University of Khartoum - school image
University of Khartoum

The department of computer science does its best effort to offer quality courses through its continuously improved undergraduate and postgraduate programs, in order to build a healthy community of programmers, researchers and scientists. The department always believes that <mark>combining quality course material with best quality teaching raises the quality of the graduate students and the teaching staff themselves.</mark> So, in order to get the best services for the students and the university and also according to its believes, the department is trying to attract and help the staff to do researches and studies in the fields of their interest.

University of Bahri - school image
University of Bahri

To provide quality education and excellence research in order to prepare competent and professionals graduates in the field of computer science and mathematics. <p></p> Objectives:- <br> Provide excellence education with qualification competence to its students to be able to <mark> <br> - Conducting researches in computer, mathematics and statistics. <br> - Provide digital, logical and analytical solutions to education and society. <br> - Binding theories with practical solution. <br> - provide qualified people with high competence for society development. <br> - To be certified to local, regional and global institutions. </mark>

Al Neelain University - school image
Al Neelain University

Science and education in the field of computer sciences and information are quickly advancing and have become an integral part of modern-age technology, greatly affecting society. To have professionally and academically distinguished cadres capable of the optimal employment of technology, the NU faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology was established IN 2002. <p></P ​Since its establishment, the faculty has been striving to become one of the leading faculties in its field in Sudan, by introducing new specializations within its departments, keeping abreast with labor market needs, and qualifying its graduates to be able to serve their nation. The objectives of the faculty focus on the on-going implementation of development programs to enhance performance throughout the faculty, as follows: <mark> <br> - Prepare academically and professionally distinguished cadres able to fulfill labor market needs. <br> - Achieve local and international quality and academic accreditation requirements. <br> - Rehabilitate and develop the academic and administrative cadres to enhance college status. <br> - Enter into academic, professional, and societal partnerships. <br> - Motivate students and faculty members to pursue scientific research to participate in the sustainable development of society and build the knowledge economy. </mark>

International University of Africa - school image
International University of Africa

The college teaches computer science, information systems and computer technology, which includes theoretical and applied studies. The college aims to <mark>prepare graduates who are able to use computers in various scientific and applied fields, in addition to directing the available resources towards study programs that address the needs of national development and the labor market in line with his specialty.</mark> The college awards bachelor's degrees in computer science, information systems and information technology.

University of Gezira - school image
University of Gezira

Gezira's Computer Science department is as diverse and varied as the field of computer science itself, offering courses and specializations in areas such as human-robotic interaction, intelligent tutoring and educational data mining, bioinformatics, computer security and privacy, and graphics and animation, among many others. Gezira stays at the forefront of this ever-growing industry so that as society's use of computers expands, our students are confident in their knowledge of developing technologies in the real world through their work on large-scale team projects that make a real difference to the community. <p></p> Our hands-on education ensures that graduates of the Computer Science program leave Gezira as <mark>problem-solvers and accomplished researchers who are ready to hit the ground running and make immediate contributions to this exciting and dynamic field.</mark>

Mashreq University - school image
Mashreq University

The program aims to studying the best ways and means of designing, building and maintaining software systems using the computer science programming results; particularly the application of theories in the process of system design and build-up. The program combines between the theories and the means of implementation in practicing of software engineering. Hence, particular attention is given to <mark>focusing towards the capability of developing software using adequately selected programming languages such as C++, JAVA, UNIX, WINDOWS and Chart Graphics, compatible systems, concurrent systems and methodology.</mark>

The Future University - school image
The Future University

It is the aim of the Faculty of Computer Science to instill in its students a desire for academic excellence, ongoing technical development, social commitment and value based leadership in the field of computer science. Graduates should be on a par with the world's best computer scientists but have an understanding of the social issues involved in their work. <p></p> The Faculty of Computer Science envisioned to <mark>produce skilled students, who are intellectually competent, open to growth, loving and committed to social justice and national building without any prejudice based on race, religion, caste or language. Likewise, to produce students that are at far with the world's best.</mark>

National University of Sudan - school image
National University of Sudan

The vision of the program is to be a distinct regional provider of academic programmes in Computer Science and Information Technology. <p></p> Mission <p></p> Provide ever coping standardized academic programmes to graduate talented innovative practitioners in Computer Science and Information Technology. <p></p> Objectives <mark> <br> - Integrate Sudanese values and heritage in its curricula <br> - Cope with computer technologies and innovations <br> - Domesticate computer science knowledge in in the country <br> - Develop computer society <br> - Back the national organizations with problem solving software’s <br> - Provide computer services impacting community development <br> - Conduct research in the field computer sciences and technologies </mark>

Imam Al-Mahdi University - school image
Imam Al-Mahdi University

The college seeks in its mission to provide a distinguished educational environment in the fields of research and teaching, to help professors, managers, supervisors, mentors and students to provide their best, and to enhance cooperation and partnership with local community institutions to raise the educational process, encourage scientific research, and <mark>provide students with basic skills such as Self-organization, adopting their creativity and innovations in the field of technology</mark>.

