Cyber Park Djerba - school image
Cyber Park Djerba

The Cyber-Park is an equipped space, equipped with modern information and communication networks. <p></p> <mark>The objective of the CYBER-PRC is to offer functional spaces, with modern and specialized equipment and communication networks, to accommodate promoters who wish to set up service projects, based on new information and communication technologies. Communication.</mark> <p></p>These services are directed towards the economic and administrative organizations located in the region, or in other parts of the country, or abroad, in the form of remote services.

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Lancer Workspace

Our Coworking space is conveniently located between Boumhal and Ezzahra on GP1 in the beautiful Region of Ben Arous, Tunisia. We offer a flexible space that simulates productivity and collaboration. <p></p> Co-Working Space serving Freelancers, Students and Entrepreneurs in Boumhal, Ezzahra, Rades, Hammam Lif, Mourouj, Mornag, Ben Arous. <p></p> We provide Wifi, Desks, Tea, Coffee and Air Conditioning. <p></p> We also providing meeting space and English Coaching. <p></p> Benefits <p></p> <mark>Coworking<br> We equip you with Wifi, Coffee and Space to work. Everything you need for a productive day. <p></p> Events<br> With 220 square meters of open space, we can comfortable host your group of up to 50 people for trainings, business meetings, or networking events! <p></p> Meetings<br> Meet with your clients, partners or teammates in a professional place! We provide you with space, internet connection, a screen and coffee.</mark>

AVER+ Coworking Space - school image
AVER+ Coworking Space

This is good news for the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Médenine region. The first coworking space is added. <p></p> <mark>This initiative materializes the vision of encouraging young people, entrepreneurship and the decentralization of support and support structures.</mark> <p></p> This coworking space aims to: <br> - Create an efficient ecosystem, dedicated to supporting young start-ups. <br> - Encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and the establishment of support structures in the Medenine region. <br> - Strengthen the visibility of innovative companies and support structures to promote partnerships <br> - Create a space for the exchange of expertise and learning between different institutions: public, private and non-governmental

Code Hub Tunisia - school image
Code Hub Tunisia

Whether you are an established freelancer or a growing startup, discover our space and flexible solutions to scale your business. <p></p> <mark>Why choose us? <p></p> 24/7 access<br> Enjoy 24/7 access by subscribing with us. <p></p> Community<br> The community at home is one of our pillars. Nothing better than a good network to move forward. <p></p> Comfort<br> Our space offers you all the amenities so you can focus only on your goals</mark> <p></p>Our services <br>- Wireless <br>- Air conditioner <br>- Private room <br>- Coffee machines <br>- Microwave <br>- Heater <br>- Orthopedic chair <br>- Community

Hammamet Valley Hub - school image
Hammamet Valley Hub

Hammamet Valley Hub: the co-working of digital nomads in the heart of the first seaside town in Tunisia. In the center of Hammamet, HVH "Hammamet Valley Hub" is a pleasant and professional workspace, in the city center, close to administrations, banks and companies. A coworking place adapted to the needs of digital nomads where visibility and attractiveness are at the rendezvous, 100m from the sea, the fort of Hammamet, restaurants, tea rooms and local shops. <p></p> With its launch, HVH finally materializes an enthusiastic initiative to create Hammamet Valley. This adventure initiated and launched by a small digital community in Hammamet in order to transform this 1st seaside destination in Tunisia. <p></p> HVH is an open space with 30 workstations, 2 training rooms, 2 meeting spaces, 2 offices, a sea view rooftop, with a cafeteria area, a pleasant terrace, a reading area, a large event space on the rooftop, an open-air cinema and a Yoga area. <p></p> <mark>It is the coworking place adapted to the needs of young entrepreneurs, students, researchers, freelancers, civil society, digital nomads and ++. No need to rent a whole space! With HVH, the digital nomad can reserve a number of offices or workstations, in shared or isolated space for the time necessary, in a highly equipped, pleasant space with adapted services and amenities.</mark> <p></p> HVH is also the place of meeting, exchange and sharing of professional experiences par excellence between investors and young entrepreneurs. Through the expertise and network of its shareholders and partners, it plans to provide, via its incubation programs, targeted support for the seeds of entrepreneurs and start-ups. HVH wants to make Hammamet known as an attractive digital incubator thanks to its quality of life and its tourism-oriented ecosystem, cultural and artistic entertainment. it is also a training center to strengthen their skills and put them in contact with donors and financing structures.

