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CloudTown is a B2B office space company that offers you all the benefits of renting an office space, whether you're an individual or an entire team.The space where ideas are born, people connettono, and magic happens. <p></p> <mark>Whether you're in the early stages of launching your business or are just looking for a place to relax and get work out of the way, Cloudtown work spaces offer a cost-effective option for many entrepreneurs.</mark> <p></p> Cloud Town workspace is a business town at Heliopolis designed to fulfill all start-ups & businessmen needs, not only a space but also utilities, administrative, and professional services. <p></p> Single offices, private rooms, training rooms & meeting rooms including secretary services & advertisement area + 50% discount for Avant agency services: Social media marketing, online/offline sales & call center services.

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TeamYea is a coworking space designed to help startups and freelancers to work away from their daily routine style to integrate, enjoy team diversity and increase their networks among others people in various fields by providing an exceptional facilities and coworking environment. <p></p> Our goal is to <mark>build a strong supportive professional network among all freelancers and startups in order to improve their performance scale for higher productivity.</mark> <p></p> Our Mission is Diversity, Efficiency, and Sustainability. This is how we will foster and boost freelancers and startups. How! by increasing productivity and creativity in-house by building a diverse community in various fields, backgrounds, skills and experience to work, plan and celebrate success together. Vision: Design your own professional lifestyle. <p></p> Benefits <br> - Modern Design <br> - Networking <br> - Fast & Stable Internet <br> - Physical Address Service <br> - Landline Phone Number <br> - Kitchen Facilities <br> - Skype Room <br> - Meeting Rooms <br> - Data Projectors <br> - Full-HD Monitors <br> - Keyboard & Mouse <br> - Private Locker <br> - Voice Over <br> - Virtual Reality

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Premium Workspace

Our goal is to offer a space for exchanging experiences through shared knowledge. The first and most popular coworking space in Haram. You'll find all what you need from shared areas, meeting rooms, private offices, party rooms and a nice balcony in front of Cairo mall. You'll enjoy <mark>high speed internet connection, drinks, cozy place to focus, meet and have fun, and access to all facilities, restaurants and services in Haram street.</mark>

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Work Yard Giza

We're the launchpad for your business success! Our coworking spaces are the perfect launchpad for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers looking to soar to new heights. We provide everything you need to turn your ideas into successful ventures, from mentorship and networking opportunities to access to funding and resources. <mark>Our flexible and cost-effective spaces are designed to foster collaboration, creativity and innovation. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on your core operations, and join a community of like-minded individuals on their way to success. </mark> Together we'll reach new heights!

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Chefchaoun is a multi-activity company that is operating based on a strong social mission. It aims to fulfill the needs of startups by providing a cozy, inspiring, and at the same time, professional venue, where they can work on their projects, also providing them with a space to collaborate and take initiatives with other entities, believing it will be a chance for learning and sharing experiences.<p></p> Some examples of the services provided are (<mark>co-working spaces, meeting and lecture venues, consultation, partnerships with student activities, monthly campaigns and events, workshops, library, entertainment and fun room</mark>). <p></p> Workspace Features:<br> Quiet room<br> The quiet room contains 9 desks , the main advantage of those desks that talks and mobile calls are not allowed, to give you a perfect atmosphere to concentrate without noise or interruption. Also attached with the room a balcony with a nice setup and view , you can you it for talks , phone calls , rest or in food time. <br>Facilities: <br> - Air conditioned. <br> - WiFi. <br> - Separate desks. <br> - Quality of silence. <p></p> Private office<br> Private office for monthly rent. <br>Facilities: <br> - Air conditioned. <br> - WiFi. <br> - kitchen access. <br> - Printing services. <br> - Daily Cleaning. <br> - Outdoor terrace.

