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The LOBBY is the new Business Center ideally located in the consular district of Ouaga 2000, providing its customers with a modern and friendly work and relaxation area. Our The LOBBY Business Center has a <mark>co-working office space, a large training room and two private meeting rooms.</mark> Our relaxation and catering area is on the terrace in the heart of a green garden at the edge of a beautiful swimming pool for small or large breaks in the fresh air.

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Contact Buro

For short or long periods, we provide a private workspace equipped with the necessary furniture, wifi connection, air conditioning. Contact Buro has been in the landscape for over 20 years and has been recognized as the best copy services down in Ouagadougou. It has developed now into a <mark>co-working space, fully functional with the highest internet speed available.</mark> With a dedicated and skilled team entirely dedicated to make your work easier, we welcome you to come and give it try?

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The Office Ouagadougou

A solution in the heart of Ouagadougou for your shared or temporary workspace needs. The Office provides you with fully equipped offices for flexible rentals, with hourly, daily and monthly packages. Our private offices and our design coworking space offer you a pleasant and operational working environment equipped with the following services: <br> - Emergency electricity <br> - High speed wifi connection <br> - Air conditioner <br> - Meeting room <br> - Prints, scans, photocopies <br> - Receptionist and courier services <br> - Relaxation area and lush garden <br> - Coffee and tea service <p></p> OUR PROPOSAL <p></p> WHY WORK AT THE OFFICE? <p></p> You are an international structure setting up in Ouagadougou <br> <mark>The Office allows you to focus on your core business during the first months of your installation. You won't need to rush into finding premises, hiring security and cleaning staff, buying furniture and equipment, subscribing to internet services, electricity, …. Grab a desk or two and start working right away!</mark> <p></p> You are a small structure looking for economical solutions without compromising the quality of your working environment<br> The Office allows you to share the costs associated with running an office with others while enjoying a safe and quality work environment. You also benefit from a stimulating environment thanks to exchanges with others. Finally, The Office gives you the flexibility to take up only the space you need when you need it. <p></p> You are a consultant, researcher, self-employed <br> The Office allows you to find the calm to be efficient. With the flexible plans on offer, you can take advantage of The Office setting for just a few hours to complete an important report, or The Office can be your permanent place of work. Finally, at The Office you no longer work in isolation and can take advantage of the networking opportunities of coworking.

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Jokkolabs Ouagadougou

Jokkolabs Ouagadougou is first and foremost a professional shared workspace with a community atmosphere. It is an open space, which welcomes any entrepreneur seeking to develop his network, meet new collaborators, discuss his practices and develop his professional, personal or associative projects. <p></p> Located in Ouaga 2000, in the heart of activities, Jokkolabs Ouagadougou helps start-ups to create, organize and innovate via the internet and new media. <p></p> <mark>It is designed to meet the needs of micro-enterprises, freelancers, home workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups or digital economy workers, writers, designers and other new media or digital arts professionals whose work does not does not fit into a classic office model.</mark>