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Univeristy of Lome

The Science and Technology (ST) field offers training in scientific disciplines both in their fundamental aspect (Mathematics, Biology, Geology, etc.) and in their technological and professional applications (Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Electrical, Mechanics, etc.) <mark>These trainings play an important role in the development that cannot be done without expertise in these sectors.</mark> <p></p> The software engineering concentration of the BS program in computer science is appropriate for computer science students seeking careers as software engineers. Students learn advanced processes, methodologies and tools for developing and testing large and small software applications in emerging areas such as: <br> - databases <br> - enterprise systems <br> - interoperable systems <br> - mobile computing <br> - service-orientated computing <p></p> They also learn cybersecurity concepts and techniques and principles of human-computer interaction and methods for developing these applications. The curriculum <mark>prepares students to assume leadership roles in software development organizations and to practice professional standards and emerging software technology to the software engineering life-cycle activities.</mark>

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Catholic University of West Africa

ISTIN contributes to better support for students towards more specialized and job-creating training. Digital technology is at the heart of technological innovations today and is helping to profoundly transform our lifestyles tomorrow. All business sectors have a growing need for digital skills. The considerable evolution of technologies contributes to significant progress in many areas with high stakes for the future such as health, the environment, transport, etc. <mark>ISTIN wants to contribute to placing student training at the crossroads of technologies, their fields of application and societal challenges.</mark> Such a choice now offers good job prospects and can represent a significant advantage. <p></p> Professional license day course <br>- Application development <br>- Computer networks and telecommunications <br>- Mathematics and computer science <br>- Engineering course <br>- Big Data <br>- Cybersecurity

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University of Kara

The need for people with a computer science background is very high and continues to grow. Virtually every organization relies heavily on computers. Computer scientists write programs, develop algorithms and design software. The field of computational mathematics <mark>combines knowledge of computer science with that of mathematics and is in great demand throughout the world.</mark>