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The LOBBY is the new Business Center ideally located in the consular district of Ouaga 2000, providing its customers with a modern and friendly work and relaxation area. Our The LOBBY Business Center has a <mark>co-working office space, a large training room and two private meeting rooms.</mark> Our relaxation and catering area is on the terrace in the heart of a green garden at the edge of a beautiful swimming pool for small or large breaks in the fresh air.

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Essitech International trains high-level general engineers in computer science, with particular emphasis on software engineering. The training revolves around a common base focused on the design and production of software as well as options allowing students to choose a computer science specialty in which they wish to acquire additional skills. <p></p> FROM THE 3RD YEAR 4 OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM <p></p> LARGE SCALE SYSTEM<br> <mark>Large-scale distributed applications and systems. Topics covered: challenges of the widespread use of the Internet, distributed infrastructures and the cloud, parallel computing and the use of multi-core architectures</mark> <p></p> SECURITY<br> Security of computer and electronic systems, protection of information, physical devices and software implementations. Topics covered: the construction of security mechanisms (cryptology, secure programming, network security, trust, intrusion detection)yarnt <p></p> MEDIA AND INTERACTIONS<br> Analysis and modeling of media such as image, video, text or speech, interaction tools adapted to user needs. Topics covered: computer graphics, virtual reality, motion capture and analysis of human gestures, image/video analysis and language processing <p></p> BIGDATA<br> Meeting the challenges of the “data deluge”, processing and creating value from big data: the technologies and infrastructures to choose to benefit applications. Topics covered: advanced databases, modeling, statistics, social networks, data mining and large graphs

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Burkina Institute of Technology

Our computer science program connects cutting edge technology with the social skills required to understand and influence the implications of computer science for the future. The problem-solving, teamwork and leadership skills acquired are incredibly important in the future. This course provides the future generation with the <mark>knowledge and skills required to combat everyday problems with sustainable business ideas for the country. </mark> Therefore, we are looking for highly determined students with a critical thinking ability. If you are interested in understanding complex structures, solving technical problems and developing your own computer programs, then this is the right course for you.

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Focus Lab Ouaga

Focus Lab is a center for incubating start-ups and promoting innovative projects, bringing together several sectors of activity. Focus Lab has set itself the task of supporting start-ups in Burkina Faso in their <mark>creation and development so that they are sustainable businesses with a strong socio-economic impact for the country.</mark>

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Sira Labs

Incubator of innovative projects; Growth accelerator for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector; Training Center in ICT and Business Management. In addition, Sira Labs offers a creative co-working place in the heart of Ouagadougou's business center. Our fully equipped offices are located on UEMOA avenue, in a ten minutes walk from the international airport. <mark>Sira Labs will allow you to extend your business network in Burkina Faso by sharing your workplace with others coworkers. </mark>

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Contact Buro

For short or long periods, we provide a private workspace equipped with the necessary furniture, wifi connection, air conditioning. Contact Buro has been in the landscape for over 20 years and has been recognized as the best copy services down in Ouagadougou. It has developed now into a <mark>co-working space, fully functional with the highest internet speed available.</mark> With a dedicated and skilled team entirely dedicated to make your work easier, we welcome you to come and give it try?

New Dawn University - school image
New Dawn University

The Computer Engineering degree is for students interested in both programming and hardware. The required classes cover software engineering, computer science, and electric and digital circuit designs. <p></p> Goal <p></p> Train senior technicians and computer engineers: <mark> <br> - Frameworks in analysis and programming; <br> - Professionals in software engineering / computer application development; <br> - Agents of information systems management and database operation. </mark> <p></p> Why study Computer Engineering? <br> Computer engineering integrates electronic engineering with computer sciences. Computer engineers design and develop computer systems and components for computation, control, data storage, input/output and networking. Computer engineers integrate these components into computer and network systems. This <mark>requires a good working knowledge of both computer science and electrical engineering.</mark <p></p> Computer engineers work in technology industries involving computer systems design and related services. They may work in research and development in the physical, engineering and life sciences, or they may work in environments with computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing, semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing, or in government.

