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Kokaya Space

The 1st local Innovative & collaborative coworking space in Zanzibar for; Startups, Freelancers, & Remote workers. Enjoy uninterrupted working experience with high speed internet and power backup. <mark>We believe that the right workplace can move your business forward by giving your team members spaces to focus and collaborate in - spaces that make them proud to come to work.</mark> Your business is ever-evolving, so we make it easy to adapt your workplace or open a new branch halfway across the country. And those thousand distracting, critical details — like making sure the Wi-Fi is fast and secure, or that the printer actually works? At Kokaya, they’re all part of the service.

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The Train's House Zanzibar

The Train's House is one of the oldest historical building at Stone Town, Zanzibar built in 1800's and was renovated and upgraded in 2017. The building features 10 modern apartments, gym, restaurant, shops, offices, ATM's etc. The apartments features modern safety equipments together with fast fiber optic internet, traditional rustic themed furniture and modern home appliances. <p></p> <mark>Daily Shared <br> - Access: 9 hours - $10 or 4 ½ hours - $5 <br> - High Speed Wi-Fi <br> - Shared desk space <br> - Free printing, coffee, tea & water <p></p> Weekly Shared <br> - Access: 9 hours - $50 <br> - High Speed Wi-Fi <br> - Shared desk space <br> - Free printing, coffee, tea & water <p></p> Monthly Shared <br> - Access: 24 hours (Customer Provided Key) - $180 <br> - High Speed Wi-Fi <br> - Shared desk space <br> - Free printing, coffee, tea & water <p></p> Conference/Meeting Room <br> - Access: 1 hour - $20 <br> - High Speed Wi-Fi <br> - Video and Audio Equipment <br> - Free printing, coffee, tea & water </mark> <p></p> <br> - Our Wi-Fi for both Download and Upload speed range from 30 Mbps to 100 Mbps. <br> - We are open on week days from 8AM to 5PM. However, monthly subscribers have access to the coworking space from Monday through Saturday 24 hours as they will be provided with their own key to the place. <br> - In addition, there is a backup generator, restaurant, gym, Airbnb apartments and mini supermarket onsite.

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Cube Zanzibar

Cube Zanzibar is a start-up and business enabler that offers incubation services, financing and business acceleration support to start-ups and small businesses in Zanzibar. We help bring ideas to life and get businesses to excel. Cube Zanzibar was officially registered as a non-profit organization on 10th October, 2018 with the registration number Z0000008214 under Zanzibar’s Societies Act Number 6 of 1995. <p></p> Vision Small businesses become the engine of Zanzibar’s economic & social development. <p></p> Mission Cube Zanzibar is the primary hub that entrepreneurs work with to launch and grow their businesses. <p></p> Our Main Objectives<br> Cube Zanzibar was established whereas, we do hereby freely and voluntarily associate together to strengthen, reinforce and consolidate efforts to empower young people through: <mark><br> - Promoting innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial mindset to young people in Zanzibar. <br> - Providing hand on / practical learning and engagement in the process of science, technology and innovation. <br> - Fostering problem solving ability and project based learning. <br> - Providing co-working space and makerspace for those who are in need. <br> - Helping the community in creating solutions that solve various problems including but not limited to business, health, tourism, blue economy etc.</mark>

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Abdulrahman Al-sumait University

The computing industry needs mathematicians with computing backgrounds. On this BSc Mathematics with Computer Science degree, you’ll study information systems and computing technologies, and graduate with maths, IT and programming skills. <mark>You could move into a career developing operating systems, devising stock-control programmes or writing web-based customer interfaces. You could also make use of your skills at a consultancy firm.</mark> <p></p> This degree is for you if you have a primary interest in maths and want to develop your interest in computing. The course provides a foundation in maths, covering algebra, calculus and statistics, as well as the practical and theoretical aspects of computer science. You’ll learn about algorithms and programming and investigate problems, such as establishing that a complicated program works in a variety of circumstances. <p></p> You’ll be taught through a combination of lectures and workshops, by leading researchers in fields, such as group theory, computational optimisation and game theory.