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Vienna is a work space that supports startups, activities, NGOs and Individuals. A workspace with Elegant decor, has variety of options: <mark><br>- Sharing area for 1-4 friends to study and you can add tables to make it bigger! <br> - Workstation for single use, it gives you the privacy you need <br>- Two Balconies with amazing view <br>- 5 rooms with different spaces starting from 5 to 50 person <br> - A/C and Internet WiFi 16 MB </mark> <p></p> Why should we be your choice <p></p> Prices: <br> Because the prices of every need have changed to become more expensive Vienna made offers and the prices are more suitable. <p></p>Location: <br> <mark>Our location is excellent and this is simply because we are in front of the University Girls Hotel on October 6 and next to Al-Azbi Pharmacy central axis</mark> <p></p>Calm: <br> We can keep calm and it helps to increase the focus <p></p>Interaction: <br> You will find comfort in dealing. This is because you will find a top team in cooperation <p></p> Drinks: <br> You can make the drink you like and also by yourself <p></p> Internet: <br> You will find very fast internet

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It is a shared workspace and providing a suitable work environment with a high level of feasibility for a better work environment and a set of services for entrepreneurs, emerging projects, groups or social activities, and this will be through <mark><br>1. Fully equipped meeting room and data show. <br>2. An integrated office to practice your work better for all Freelancers, and also for Entrepreneurs who need a place to work. <br>3. Fully equipped training halls for up to 40 people <br>4. There are other services to facilitate and provide a level of comfort, such as fast internet, drinks, reservation service, and others.</mark>

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Prism is a Coworking Space located in Alexandria supporting students, artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Offering a unique, comfortable and affordable environment. <p></p> We serve you: <br><mark>- Studying area <br>- Photography studio <br>- Meeting rooms <br>- Gaming zone</mark> <p></p> Coworking offers a solution to the problem of isolation that many freelancers experience while working at home, we carefully designed to maximize interactions between people that we able to collaborate on projects.

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Pivot Coworking Space

Pivot is a coworking space that provides affordable office space with essential work necessities like private offices, meeting rooms, events venues, virtual offices, high-speed internet, and leading technologies to move your business forward. At Pivot, we are more than just a coworking workspace, we are a coworking community for all types of people and businesses. We are excited to offer an inviting and modern workspace to business owners and remote office workers at an affordable rate. <p></p> Why Choose Pivot <br> <mark>We provide you with countless opportunities to run your business with no hassles. Giving you the opportunity to forgo investment costs, Pivot has created an environment where the only decision you have to deal with is choosing which service would suit you best.</mark> <br> - High Speed Wifi <br> - Great Location <br> - Prayer Room <br> -Break Area <br> - Air Conditioner <br> - Printer / Fax / Copy

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RAKI is a modern co-working space based in Alexandria, Egypt. It's a place where students can come to work, think clearly and be themselves. <p></p> <mark>If you are an instructor and you want to optimize your participants experience, your best choice will be definitely RAKI.</mark> <p></p> Also, we provide hourly conference room rental to satisfy those business members that are constantly on the go. <p></p> Services: <br> - Study zone & co working space Start ups meeting rooms instructors rent rooms <br> - High-Speed WiFi <br> - Heating & Air Conditioning <br> - Printer & Scanner <br> - Coffee corner & Snacks <br> - Outdoor Smoking Terrace <br> - Architectural workshops <br> - Huge Architectural Library <br> - Architects in place for help <br> - Professional Maquettes <br> - Students study Model <br> - Personal Lockers

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Kite Business Space

In Kite Business Space, we believe that your Business is like your Kite, you create and put your sole to let it fly gracefully in business wind. Kite Business Space develop your business to soar high with grace where you can connect with similar minds and professional environment. <p></p> <mark>Our services: <br>- Meeting Room <br>- Multipurpose Room <br>- Hot Desk <br>- Work Space <br>- Rooms </mark> <p></p> Our memberships <br>- One to One sessions. <br>- Volunteering Groups. <br>- Start-ups <p></p> Facilities; <br>- Privacy. <br>- 24 / 7 Access. <br>- Stable WIFI. <br>- Whiteboard & Screen. <br>- Printer, scanner & copier. <br>- Reception Advertising space. <br>- Mail & Google Business Address Service. <br>- Unlimited Clients meeting in Reception and Lounge. <br>- Financial Service, “collecting fees from your Clients".