BeoogoLAB - school image

The mission of BeoogoLAB is to spot, fund and support toward competitiveness any innovative entrepreneurial initiatives based on digital technology in order to positively impact areas including agriculture, food and nutrition, health and wellbeing, education and learning, inclusion and financial empowerment, culture, art and handicraft, security, citizenship and peace. <p></p> What we do for upstart companies <p></p> Hire <br> the best talents at the right time <p></p> Elaborate <br> a marketing and communication plan <p></p> Build <br> on the best practices within their ecosystems <p></p> Articulate <br> their processes and operations <p></p> Arrange <br> networking meetings and events <p></p> <mark>Accelerate <br> the development of their businesses </mark>

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La Fabrique

La Fabrique is an incubator entirely dedicated to supporting social and responsible businesses in West Africa. Accompaniment, co-working, advice, training make it possible to give life to the greatest ambitions! <p></p> Convinced that social entrepreneurship is an effective way of growth and development for Burkina Faso, La Fabrique has given itself the mission of <mark>identifying project leaders and co-constructing with them sustainable companies with a strong impact on the society and/or the environment.</mark> It is now possible to combine social impact and economic performance to develop territories sustainably: this is what La Fabrique and the entrepreneurs it supports demonstrate on a daily basis.

Joseph KI-ZERBO University - school image
Joseph KI-ZERBO University

The Computer Science Program prepares students for careers in computer science through learning based on practice and grounded in theory. Students learn how to analyze, design, build, test, and deploy computer-based systems by making technical trade-offs between performance, scalability, availability, reliability, security, maintainability, cost and societal impact. Marshall’s computing facilities are state-of-the-art and readily available to students. <p></p> Supporting the mission of the University to provide innovative undergraduate and graduate education that contributes to the development of society and the individual. The Computer Science Program is committed to our alumni who, within a few years of their graduation, are expected to: <mark><br>1) be employed in fields of Computer Science <br>2) engage in life-long learning and professional development through self-study, continuing education or graduate and professional studies <br> 3) become effective communicators, collaborators and innovators. <br>4) practice professional ethics with social responsibility addressing social, technical and business challenges.</mark> <p></p> The program exposes students to a range of other disciplines, such as the natural sciences, social sciences, economics, and business so they gain an understanding of the real world scenarios. Theoretical courses are supported by rigorous laboratory tasks.

Norbert Zongo University - school image
Norbert Zongo University

The Science and Technology Training and Research Unit of Norbert ZONZO University (UFR-ST/UNZ) was created in 2014. It is a higher general education institution whose objective is to train students in scientific and technological fields. Within the framework of the LMD system, the UFR-ST/UNZ prepares students for Licenses, Masters and Doctorates in the fields of Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry-Computer Science and Life and Earth Sciences. <p></p>The Computer Science program core coursework provide basic coverage of algorithms, data structures, software design, concepts of programming languages, and computer organization and architecture. Theoretical foundations, problem analysis, and solution design are stressed within the program’s core materials. <mark>Students are exposed to a variety of programming languages and systems and become proficient in more than one higher-level language. </mark>

