Adama Science and Technology University - school image
Adama Science and Technology University

The mission of the Computer Science and Engineering CSE program is to provide students with a broad and flexible education in computer science and engineering, to prepare its graduates for rapidly changing technological fields, and give them a sound basis for professional practice, advanced education, active citizenship, and lifelong learning. <mark>The students are prepared to expand this knowledge through research into new technologies, design methods, and analysis techniques that link the knowledge with multi- disciplinary fields and advance the state of the art. With a knowledge of contemporary technological issues and their impact globally, economically, and environmentally, computer scientists and engineers are at the forefront of advances that continually transform society.</mark>

Federal University of Technology, Minna - school image
Federal University of Technology, Minna

Federal University of Technology, Minna is also known as FUTMINNA. This engineering school has trained some of the best engineers who are the pride of Nigeria today <p></p>Vision: <br> To be a leading academic center of excellence in Computer Science <mark>providing both software and hardware expertise and solutions that will shape the Information and Communication Technology landscape both nationally and internationally.</mark> <p></p> Mission: <br> The Department of Computer Science will build and develop human capacity to high level through comprehensive educational programs, research in collaboration with industry and the government, dissemination through scholarly publications, and services to professional societies, the community, the state, the nation and the world at large.

Mountain Top University - school image
Mountain Top University

The department offers a unique educational opportunity for students of Computer Science, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence to achieve excellence through vigorous classes, practical classes, and participation in cutting-edge ICT research. Also, the Mathematics students are being trained with up-to-date knowledge and skills in Mathematics for research and application purposes. <p></p> <mark>Our research activities are focused on developing knowledge and research that can make a direct contribution to society. The results of our research are implementable for societal usages and global impacts. Our students are given opportunities to attend conferences, seminars and workshops and become co-authors of articles that are published in top-rated journals.</mark> Many of our undergraduates are empowered in such a way that they can compete with other students from any part of the world, and they also take on postgraduate studies in any area of Mathematics and Computer Science. <p></p> A good feature of our department is the good community life and a good relationship that exists between staff and students. Our students’ rendezvous and study in our amazing environment and get to know our staff personally.

Rivers State University - school image
Rivers State University

The Department of Mathematics at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nkpolu – Oroworukwo, Port Harcourt was established in August 1980. In order to lay down a firm and stable foundation of our science and technology, the actual work of the Department is to train students in both Pure and Applied Mathematics. Over the years, it has metamorphosed to include Computer Science and Statistics and now bears the name Department of Mathematics/Computer Science. <p></p> The objectives of the programme are: <br>i. to instill in students a sense of enthusiasm for Mathematics/Computer Science and its applications in different areas of human endeavour <br><mark>ii. to develop in students special mathematical/Computational skills for solving variety of theoretical and practical problems in that exists in nature</mark> <br>iii. to develop students with knowledge and skills base from which they can proceed to specialized areas in Mathematics or Computer Science or multi-disciplinary areas involving mathematics and computation

Babcock University - school image
Babcock University

The department provides the education and variety of skills necessary to succeed within high technology environments in industry, society and the church, and for software and hardware design, manufacture and maintenance in this decade. <mark>Through projects involving real life applications, students are given broad background knowledge of the technological enterprise system within a framework of moral and ethical guiding principles. </mark>

African University of Science and Technology - school image
African University of Science and Technology

After successful completion of the M.Sc program, students are expected to be fully equipped to play leading roles on the technical side of the IT industry or to pursue a PhD. The Computer Science MSc/Ph.D programs at AUST <mark>provide the students with a strong background in the fundamentals of theory of computation, algorithms and data structures, programming methodology and mainstream computer languages, computer elements and architecture, numerical and symbolic computations and applications.</mark> In addition to the basic courses, students are introduced to important and current research areas in Artificial Intelligence, Visualization and High Performance Computing (HPC), Database and Information Systems, Architecture, Parallel Computing and Systems, as well as Scientific Computing.

Usmanu Danfodiyo University - school image
Usmanu Danfodiyo University

The programme is designed to provide training in the theory, principles and application of computer science in order to produce graduates with efficient practical knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of the global Information Technology drive. <mark>The programme covers various aspects of the field including: programming languages, artificial intelligence, systems analysis and design, communications and networking, computer graphics and information technology.</mark> Graduates of the programme will serve in public institutions and private enterprises including financial institutions, software industries, oil companies, research centers, manufacturing industries, health and educational institutions and self-reliance in software development and applications in information technologies. <p></p> The objectives of the programme are to: <br> - create in students the enthusiasm for computer science and its capabilities; <br> - equip the students with intellectual stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying; <br> - provide a broad based knowledge and skills in computer science; <br> - prepare students to acquire industrial work experience; <br> - <mark>equip students with transferable skills in information technology;</mark> <br> - instill in students an appreciation of the application of computer in an industrial, economic, technological and social context; and <br> - prepare students for higher studies and professional advancement in computer science and related disciplines.