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The Hive Offices

The Hive is, simply put, the perfect environment for your business to thrive. Created with the notion to provide a hotel like experience for businesses, <mark>The Hive provides you with everything you need to focus on the core of your business and maximize growth.</mark> Operating as a workspace solutions provider, The Hive provides you with countless opportunities to run your business out of a full-fledged office experience with none of the hassles. Giving you the opportunity to forgo investment costs, The Hive has cultivated an environment where the only decision you have to deal with is choosing which service would suit you best. <p></p> In short, The Hive provides you with all the benefits of renting a luxurious office, with zero responsibilities, or any hassle.

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CO-UP Work Space

We are the closest to you, the best work space in Nasr city. Available all the means that you may need while you are working: <br><mark> - Air-conditioned halls for up to 30 people. <br> - Comfortable chairs. <br> - Fast WiFi. <br> - Smart Screens. <br> - Whiteboard. <br> - A place for snacks and drinks. <br> - Tim will help you with everything you need.</mark> <br><br> Call us or send us a message and book now and get a 20% discount

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Fabriano strikes to provide relaxation, concentration & learning new skills. It's a nice co-working space with allot of options to choose from. They have a nice mini bar with nice donuts and drinks and a cozy Showroom for some handmade products. <mark>Where you can chill, focus, enjoy & attend workshops.</mark>

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302Labs provides a collaborative work environment through variety of spaces for entrepreneurs & Students with diverse, affordable & integrated services. <p></p> Coworking is a gathering of a group of people that involves shared working environment. 302Labs is a coworking space that believes it is better to work in a community with the same concepts and values. It guides you to create and innovate to present your ideas to the world by all of our community, power, and connections, for a better future. 302 helps to finish your work while making you feel at home. <p></p>The space is <mark>professionally equipped with the right facilities to ease your day at work. Dedicated work desks and comfy chairs enable its members to work without worry. There are even super cozy areas equipped with sofas with leg rests so you can have a nap or recharge before continuing work.</mark> For fun, they’re equipped with an XBOX and darts.

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Work Brand

Work Brand is a highly equipped office space for companies and individuals, and we are not limited to that only, but we give you practical solutions for your company and be with you on your way from the beginning, and we have already supported nearly 1000 companies to succeed! <p></p> We are distinguished by our central location, whether in the Nasr City branch near “Abbas Al-Akkad” Street, or the Mohandessin branch located in “Arab League Street.” And meetings, all of them are equipped with everything that meets your needs, and also have a cooperative team with you that receives your customers and anything that concerns you .. We are definitely the first path to your success. <p></p> Our expertise<br> We have experience in the field of office workspaces since 2016 that will undoubtedly help you in success and professionalism, and <mark>we provide you with everything that serves you in terms of administrative offices, training and meeting rooms equipped at the highest level, with comfortable furniture and elegant decoration in addition to virtual offices and other projects-related services under the supervision of a professional and cooperative team. With the testimony of many of our customers, because we do not consider them customers, but our success partners</mark> <p></p>Our goals We have helped more than 1,000 companies and clients succeed with our experience in the world of office workspaces, because we are keen to give the service with love and high quality to each customer according to what he needs because our goal is always, and to be the most comfortable and always the first choice in his life, and we strive to be the most comfortable workspace. The office is professional and comfortable for the client, which provides practical advice so that its client can start the path of his success, and aims to expand in the most vital places in Egypt and the Arab world.

Laila Coworking Space - school image
Laila Coworking Space

The perfect place to hang out with your friends or to spend a productive time on your assignments and projects, also you can book our <mark>fully-equipped meeting room or lecture room for any group meetings or workshops.</mark>

ESKA - school image

If you are student, freelancer search for a suitable and quiet and cozy place, you would like to visit your second home #ESKA."Your Homefortable Space" <p></p> <mark>Vision <br> To be one of Cairo landmarks for youth -specially students- and then allover Egypt, where they can find anything they want; work-study-play-entertainment-fun-education. <p></p> Mission <br>Providing youth with comfortably well-equipped co-working space with creative atmosphere where they can utilize their power to achieve the required results they aim for in any work space.</mark>

