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We have a broad experience in African startup ecosystem, developing award winning innovative solutions and an added advantage of managing clients' projects through our Digital Innovation and Advertising Agency. We know what it takes to develop and create successful startups that can flourish in Africa. A centre to nurture and support startups, university students, and university staff with innovative solutions to scale their businesses. <p></p> Technical Assistance <br> <mark>Smart Lab provides services at startup’s disposal, ranging from cloud hosting, website development and other tech related assistance depending on the specific needs of your startup.</mark> <p></p> Creative Support <br> Smart Lab gives access to our in-house creative assets when it comes to creating a strategy, media planning and execution. <p></p> Management <br> Smart Lab assist startups in managing their startups to ensure sustainable growth and offer access to mentorship from industry experts within and outside Africa. <p></p> Partners <br> Smart Lab will connect startups with our reliable customer network and partners to create strategic business relationships.

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Sahara Ventures

We work with Africa's most promising startups and SMEs helping them to access mentorship and investment opportunities. We will provide the necessary tools and networks you need to grow your business. <p></p> For SMEs<br> We work with post revenue SMEs with solid team looking to raise growth capital from impact and commercial investors. <p></p> For Startups<br> We work with post MVP startups with solid team, proven traction and business models with potential for exponential growth. <p></p>Value Proposition - This is What You Will Get <p></p> <mark>Virtual Program<br> The programs are virtual, flexible and catered to your specific needs. <p></p> Industry Experts<br> Access to professionals mentors and industry experts to give you feedback. <p></p> Equity Free<br> We are not taking any equity or demand ownership of your business during the program. <p></p> Global Networks<br> We guarantee you access to our diverse network of strategic partners and investors. </mark>

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Anza is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving lives through starting and scaling social businesses in Tanzania. Anza Hubs are more than just places to work, they are home to an inspiring community of entrepreneurs, innovators and impact organisations. A space where ideas collide, networks are formed and opportunities are in abundance. <p></p> Vision <br> A Tanzania where all people have access to opportunities that change their lives for the better <p></p> Mission <br> We enable businesses in Tanzania to grow by providing them with access to personalised and strategic capacity building, affordable capital and relevant networks. <p></p> Our Core Programming <p></p> Capacity Building<br> 1) Business Foundations Accelerator <mark>A 6 month intensive and tailored journey that ensures businesses have the foundations in place giving them the best opportunity for success.</mark> Through strategic consulting and hands-on skills training, we cover all areas of business including leadership, sales & marketing, book keeping, HR and more. <p></p> 2) Investment Readiness Accelerator In partnership with VilCap, the <mark>Investment Readiness Accelerator is designed for later stage, high impact businesses with potential for large scale growth.</mark> We work with entrepreneurs on their business models, financials, pitches, sales pipelines and more. Entrepreneurs also receive one-on-one time with mentors, industry experts, investors, top local business leaders, and potential customers. <p></p> Access to Capital <br> Anza Growth Fund provides capital leases to our entrepreneurs, giving them the necessary funding and tools they need to expand their businesses. Our financing is more affordable and flexible than other forms of capital available to our entrepreneurs in Tanzania. <p></p> Connect a Community <br> Anza entrepreneurs are connected to each other and to a global network of experts & mentors, building a community to drive catalytic change. <p></p> In order to provide a physical space for entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and create, we provide flexible office space at our Anza Hubs.