Sudan University of Science and Technology - school image
Sudan University of Science and Technology

This program aims to qualify students in the field of computer science to contribute to meeting the country's need for qualified cadres in computer science and applications, which the country needs to bridge the digital divide and build an economy and information society. <mark>The program also aims to graduate qualified students for self-learning, personal development, advancement in graduate studies, and contribution to scientific research.</mark>

Nyala University - school image
Nyala University

Nyala Information Technology major is designed to prepare students to become accomplished professional leaders and good stewards in technology management, data and analysis. The major trains up students with a solid foundation in current methods, languages, tooling and processes that prepares the graduate with relevant skills for entering the workplace. <mark>Each class will build upon another using a common programming language, ways to explore data and leadership qualities such as clear communication skills often lacking in computer science programs.</mark> The goal is to prepare the graduate for that all-important interview where they can demonstrate through articulate presentation a confidence in today’s information technology careers and display a working knowledge of current tools that help to provide solutions to businesses and industry.

University of Zalingie - school image
University of Zalingie

The vision of the college is to be the leading institution in the field of academic, technical and vocational training and raising the efficiency of the local and regional community. Establishing the concept of technology, linking society with modern technology and information systems, qualifying and training community members in advanced computer programs, financial management and information technology, and providing the community with trained health personnel. <p></p>College goals: <mark> <br> - Achieving the general objectives of the university stipulated in the law for the year 1995. <br> - Contributing in distributing education, qualification and continuous training opportunities for the Sudanese certificate holders or its equivalent and all segments of society and developing their creativity. <br> - Contributing to the development and building of human capabilities and raising their efficiency through targeted training that leads to obtaining intermediate technical diplomas in many disciplines. Contribute to meeting the country's needs of well-qualified.</mark>

Sudan International University - school image
Sudan International University

The program’s learning objectives and demanding, hands-on courses are designed around employer needs. Throughout their time in the program, students build portfolios of increasingly complex projects using popular programming languages such as Python that mirror the current experience and demands of the IT workplace. <mark>Students develop projects, practice giving presentations, and review each other’s work in a convenient setting, ensuring that they are equipped with the expertise most valued in today’s marketplace.</mark> The BS in Information Systems program culminates with a capstone project that represents highly sophisticated, but practical, solutions to address real world problems.

Arab Open University - school image
Arab Open University

The Faculty of Computer Studies (FCS) at the Arab Open University (AOU) offers leading-edge programmes of study in the most in-demand fields through UnderGraduate and PostGraduate programmes. Currently, FCS offers a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Computing (ITC) with five track options, Bachelor of Science in Graphic and Multimedia Design/Technology (GMD/T) and a Master of Science in Information Security and Forensics. The ITC Programme and the MSc programme are in partnership with the Open University (OU), UK. <p></p> Philosophy: <p></p> The FCS philosophy is to <mark>keep its programmes up-to-date with the latest technical advancements, satisfying the relevant market/employer needs.</mark> In addition, the AOU, in general,​ is keen to keep its programmes revalidated from the OU, UK to provide our students with extra international recognition to maximize their employability possibilities.

Ibn-Sina University - school image
Ibn-Sina University

We aim to prepare and train the next generation of computing professionals by advancing their potential in creativity and problem-solving techniques. These skills will empower our graduates in utilizing the integrated computational paradigms in a socially responsible manner. The ongoing evolution in the computer industry combined with the advancement of internet technology generates increasing demand for professionals in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and cloud computing. We offer BSc. honors in computer science, Cloud Computing, BSc. honors in CS – Internet of Things, and BSc. honors in CS – Computer Graphics. Our faculty also offers BSc. Honors in information technology. <mark>For better learning outcomes and life skills for our students, we apply educational strategies accompanied with academic supervision and advice through social and psychological programs to raise their social skills by volunteering in community services via conducting intelligent solutions.</mark>

Meroe University of Technology - school image
Meroe University of Technology

Develop your IT skill set to meet the constantly changing world of computer science and technology. With an online information technology bachelor’s degree, you can strengthen your knowledge of existing and emerging technologies and prepare to move toward your goals. <p></p> Build your skills <mark> <br> - Develop skill to build technology solutions that solve organizational problems. <br> - Learn to communicate technical information to a range of audiences using a variety of communication modes. <br> - Apply security best practices in using and managing information technology and systems.</mark>

White Nile University - school image
White Nile University

The curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a pathway to careers including computer programmer, computer systems analyst, software developer, and web developer. <mark>Students can take coursework and concentrated options in information technology, database programming, network administration, web development, and game programming.</mark> Students are strongly encouraged to consult with White Nile University faculty and Career Services as they begin to explore career options.