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KMT House

Launched 2017 in partnership with Drosos Foundation, KMT House is An impact hub for entrepreneurs, creative minds and talents, working on urban innovations and sustainable cities. <br><mark> - Home to Cairo rising startups; Elves, Bey2ollak , Creatables and Rdna. <br> - Community office is open on weekdays from 9am - 5 pm. <br> - Coworking, cafe, event venue an digital fabrication workshops </mark>

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MQR, formerly AlMaqarr, is a leading coworking space in Egypt that provides an organic space for idea stage entrepreneurs to collaborate and gain support to further their ideas and transform them into sustainable projects and businesses. <p></p> After opening our doors in October 2012, we succeeded in making the Spaces Industry look cooler! The industry was not that popular before we join the game. We exerted a lot of efforts to raise awareness about the real value of coworking spaces. We faced a lot of challenges to prove the concept and reach out to people, and the noise we made got many others to duplicate the concept inside and outside Cairo. <p></p> <mark>The experience we provide is bigger than the space; we manage a solid & diversified community of innovation and collaboration between startups, student organizations, social initiatives and freelancers. Opportunities are created organically, and networking is a guaranteed experience for all walk-ins. Having this said, our facilities are just tools; our community is the most valuable asset we actually have.</mark>

Aristo Coworking Space - school image
Aristo Coworking Space

Leaving an influence on the Egyptian society through a co-working space that feels like home yet provides a professional environment for innovation. <mark>Offering a comfortable and flexible workspace, Aristo gives you all of the office infrastructure and gadgets to play with that you could possibly need.</mark>You will have an eclectic group of individuals to rub shoulders with, great Internet and plenty of opportunities to network in a somewhat quirky atmosphere. <p></p> The staff are extremely friendly,the working hours are great, the place is always clean and organized. There is a workshop area that contains a generous amount of helpful tools that you may need, there is also a PCB drill. There is a 3D printing service as well.<mark> The internet is usually fast and reliable.</mark>

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The Africa Blockchain Incubation

The Africa Blockchain Incubation Program is a four-month intensive program designed to help participants develop and launch their blockchain projects. Selected participants will receive training, mentorship, and resources to help bring their ideas to fruition. <br> - Access to a network of blockchain experts and mentors. <br> - Training sessions on blockchain technology and business/entrepreneurship. <br> - Opportunities to pitch to potential investors. <br> - Regular check-ins and progress reviews with program mentors. <p></p> Benefits of Registering for the Incubation Program <br> Selected participants will enjoy the following benefits which to help bring their ideas to fruition. <br> <mark>Blockchain Technology <br> Participants will be provided with overall insight into blockchain technology and connections with the industry. <p></p>Business Education <br> Participants will be provided with business knowledge, industry connections, and an introduction to investors. <p></p>Platform Support <br> Product development support from leading blockchain platform providers. </mark> <p></p>Business Support <br> Business development and entrepreneurship education support from business experts. <p></p>Business Guidance and Investor Access <br> Meetings with a group of highly successful entrepreneurs and investors with expertise in scaling high-tech startups. <p></p>Demo Day <br> The program concludes with a Demo Day providing startups the opportunity to pitch their business to investors, experts, and the Blockchain community.

Sahel Green Hub - school image
Sahel Green Hub

Sahel Green Hub is a circular economy Green Tech that promotes high-impact green innovations for the Sahel. <p></p>Sahel Green Hub aims to be a hub for research and of <mark>technological innovation for the development of agribusiness by providing Training Support, Incubation, Guidance, and Support-Advice for young project leaders in development.</mark>

StartOpp Zone - school image
StartOpp Zone

StartOpp Zone, the place where everyone comes to start their ambitions. It connects to resources, tools and opportunities to support talent growth and promote innovation and stimulate creativity. <p></p> StartOpp Zone is a unique environment where technology startups can start up faster. <p></p> <mark>We nurture a local network of like-minded and focused entrepreneurs, providing space for them to work, meet, collaborate, learn and have fun. By getting the right people together in a physical space, good things happen.</mark> <p></p> StartOpp Zone is an expansion of a successful initiative that offers startups with a dedicated co-working space, community gathering point and network for driving entrepreneurial success. <p></p>StartOpp Zone provides young Chadians with a framework and opportunities for development that will enable them to create positive change, in several strategic areas, within their communities through the culture of leadership and Promoting entrepreneurship in young communities at their disposal a collaborative workspace and accessible special programs.

