; waste management (SCoPE), food and energy resources (Urbanattic), digital currency (Sys’Woe), etc. All of the projects are managed and owned collectively, making it possible to foreshadow pioneering digital collectivism in the critique of digital capitalism

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IOKA Works

Whether you are a large, established company or a growing start-up, you can no longer no longer have to choose between flexibility, prestigious and optimal management of your workspace. Choose for IOKA Works. <p></p> <mark>IOKA Works is on a mission to develop modern and inspiring work environments for organizations of all sizes. A Single Point of Contact for Business Development. IOKA Works is a Great place to work.</mark>

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Tempo Coworking

Tempo Coworking is a collaborative space intended to accommodate all types of professionals in a functional, comfortable and friendly environment in a spirit of professionalism and benevolence. For a few hours or a few months, work at your own pace by opting for the formula of your choice and organize your team meetings, workshops, launches, press conferences or training in our fully equipped spaces offering optimal comfort. <p></p> Our mission <br> <mark>Offer inspiring professional spaces and services offering an innovative approach to work and modes of collaboration mainly focused on the sharing of experiences and personal achievement.</mark> <p></p>Our vision <br> Foster the creation of a creative and trusting environment to generate synergies between members of the Tempo community.

La Bulle - Coworking Space - school image
La Bulle - Coworking Space

La Bulle Coworking Space is a workspace designed for anyone wishing to work in a pleasant and friendly environment far from isolation. <p></p> Need to have a co-worker meeting outside of your work environment? The Co-working Space Bubble provides its boardroom for your meetings. <p></p> <mark>Would you like to house your company or start-up at La Bulle Co-Working Space? Locating your business with us: <br> - we receive and store your packages* <br> - you will use our address as the address of your company's head office. <br> - you will get access to the boardroom at preferential rates.</mark> <p></p> You don't need your computer to work at La Bulle Co-Working Space. Our living space has computer hardware for your needs. From 50,000 francs a month, access it and benefit: <br> - of an hour/week in the boardroom, <br> - High speed Internet access <br> - from the reprogram credit <br> - Refreshing.

L'Atelier Coworking - school image
L'Atelier Coworking

The workshop is a modern coworking space offering an inspiring work environment and fully equipped with amenities and tools to help you be more productive. <p></p> If you are passing by #Lateliercoworking, you will no doubt notice the beautiful canvases that dress our walls! <p></p> They are the work of the very talented Togolese painter thierry tomety We wish you a pleasant weekend with some of them <p></p> Do not hesitate to ask for the price catalogue at reception when your next visit to us because yes, they are indeed on sale! <p></p> <mark>This is also the Workshop! A showcase for all.</mark>

Univeristy of Lome - school image
Univeristy of Lome

The Science and Technology (ST) field offers training in scientific disciplines both in their fundamental aspect (Mathematics, Biology, Geology, etc.) and in their technological and professional applications (Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Electrical, Mechanics, etc.) <mark>These trainings play an important role in the development that cannot be done without expertise in these sectors.</mark> <p></p> The software engineering concentration of the BS program in computer science is appropriate for computer science students seeking careers as software engineers. Students learn advanced processes, methodologies and tools for developing and testing large and small software applications in emerging areas such as: <br> - databases <br> - enterprise systems <br> - interoperable systems <br> - mobile computing <br> - service-orientated computing <p></p> They also learn cybersecurity concepts and techniques and principles of human-computer interaction and methods for developing these applications. The curriculum <mark>prepares students to assume leadership roles in software development organizations and to practice professional standards and emerging software technology to the software engineering life-cycle activities.</mark>

Catholic University of West Africa - school image
Catholic University of West Africa

ISTIN contributes to better support for students towards more specialized and job-creating training. Digital technology is at the heart of technological innovations today and is helping to profoundly transform our lifestyles tomorrow. All business sectors have a growing need for digital skills. The considerable evolution of technologies contributes to significant progress in many areas with high stakes for the future such as health, the environment, transport, etc. <mark>ISTIN wants to contribute to placing student training at the crossroads of technologies, their fields of application and societal challenges.</mark> Such a choice now offers good job prospects and can represent a significant advantage. <p></p> Professional license day course <br>- Application development <br>- Computer networks and telecommunications <br>- Mathematics and computer science <br>- Engineering course <br>- Big Data <br>- Cybersecurity

University of Kara - school image
University of Kara

The need for people with a computer science background is very high and continues to grow. Virtually every organization relies heavily on computers. Computer scientists write programs, develop algorithms and design software. The field of computational mathematics <mark>combines knowledge of computer science with that of mathematics and is in great demand throughout the world.</mark>