The Office Ouagadougou - school image
The Office Ouagadougou

A solution in the heart of Ouagadougou for your shared or temporary workspace needs. The Office provides you with fully equipped offices for flexible rentals, with hourly, daily and monthly packages. Our private offices and our design coworking space offer you a pleasant and operational working environment equipped with the following services: <br> - Emergency electricity <br> - High speed wifi connection <br> - Air conditioner <br> - Meeting room <br> - Prints, scans, photocopies <br> - Receptionist and courier services <br> - Relaxation area and lush garden <br> - Coffee and tea service <p></p> OUR PROPOSAL <p></p> WHY WORK AT THE OFFICE? <p></p> You are an international structure setting up in Ouagadougou <br> <mark>The Office allows you to focus on your core business during the first months of your installation. You won't need to rush into finding premises, hiring security and cleaning staff, buying furniture and equipment, subscribing to internet services, electricity, …. Grab a desk or two and start working right away!</mark> <p></p> You are a small structure looking for economical solutions without compromising the quality of your working environment<br> The Office allows you to share the costs associated with running an office with others while enjoying a safe and quality work environment. You also benefit from a stimulating environment thanks to exchanges with others. Finally, The Office gives you the flexibility to take up only the space you need when you need it. <p></p> You are a consultant, researcher, self-employed <br> The Office allows you to find the calm to be efficient. With the flexible plans on offer, you can take advantage of The Office setting for just a few hours to complete an important report, or The Office can be your permanent place of work. Finally, at The Office you no longer work in isolation and can take advantage of the networking opportunities of coworking.

Burkina Business Incubator - school image
Burkina Business Incubator

The Burkina Business Incubator Association (BBI) is an incubation center for SMEs, a framework for the maturation of ideas for innovative projects and for training in business creation, business development, a real common work space whose main purpose is to promote entrepreneurship through the selection of innovative and high-potential projects and their support from the idea to the launch, including the economic model, studies, training of the promoter, mobilization of resources and the creation of the business. BBI prioritizes projects from the following areas: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Agro-industry, Tourism and Hospitality, Renewable Energy and Environment, and crafts. <p></p> The main objective of BBI is to <mark>participate in the economic growth of Burkina Faso and local development through support for the anchoring of the culture of entrepreneurship and self-employment, business creation, strengthening the capacities of existing SMEs, promoting innovation and facilitating access to financial and technical partnerships.</mark> BBI combines a program and a physical space that allow it to offer the following services: <br> - Reception and accommodation of project leaders at low rent; <br> - Shared services: (internet, telephone, offices, equipment, reception, conference rooms, cafeteria, etc.) <br> - Advice and assistance services relating both to daily operations (legal, personnel, banking relations, accounting) and to strategic aspects (advice, development of business plans, marketing advice, financial advice, industrial property, etc.) ; <br> - Training in entrepreneurship and various aspects of business management and individual coaching; <br> - Linking through financial, technological, commercial networks that allow the company to have access to partners, customers, etc. <br> - Assistance in the creation of the company and follow-up in the operation until a certain stage of growth or maturation or autonomy.

Jokkolabs Ouagadougou - school image
Jokkolabs Ouagadougou

Jokkolabs Ouagadougou is first and foremost a professional shared workspace with a community atmosphere. It is an open space, which welcomes any entrepreneur seeking to develop his network, meet new collaborators, discuss his practices and develop his professional, personal or associative projects. <p></p> Located in Ouaga 2000, in the heart of activities, Jokkolabs Ouagadougou helps start-ups to create, organize and innovate via the internet and new media. <p></p> <mark>It is designed to meet the needs of micro-enterprises, freelancers, home workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups or digital economy workers, writers, designers and other new media or digital arts professionals whose work does not does not fit into a classic office model.</mark>

2iE Incubator - school image
2iE Incubator

2iE incubator is the first technological and social incubator in Burkina. Based in an engineering school and backed by 3 research laboratories, 2iE Incubator has been operational since 2012 and supports innovative projects and companies with a strong social and/or environmental impact. It facilitates the maturation of projects and offers managerial, technical, scientific and financial support. More specifically, the incubated project leader can access many services offered by the incubator, and its network of scientific, private and institutional partners. <p></p> Today, according to the needs of the project leader, 2iE incubator adapts the support formula offered, on site or remotely, according to an incubation collaboration contract drawn up with the entrepreneur supported. ). <p></p> 2iE incubator is also an accelerator and an incubator for companies already created wishing to quickly scale up and/or set up and domicile their activities on 2iE sites in order to benefit from preferential conditions. <mark>The objective is to help them scale up by accessing the financing vehicles best suited to their growth needs.</mark>