Dream Factory Foundation - school image
Dream Factory Foundation

Dream Factory Foundation works in the Education field. We design & implement programs for in-school youth, and out-of-school youth, that meet their socio-economic needs, enabling them to participate meaningfully in society. <p></p> <mark>In line with the needs of today’s connected world and a burgeoning African youth population, we have a special focus on Digital Skills Training.</mark> <p></p> Youth are Africa’s greatest asset. Our future is connected to their present. We believe that every young person, regardless of their present circumstances, can attain their boldest dreams if given the right knowledge, leadership and access to meaningful opportunities. <p></p> Digital Skills Training <br> 77% of jobs will require technical skills in the next decade. Africa has the largest and youngest workforce in the world, yet currently only one percent of African children leave school with basic coding skills. <mark>This is why we collaborate with international organizations such as Google, Facebook, Airbus Foundation, as well as local organizations to train young people with basic coding, online safety and digital literacy in all our locations.</mark> <p></p> We participate in Africa Code Week every year where millions of youth in Africa are empowered with digital skills.

The Neo Hub - school image
The Neo Hub

A place where you can Co-Create, Co-llaborate, Innovate and sale up your business while being friendlier to yourself and the environment you work in. <p></p> We aim to provide a <mark>one stop shop for innovative entrepreneurs, with intentional interest in developing and propelling our stakeholders towards being sustainable key players</mark> who are locally made but globally recognized. <p></p> Who We Serve<br> Inclusive Innovation <br> Kids; Inculcating savings, technology, leadership and entrepreneurship mindset at a young age, from as young as 5 years old. <p></p><mark>Tech Innovation <br> Startups who are intentional about the use of technology to optimise processes and disrupt industries</mark> <p></p>Innovative Startups <br> Those that do not necessarily use technology but find other new, creative and better ways to do things. <p></p>Knowledge Center <br> This project is specifically for the youth and teenagers, an information sharing center, with an aim to demystify and engage young people on issues of national interest. <p></p><mark>University Students Test Lab <br> University students have the opportunity to test commercial viability of their startups within our business development unit.</mark> <p></p>Open Innovation Space <br> Partners who are open to sharing and receiving information, allow externals to make contribution within selected companies. These third parties will be consultants through TheNeoHub. <p></p>Innovation Strategy<br> We consult on growth strategies fro private companies, governments and universities. <p></p>Market Place <br> Match making place for investors and startups.

IMPROTECH - school image

IMPROTECH is a training institute located in Abidjan - Ivory Coast offering students quality practical training in the field of computer networking and security. <p></p> OUR APPROACH<br> Our approach aims to considerably increase your chances of landing a job or improving your professional opportunities if you are already working. It is based on 4 pillars which are: <mark><br> - Practical training provided by certified experts. <br> - Internationally recognized certifications. <br> - Job coaching. <br> - Placement of the best students in Africa and Europe.</mark>

Developers Institute Ghana - school image
Developers Institute Ghana

You can learn to code anywhere; students come to Developers Institute to change their lives. Join our driven community of career-changers and master the skills you need to become a developer. <p></p> <mark>Developers Institute's mission is to help individuals who want to have accelerated, intensive and quality training for High Tech employment, and to launch their new career in Ghana. Developers Institute's focus is to build a community of leaders and individuals who have the right mindset to succeed in the thriving high tech and startup ecosystem.</mark> <p></p> Our students come from 25+ different countries, and they all have one very particular thing in common: The DRIVE and WILLINGNESS to push themselves forward. <p></p> Developers Institute has just been featured with an international recognition as 31st in the world on SwitchUp’s ranking, which reflects the consistency and high standards of the bootcamp. This accomplishment indicates excellent student and alumni satisfaction, all during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, the course was rebuilt to adapt to the new global reality, creating a hybrid program, where the students would be able to attend the classes both in person and remotely.