Coart - school image

Dedicated Coworking Space to Host & Accompany Associations & Creative Independents in Sfax. <p></p> <mark>More than a coworking space, Coart is a community of cultural and creative actors whose objective is to encourage, support and promote initiatives in its region.</mark> Our network includes many associations, young artists, entrepreneurs who allow us to act with dynamism in various fields.

Startwork - school image

A cooperative and collaborative workspace, founded in November 2019, equipped with several offices, equipment and services of a typical workplace. <p></p> There is always the notion that to grow a business, you have to be ruthless. But we know there is a better way to grow. One where what's good for the bottom line is also good for customers. We believe businesses can grow with a conscience and succeed with a soul. <mark>That's why we've created an ecosystem that brings together infrastructure, culture and community to help businesses grow better every day.</mark> <p></p> WHY CHOOSE STARTWORK COWORKING SPACE <p></p> Meeting Rooms<br> You have customers you want to impress, or a supplier to impress! This room is what you need. We put at your... <p></p> High speed internet<br> In order to guarantee you the best working conditions, our coworking space is equipped with everything that can be useful to you. You would have... <p></p> Comfortable space<br> Whichever pack you choose, our entire coworking space is equipped with the best office equipment and supplies to... <p></p> Equipped kitchen<br> The kitchen to meet throughout the day around a coffee, a tea with fresh fruit and sweets at will. <p></p> Free drink<br> Free drink for all our customers at the cafe next to us <p></p> Private Office<br> The right space if you want to take advantage of an office where you can receive your customers or suppliers at any time of the day.

Luma Coworking Space - school image
Luma Coworking Space

A new kind of space for entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers to form a community based on networking, innovation and fun. <p></p> At LUMA CO-WORKING SPACE, <mark>our custom workspace options can be adapted to all your professional needs. This is a great option for freelancers and startups with flexible schedules that are looking for an affordable space to work in. Not to mention our Coworking Desks come with high-speed internet, printing services and more.</mark> <p></p> Our Private Office Space is a great option if you’re looking for consistency and quality with a workspace. Our Coworking Space provides secure access so you can rest assured that you have a safe and comfortable environment to be productive. Enjoy the vibe of a traditional office with the benefits of all our amenities and community events. <p></p> A desk of your own in a shared space. Your workspace is permanent, you work from the same spot each day. It includes lockable filing cabinets, so you don't have to carry your stuff around with you all the time. ​

CoCrea - school image

CoCrea is a coworking space dedicated to the creation and development of small and medium-sized companies, as well as entrepreneurs and individuals in Tunisia. <p></p><mark>Focused on the emergence of entrepreneurs, Startuppers, CoCrea defines itself as a collaborative entity aiming to create a favorable place to undertake, create, innovate and share knowledge and skills.</mark>

Cobeez - school image

Cobeez is a coworking space ideally located in the heart of Tunis. Discover a pleasant and innovative work environment with flexible formulas. A new concept of creative and functional work. Cobeezone, coworking differently! <p></p> Are you a research entrepreneur, freelancer or student? are you looking for a calm, comfortable and motivating space to estimate your profitability? <p></p> Do not hesitate to choose #Cobeez, a friendly and well-equipped space located in the center of Tunis. <p></p> We offer you 3 types of #pass depending on your availability and commitment: <br> - Pass 1 day: 13 DT <br> - Pass 1 Week: 50 DT <br> - Pass 1 Month: 140 DT <p></p> Rates mentioned above include the following options: <br> - Tea & Coffee all you want <br> - Office supplies <br> - Printer & Scanner Access <br> - Wifi: Fiber Optic 50 Mega <br> - 1 Hour of cooking <br> - The whole space is equipped with Smart offices and 3 meeting rooms if needed

L'Entrepot Coworking Space - school image
L'Entrepot Coworking Space

The warehouse - Coworking Space is a collaborative workspace. Our motto: Your value-creating space. <p></p>Fouad & Nawel, two young independents working in the field of capacity building and impact creation, December 10, 2018, these two young people decided to create a collaborative, socially responsible workspace that responds to the feeling of isolation of the entrepreneur! Never again alone, together we will succeed. <p></p> <mark>Our vision is that the Warehouse - Coworking Space is a valuable partner in support of social entrepreneurship in Tunisia. </mark>

Redspace - school image

Baptized under the name of RedSpace, this coworking provides its followers with a well-equipped space with a comfortable and cozy decoration. <p></p> If you want to optimize your office rental costs or if you are looking for an office for your nomadic employees, RedSpace By RedStart Tunisia is your ally to realize your projects in a professional and scalable space. <p></p> We offer <br> - <mark>A quiet and well-equipped coworking area. <br> - Comfortable and cozy decoration for successful events and discussion circles</mark> <p></p> Our meeting room<br> RedSpace provides trainers, clubs, associations and startuppers with an equipped meeting room ideal for trainings and meetings with customers.

