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Silicon Valley Liberia

Silicon Valley Liberia is an innovation center that focuses on STEM Education for Liberia’s youthful population to contribute to the global Digital Transformation. <p></p> We provide a child-friendly environment where students are taught the fundamentals of technologies such as: Computer Basics, Coding, Cyber Security, Robotics, Problem-solving, etc. <p></p> LEARN & GROW Learn & Grow is an after-school program designed to make learning easy and fun for children. It focuses primarily on the academic performance of students. <p></p> We offer the following: <br> - Tutoring <br> - Homework Help <br> - Improve Test Scores <p></p> STEMOVATE <br> <mark>STEMOVATE is an all-day program packed with interactive and hands-on activities that develop kids critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It is challenging and fun, and keeps children engaged and motivated to learn. </mark> <p></p> We offer the following: <br> - Introduction to computer <br> - Web Development <br> - Coding <br> - Graphic Design <br> - Digital Marketing <br> - Cyber Security <br> - Robotics

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AIIST (Africa International Institute of Science & Technology) is an Information Technology Training Institute based in Monrovia, Liberia. All of our training programs are practical and hands-on materials. AIIST offers an innovative way to learn and grow from a beginner level to a certified expert in Software Engineering within eighteen (18) months’ time. Our Software Engineering career path helps you achieve just that. This career path begins with basics knowledge of Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office Professional 2013 and also an <mark>advanced level of designing, developing, deploying cross platform application from popular programming languages like; BASIC, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Java, and Angular JS. </mark>

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iCampus- Liberia’s first multi-disciplinary, innovation and community space for change-makers focusing on the intersection of technology, accountability and social change. Our 4,000 square foot campus in the heart of Monrovia provides the space, resources, support and cutting-edge technologies that can make change possible in Liberia. <p></p> <mark>Book a room, buy a day pass, or become a member of a growing collaborative community pushing for a different more inclusive and prosperous future!​</mark>

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iLab Liberia is a non-profit local tech hub that provides access to information, open and geospatial data, research, web technologies and expert ICT assistance through a community of volunteers leveraging technology for the good of Liberia. Founded in 2011, we develop local solutions through global standards while serving partners ranging from government, private sector & development actors. ​<p></p> ​iLab supports development actors, Civil Society Organizations and local businesses by integrating tech to enhance their services; works closely with the Governments on technology initiatives that promote access to information, peace and security, elections, Health emergencies, Open governance, climate change, research, data collection, while developing platforms and systems for anti-corruption, accountability and the rule of law. ​<p></p> Since opening our doors in 2011, <mark>iLab have offered over 300 trainings and public events for more than 3,500 Liberians ranging from web and mobile development, open data and visualization, data collection and analysis, geospatial and participatory mapping, entrepreneurship, physical computing and networking, coding, leadership among other skills that focus on open source technologies and other relevant solutions.</mark> Through these initiatives, we’ve managed to expand to all 15 counties by building the tech capacity of rural dwellers and continuously seek employment opportunities for them. ​<p></p> iLab also customizes technologies for projects across West Africa, including mobile data collection & analysis platforms, online reporting platforms for citizen engagement & good governance initiatives, geospatial mapping, web and mobile solutions. iLab has overseen the customization & implementation of surveys to more than 30,000 respondents in urban and rural settings, trained dozens of enumerators, and assisted data analysts – for governments and nonprofits – in how to best utilize the results. ​<p></p> ​ In collaboration with our long-time partner Accountability Lab Liberia, iLab co-manages iCampus – a shared innovation and community space for organizations, start-ups and government agencies working at the intersection of technology, accountability and social change in Liberia. iCampus acts as a physical and virtual space for ICT and governance training and meetups; a cross-sectoral networking and innovation space; and a focal point for elections and open governance work.

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Tubman University

The Computer Science and Engineering Program are designed to provide the educational requisites in the training of men and women for the degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. The courseware focuses on solving problems related to computers that produce each graduate a broad skill in both software and hardware specifically in computing systems. In addition, it is a self-motivated discipline across different fields in mathematics, science, and engineering that provides a foundation and dedicated knowledge that is needed to scrutinize, design, and gauge system software, and utility programs. <mark>This will also allow students to solve and develop a hardware and software solutions in different areas of application provided with different methodologies and techniques on how information is derived, stored, operated, and linked. Students will experience to gain access in different resources plus the real scenario approach on their hands-on exercises in the laboratory.</mark> BSc in Computer Science and Engineering is a five year program and considered as one of the exciting fields of study today due to rapid growth and changes in technology including a demand for a computing experts locally and internationally. At the same time, the students will be encouraged to take a variety of industry certification such as A+, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. to strengthen their credentials. In the near future, this program will also cater a post graduate degree.