Benue State University - school image
Benue State University

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers students opportunity to be well grounded in the areas of Mathematics and Computer Science. <mark>On successful completion of any of the programmes, the graduate of the Department is expected to work effectively in any area of Mathematics and / or Computer Science as may be applicable to his discipline.</mark> Other main objectives of the Department are: <br> • To provide the much needed manpower in the area of Mathematics & Computer Science <br>• To render services to the entire University especially to related disciplines such as Mathematics Education, Physical Sciences, Management Sciences and Social Sciences. <br>• To promote and encourage active research in the area of Mathematics, Computing and allied disciplines. <br>• To provide courses and supervise research leading to higher degrees of the University. <br>• To achieve and maintain a good level of academic excellence.

Ebonyi State University - school image
Ebonyi State University

The Department of Computer Science desires to train mission-oriented computer science experts who will upon graduation, become competent professionals able to relate their studies to practical real-life situations. This has to be so since the computer has become a potent force in our society and therefore requires responsible people with clear understanding of what constitute correct and gainful computer applications. <p></p> The major objective here may be summarised as follows: <br> - <mark>To develop competent people who will take part in the continuing development of the computer technology.</mark> <br> - To contribute in meeting the increasing demands for acquisition of Information and Computer Technology (ICT) know how. <br> - To train people who can readily be self-employed as well be employers of labour. <br> - To produce responsible graduates who satisfies both the NUC requirements and the society expectations of a computer professional

University of Ilorin - school image
University of Ilorin

The vision of the department of computer science is to be committed to the University's mission in the four areas of teaching, learning, research and community services. <mark>To educate students in both theory and practice so as to be able to analyze, design, implement, test and evaluate software solution to real world problems including appreciating the value of efficient design created to meet clearly developed requirements.</mark> <p></p> At the end of their programme, students will be able to:<br> 1. Acquire strong theoretical and practical skills in Computer Science in order to work in any IT-driven environment. <br>2. Understand and apply the underlying principles of Computer Science to a variety of problem domains. <br>3. <maek>Work in groups and appreciate the dynamic and collaborative nature of problem solving.</mark> <br>4. Blend their Computer Science abilities with skills specific to another domain for solving problems in that domain. <br>5. Embark on lifelong learning for personal and professional growth.

University of Calabar - school image
University of Calabar

To Produce high quality graduates and scholars in focal areas of learning with <mark>theoretical, practical and entepreneurial skills for the world of work in conducive environment through quality research and teaching.</mark> <p></p> To be a centre of excellence producing globally competitive graduates and contributing significantly to development through research</h6></p>

American University of Nigeria - school image
American University of Nigeria

The B.Sc. Program in Computer Science is designed with core courses that provide breadth and depth in the field, along with a strong theoretical component as a foundation for good software engineering and information systems. <p></p> The program includes courses in the sciences and mathematics; general education requirements in the humanities and an in-depth sequence of specialized computer courses. <p></p> <mark>The program provides a balance of both theory and practice in core courses covering both software and hardware through integrated lectures, laboratory sequences and individual and group projects often with direct application in the community or region.</mark>

University of Uyo - school image
University of Uyo

The department contributes to the mission and vision of the University in training of undergraduate and graduate students with requisite skills needed to solve complex technological problems of modern society and the attainment the millennium development goals. Current research focus includes Software engineering, Soft computing, Computational Intelligence, Communications Networks and Theoretical Computing. <p></p> The philosophy of the Department is centered on producing adequate and efficient manpower in the field of Computer Science and Information and communication technology through effective teaching methods and collaborative/ interdisciplinary research. <mark>The programme is designed to solve the immediate needs of the society as well as train personnel that will graduate to fit perfectly well into the knowledge based economy either as a player or a contributor as well as being readily employable.</mark>

Adekunle Ajasin University - school image
Adekunle Ajasin University

The Department of Computer Science evolved to become a unique academic unit in the production of highly trained graduates in Computer Science and Information Technology since the year 2003. The Department is growing with well resourceful and dedicated academic and non academic staff on ground, who are committed to high standard of teaching, mentoring and research. At present, there are about 400 students at various levels in the Department and the department has turned out graduates who have excelled in different spheres of life: both in private/public parastatals in and outside the country. Our Graduate and Postgraduate programmes are <mark>designed to expose students to both basic and applied courses in computing and information technology as well as industrial training to enable them stand, side by side with shoulders high, with their colleagues from elsewhere and satisfy the manpower needs in the public and industrial sectors of the economy.</mark> The department has continued to play its role in the task of training competent Computer Scientists and other related experts for national manpower needs and technological development. In fact, I feel proud to say that many of our products are occupying important positions in IT, Communication, Oil, Banking, and Manufacturing Industries both at home and abroad today.

