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Silicon Valley Liberia

Silicon Valley Liberia is an innovation center that focuses on STEM Education for Liberia’s youthful population to contribute to the global Digital Transformation. <p></p> We provide a child-friendly environment where students are taught the fundamentals of technologies such as: Computer Basics, Coding, Cyber Security, Robotics, Problem-solving, etc. <p></p> LEARN & GROW Learn & Grow is an after-school program designed to make learning easy and fun for children. It focuses primarily on the academic performance of students. <p></p> We offer the following: <br> - Tutoring <br> - Homework Help <br> - Improve Test Scores <p></p> STEMOVATE <br> <mark>STEMOVATE is an all-day program packed with interactive and hands-on activities that develop kids critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It is challenging and fun, and keeps children engaged and motivated to learn. </mark> <p></p> We offer the following: <br> - Introduction to computer <br> - Web Development <br> - Coding <br> - Graphic Design <br> - Digital Marketing <br> - Cyber Security <br> - Robotics

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AIIST (Africa International Institute of Science & Technology) is an Information Technology Training Institute based in Monrovia, Liberia. All of our training programs are practical and hands-on materials. AIIST offers an innovative way to learn and grow from a beginner level to a certified expert in Software Engineering within eighteen (18) months’ time. Our Software Engineering career path helps you achieve just that. This career path begins with basics knowledge of Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office Professional 2013 and also an <mark>advanced level of designing, developing, deploying cross platform application from popular programming languages like; BASIC, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Java, and Angular JS. </mark>