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The Computer Science and Engineering Program are designed to provide the educational requisites in the training of men and women for the degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. The courseware focuses on solving problems related to computers that produce each graduate a broad skill in both software and hardware specifically in computing systems. In addition, it is a self-motivated discipline across different fields in mathematics, science, and engineering that provides a foundation and dedicated knowledge that is needed to scrutinize, design, and gauge system software, and utility programs. <mark>This will also allow students to solve and develop a hardware and software solutions in different areas of application provided with different methodologies and techniques on how information is derived, stored, operated, and linked. Students will experience to gain access in different resources plus the real scenario approach on their hands-on exercises in the laboratory.</mark> BSc in Computer Science and Engineering is a five year program and considered as one of the exciting fields of study today due to rapid growth and changes in technology including a demand for a computing experts locally and internationally. At the same time, the students will be encouraged to take a variety of industry certification such as A+, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. to strengthen their credentials. In the near future, this program will also cater a post graduate degree.