Bayero University - school image
Bayero University

The focus of the department is to lead in the advancement of computer science by equipping faculty and students with competency resources necessary to study and use in industry, academia, and government and to <mark>prepare the students for a globalised technological society by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to solve the complex technological problems of modern society</mark>

Landmark University - school image
Landmark University

The Department offers the following undergraduate inter-disciplinary programs: Computer Systems Engineering, Symbolic Systems, and Mathematical and Computational Sciences. The Department of Computer Science is a center for research and education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Strong research groups exist in areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, foundations of computer science, scientific computing, and systems. Basic work in computer science is the main research goal of these groups, but there is also a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and on applications that stimulate basic research. <p></p> Although knowing how to program is essential to the study of computer science, it is only one element of the field. <mark>Computer scientists design and analyze algorithms to solve programs and study the performance of computer hardware and software. The problems that computer scientists encounter range from the abstract– determining what problems can be solved with computers and the complexity of the algorithms that solve them – to the tangible – designing applications that perform well on handheld devices, that are easy to use, and that uphold security measures.</mark>

Federal University of Technology Akure - school image
Federal University of Technology Akure

The School of Computing is committed to being the recognised leader for competitive, innovative, and market-responsive computing education. Through this commitment coupled with aligning strategically with the university mission to promote technological advancement by providing conducive environment for research, teaching and learning which engenders development of products that are technologically–oriented, self-reliant and relevant to society, <mark>the School develops focused, trend-setting multidisciplinary research excellence with national, regional and international recognition through diverse research areas in which all its staff are currently part of for partnerships and collaborations.</mark> The School is renowned for innovative research and academic standard and strive to solve national, regional and global problems using information technology as an enabler to societal digital transformation.

Iya Abubakar Institute of ICT Ahmadu Bello University Zaria - school image
Iya Abubakar Institute of ICT Ahmadu Bello University Zaria

Our mission is to be an ICT centre of excellence with modern computing facilities and manpower to support teaching, research and learning in the university and country at large. Our vision is <mark>to deploy state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure and groom ICT-savvy personnel in various specialty areas to support teaching & learning, research and other services.</mark>

University of Port Harcourt - school image
University of Port Harcourt

The B.Sc programme is designed to instill in graduates, sound and critical understanding of the concepts and methodologies in Computer Science that meet current and anticipated needs of the society in these subject areas. <mark>Training is geared towards subject specific knowledge complemented with the acquisition of skills and field experiences that adequately prepare the graduate for self-employment, work in relevant government organizations and/or in the private sector as well.</mark> The training covered by the programme includes but is not restricted to the basics of ICT communication and people skills; emphasis on problem solving modules leading to acquisition of entrepreneurial skills relevant to the 21st century graduate, industry and society. At the end, the graduate is fully equipped for graduate work as well as being competent to apply basic scientific logic in the management of human and other natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Covenant University - school image
Covenant University

The vision of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences is to be rated among the top-ranked academic departments in the world within a very short time through commitment to excellence in teaching, research and innovative community engagements. Our aim is to produce top graduates in the disciplines of Computer Science and Management Information System, <mark>who will be globally competitive and well equipped to make valuable contributions both locally and internationally.</mark> <p></p> Our students will be equipped with the necessary tools that will strategically position them in the cutting edge of computing knowledge and applications, making them capable of making significant contributions to the society. We specifically aim at the following: <br> - <mark>to produce top quality and competitive graduates of Computer Science and Management Information System that are in high demand in the industry</mark> <br> - to develop the entrepreneurial aptitudes and potentials of our students through product-oriented research endeavors that are beneficial to the society, thereby entrenching in them the ethos of contribution. <br> - to train highly competent graduates who are imbued with the drive for excellence, innovation and creativity, and having capacity for intellectual distinction both in the academia and in the industry. <br> - to raise students with strong intellectual and moral orientation who will be valuable citizens, and new generation of leaders in the society.