Green Space Coworking - school image
Green Space Coworking

Green Space Coworking is a well-equipped workspace with shared or individual offices and a training/meeting room, located in the center of Rades 10 minutes from the train station. <p></p> We offer you a comfortable workspace with flexible access. <mark>If you are freelancers, entrepreneurs or employees, you will have a place where you can work and develop your activity in a professional environment.</mark>

LEVEL 1 Hub - school image

LEVEL1 is a Anti-Café/Coworking Space situated in Lac 1 (Tunis) that was opened for public in September 2017 and that brought a new style of coworking to the country: You come to work whenever you want without any reservation and you pay the time you spend in our spaces while enjoying unlimited and free coffee / Juice / Tea / Snack <p></p> <mark>The concept of anti-cafés is pretty simple. It's a working space, for teams or individuals, geeks, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or simply students. At an anticafé, you only pay for the time you spend with us and get unlimited free drinks (Woohoo!)</mark> <p></p> We are characterized by our gorgeous view of the Lake of Tunis, which will only inspire you to work harder and in a better atmosphere. We also have all the equipment you need, a strong internet connexion, 3 meeting rooms open to the public, a space for events with a video projector, a printer, a photocopier, and a scanner. Last but not least, we have a "prototyping lab" where all of you geeks, gamers and 3D fans can develop and test your products!

Coworking Business Center - school image
Coworking Business Center

Synergy Room, an interesting alternative to the loneliness and isolation provided by the development of an activity at home or to the takeover of classic premises which requires a larger budget. <p></p> Opting for Synergy Room also makes it possible to work away from home while not having to bear the cost of a traditional office rental. <p></p> Our Synergy Room is very flexible: it is possible to reserve a space for a day or for a year. Our coworking space is well equipped with furniture and equipment, it has good internet connections. A common place of conviviality allows you to rest or recharge your batteries <p></p> <mark>Why synergy room <br> - No initial investment, reduced costs <br> - Soft and flexible contract, without commitments <br> - Create contacts, develop a network, promote business and opportunities, <br> - Benefit from the richness and experience of each other, <br> - Free your mind, break the loneliness of the creator, get out of your home <br> - Define a boundary between professional and personal life, <br> - Take advantage of essential services (internet, meeting room) <br> - Work in a pleasant and business-friendly place*</mark>

Regus - Tunis Carthage - school image
Regus - Tunis Carthage

Located in the new business center of Tunis, our Tunis Carthage center enjoys an ideal location between the city center and Tunis airport, just 20 minutes from the mythical sites of Carthage and Sidi Bou Said. The building also offers breathtaking views of Lake Tunis and easy access to several gourmet restaurants. <p></p> Among the surrounding companies are major players in the field of telecommunications and IT, which offers you many business opportunities. From an economic and commercial point of view, Tunisia is closely linked to Europe: rid of extremely rigid state control, its economy is now partially liberalized. <p></p> Benefits <mark> <br> - 24/7 access to work the way you want <br> - Voicemail services, to make sure you don't miss a thing <br> - At the heart of a modern and innovative work environment <br> - Private meeting rooms conducive to business <br> - Unlimited high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi access <br> - Access to business lounges to get to work as soon as you arrive. </mark>

Hubio Space - school image
Hubio Space

Hubio will be the first costudying and coworking space with a café in Tunisia. A comfortable, warm and inspiring space that promotes the development of students by really giving the impression of being at home. Whether you're looking for a study space or a place to cozy up and read, Hubio fits all your needs. At Hubio, we provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for studying. <mark>Our mission is to combine an intellectually stimulating atmosphere with a lively conversational dynamic that bridges the gap between students from different backgrounds./mark>

111-CoThink - school image

111-CoThink space, offers our members a collaborative and engaging work environment that shares opportunities, good practices, resources and ideas. <p></p> <mark>co-working space<br> An inspiring community work environment. Brainstorm with dedicated professionals Networking capabilities</mark> <p></p> Meeting and conference room<br> 111 Co-Think, has a meeting room with a capacity of over 20 people, it can be used for meetings, conferences, seminars and training. <p></p> Private office<br> 111 Co-Think provides a range of serviced offices to suit your needs. Optimize your investment by renting an office whenever you need it, it can be rented by the hour, day or week...