GoWork - school image

GoWork is about more than just office space. Yes, you get all the advantages of a big office building for a fraction of the cost and yes, with the boardrooms at your disposal, you can have professional meetings and presentations at no extra charge and yes, there are countless other reasons why this is the ideal office space for you, but again, there's more to it. <p></p> <mark>GoWork provides you with the opportunity to learn and grow from fellow entrepreneurs' knowledge and experience through daily networking, the power of our community is invaluable.</mark>

Desert & Ocean - school image
Desert & Ocean

Desert & Ocean Coworking offers a new way to work: an innovative, flexible and ambitious collaborative workspace dedicated to a community of dynamic entrepreneurs, small sized enterprises, remote teams and freelancers. <p></p> HOT DESKS <br> Created for people on the go: mobile, but in need of a fully equipped work environment. <br> - High speed internet (paratus) <br> - WIFI <br> - Access from 08:00 to 17:00 <br> - Secured entrance <br> - Parking bays <br> - Printer, copier, scanner . Cleaning services <br> - Kitchen access <p></p> <mark>PRIVATE OFFICE<br> It’s your best option if you need a private, secure, quiet environment for your team but still want to benefit from the creative energy of our community. <br> - High speed internet (paratus) <br> - WIFI <br> - 24/7 access <br> - Secured entrance <br> - Parking bays <br> - Printer, copier, scanner . Cleaning services <br> - Kitchen access</mark> <p></p> BOARD ROOM<br> The meeting room can accommodate 8 to 10 people. It is equipped with a OPTIMA projector, 4K ready and good quality sound system. We can organise a tea/coffee station, on request. <br> - High speed internet (paratus) <br> - WIFI <br> - Projector and big screen <br> - 24/7 access <br> - Secured entrance <br> - Parking bays <br> - Printer, copier, scanner . Cleaning services <br> - Kitchen access

Developers Institute Morocco - school image
Developers Institute Morocco

Developers.Institute is a selective and intensive coding bootcamp dedicated to nurturing the next generation of tech talent. We offer cutting-edge courses in web development, with coaching from the best professionals in the industry, allowing you to learn the softskills and technical languages ​​to go from being a beginner to being a ready-to-go developer. job in just 3 months. <p></p> Become a Full Stack Web Developer and learn the most in-demand skills in web development! <p></p> This is the bootcamp you need to become a modern web developer. It covers everything you need to know to be ready for employment at the end of the training, go from beginner to professional with a rich and complete CV that will allow you to land the job of your dreams. <p></p>You will learn everything you need to build a website from scratch. Indeed our trainings cover programming, third party services and iterative design for development sprints. During this program, you will follow intensive courses, online videos and exercises. At the end of the training, you will be able to: <mark> <br> - Design real applications and complex websites. <br> - Design, as a group, an image recognition application that you could add to your portfolio. <br> - Go to a job interview knowing that you understand the fundamentals of web development. <br> - To be able to improve your skills as a web developer by having a solid foundation. <br> - Discover how the front-end works, how servers and databases communicate and how they fit into a complex environment.</mark>

Magharibi Innovation Hub - school image
Magharibi Innovation Hub

We dream of changing the world through innovative and practical solutions that embrace human values and above all business ethics. At MIH, we incubate thoughts and we do not shy away to be crazy about ideas, but we also focus on bringing to reality the products and services of our ecosystem by simplifying the entrepreneurship skills and training thinkers. <p></p>Entrepreneurship Training <br> Innovation in itself is incomplete without imparting the necessary skills to commercialize and monetize inventions. at MIH, we partner with great industry players for knowledge transfer to enable the innovator refine and polish their business skills. <p></p> <mark>Innovation Challenges <br> MIH challenge is for novel idea generation for budding entrepreneurs and innovators who come up with solutions that change the world and above all help the government and private sector in realizing the big four agenda. We intend to focus on health, manufacturing, agriculture and Art. </mark> <p></p> Code Kids <br> Exposing Kids on the basis of coding is a sure step in revolutionizing their thought process to be great thinkers, At MIH, early stage code training to young minds prepares the next thinkers for our ecosystem, we think about a conveyer belt of next startup champions.