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Fondation Jeunesse Numérique

The Fondation Jeunesse Numériqu's mission is to create an ecosystem that facilitates the initiatives of young digital entrepreneurs. The promotion of innovation and the development of start-ups in ICTs may ultimately have a significant impact on national economic development and on the quality of life of populations. <p></p> Mission <mark> <br> - Raising awareness among Ivorian youth about digital entrepreneurship <br> - Detect young people with innovative projects <br> - Support selected young entrepreneurs (training, coaching, provision of workspaces, mentoring, strategic relationships, assistance in finding funding) <br> - Contribute to the consolidation and improvement of the startup support ecosystem in Côte d'Ivoire</mark>

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In Côte d'Ivoire, the field of entrepreneurship has been on the rise for some time. Indeed, what was once neglected by the people is becoming the sector most coveted by the majority of people. <p></p> However, the installation of young companies is sometimes difficult. This is often due to <mark>difficulties related to administrative procedures or the physical location of their business (expensive rents; electricity, telephone, internet or even water bills).</mark> <p></p> Sensitive to the pain of the latter and being also entrepreneurs, we set up Burolis in order to offer solutions favorable to entrepreneurs. <p></p> Our Services <p></p> Business Creation<br> You want to get into entrepreneurship, but you have no knowledge of the field? Worry no more, <mark>Burolis will help you to set up your business.</mark> Backed by our teams of professionals, we guarantee you quality services that will allow you to quickly be at the head of your own business. For this, we provide you with all the information likely to guide you in this new adventure. <p></p> Coworking<br> Over the years, working methods change. Today, one of the most fashionable is certainly coworking. This process gives you the opportunity to work with professionals from different fields working for various companies in a common space. According to many professionals, <mark>coworking promotes professional exchanges and allows you to broaden your area of ​​expertise.</mark> It is in this perspective that Burolis represents an opportunity for young entrepreneurs. Indeed, thanks to its expertise in the field, Burolis offers you spaces adapted to coworking. Wherever you are, you can join us in our offices equipped for this purpose. You will find professionals who look like you and you can share tips with them. <p></p> Linking<br> Linking is a service that consists of putting one or more people in touch. There are 2 types, <mark>namely private contact with one-to-one meetings and professional contact, which is increasingly done via digital platforms.</mark> Burolis offers quality services in professional networking. Thanks to our address book and the number of professionals with whom we work, we have the possibility of quickly finding you a service provider, regardless of the field. <p></p> Domiciliation<br> Business domiciliation is a process that aims to <mark>help companies that do not have a registered office to have one.</mark> In an era in which the field of freelancing is on the rise, this type of practice represents a real boon, especially for young companies. Indeed, the latter do not always have the means to rent premises of a good standard and to provide the minimum of services to a sometimes demanding clientele. <p></p> Burolis meets this need by allowing you to benefit from an address located in one of the most prestigious areas of the city. The choice of this location is important insofar as it represents a guarantee of security for your potential customers and partners.

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African Startup Forum

The Economic Forum of Startups and Young African Founders for the promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation, incubators and investors, creation, development, of startups. Includes a coworking space, <mark>3Space a shared workspace, but also a network of workers encouraging exchange and openness.</mark>

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Impact Hub Abidjan

Impact Hub Abidjan is a catalyst for fostering social innovation. We are a community that offers entrepreneurs support and a creative space. We work to develop entrepreneurship and create impact in collaboration with everyone. <p></p> Our coworking space saves you time and gives you freedom work. Make the choice of a space totally adapted to your aspirations and come and work with complete peace of mind in a professional environment. Rent our conference rooms. Hold your events at Impact Hub Abidjan. Participate in incubation and acceleration programs that will allow you to accelerate your development. <p></p> Join our program <p></p> Innov’Keneya is a healthcare innovation Ecosystem conceived to tackle and create solutions for the most pressing challenges surrounding the cancer Patient journey in Côte d’Ivoire. It aims to do so, on one hand, by bringing together and pooling resources from the most important and influential players of the cancer ecosystem. On the other hand, <mark>Innov’Keneya leverages their knowledge, expertise, and assets to bring Innovative solutions to tackle those complex challenges across the Healthcare delivery value chain in a collaborative approach.</mark>