Workzone - school image

At Workzone, we advocate flexibility and proactivity in everything we do. Our offers can be customized according to needs and budget. <p></p> <mark>Designed to drive productivity and optimize performance, our workspaces connect, thrive and inspire. Secure and accessible 24/7, our spaces are equipped with natural light favorable to your personal development, they are housed in a high standing building in the heart of a renowned business district.</mark> <p></p> Workzone is also organized events. Training, workshop or seminar, there is always something going on at Workzone!

Jasmine Hall - school image
Jasmine Hall

Jasmine Hall is an extraordinary coworking space. The place is a total break with the conventional world of office automation. Jasmine Hall dares and fully assumes the friendliness, generosity and warmth of its decoration. <mark>The space exudes exceptional energy, character and ambiance. The interior exudes joy, peace, strength and a sense of sharing. Anyone who walks in will feel right at home and will naturally have a smile on their face.</mark> <p></p> Jasmine Hall makes people want to come and stay. <p></p> Take advantage of our meeting room The fully equipped 15m 2 room allows you to organize training, meetings and small seminars. It can accommodate up to 10 people. This service is offered every day (subject to room availability). If you are a group of 10 people and you need a place to meet and work effectively for a day or half a day, Jasmine Hall is there for you! <p></p> Our Meeting Room offer adapts to all your needs (training, workshops, group sessions, etc.) at very attractive prices.

Cogite Coworking Space - school image
Cogite Coworking Space

Cogite is a hub for impact-driven, entrepreneurial individuals and organizations that would like to actively contribute to sustainable development in Tunisia. <mark>It's a vibrant space for collaboration and knowledge sharing.</mark> A place with a true sense of community where exciting projects and initiatives are created.

The Hub Coworking Space tunis - school image
The Hub Coworking Space tunis

THE HUB COWORKING SPACE TUNIS is a shared workspace based on collaboration, exchange, sharing and pooling of resources and skills. <p></p> Your coworking space, located at Lac de Tunis, is made up of perfectly furnished private and private offices, a shared workspace and a fully equipped meeting room. <p></p> We offer several services such as business domiciliation in Tunis, web development, printing and much more. <p></p> Our Strengths: <mark><br> - A very high speed fiber optic connection by wifi or cable. <br> - Personal and secure magnetic badges give our members unlimited access to their workspaces. <br> - Our space is equipped with a relaxation and rest area, as well as a smoking balcony designed for the exchange. <br> - Our meeting room is equipped with a projection and video-conference system and has been designed for brainstorming. <br> - Our coworking has been designed to accommodate workshops and training, as well as team buildings. <br> - A space has been set up to allow our employees to display their products.</mark>

OurGhema - school image

A house that has a comfy space inside of it and a large outdoor space with a big garden that has lemon, olive, pistachio, pomegranate... trees and a room for the kids. You can enjoy working with a high speed wifi, a coffee and a snack from our coffee shop, a great community and greater events! We promise you with an outstanding experience. The space has a social objective which is the remaking of the city.

Hyperspace - school image

If you are keen to find new ideas, to breathe new life while having tranquility and the sharing of experiences as your search criteria in your quest for space to work, Hyperspace Coworking is for you. <p></p> Hyperspace Coworking is also a whole new community whose intellectual richness is waiting for you so that you can bring your experience and thus strengthen this network of skills in a friendly spirit. <p></p> <mark>Benefits <p></p> A SKILLS NETWORK<br> Hyperspace Coworking is also a network of rich skills that will complete your experience and alongside which you benefit from all the peace of mind needed to achieve your goals. <p></p> FREEDOM<br> You have independent access to the premises dedicated to you so that you can enjoy them in complete peace of mind. <p></p> IN THE CITY CENTER<br> Our location is ideal, it saves you from having to make long trips. We also offer you a domiciliation service to facilitate all your administrative formalities. <p></p> ERGONOMICS Hyperspace coworking aims to place you in a pleasant setting with optimized ergonomics. <p></p> EQUIPMENT<br> We provide you with the complete equipment necessary for the accomplishment of your tasks. <p></p> ZERO DISTRACTIONS<br> All the means necessary to boost your productivity are at your disposal and await you in the heart of an environment conducive to the maintenance of your creativity.</mark>