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Yenetta Code

Equipping The Future - We’re an educational company inspiring a new generation of thinkers. Our goal is to provide learners with skills and ability to thrive in the digital world. <p></p>learning with expert<br> We have the best instructors who are industry leaders, experts in their fields, and able to teach best practices. <p></p>learning anywhere <br> Our blended approach allows you to learn at your own pace and in real-time with an instructor. <p></p> flexible classes<br> Join a class that fits your schedule. You can choose whether to attend online or in-person sessions. <p></p> industrial standard<br> Our programs are a perfect blend of theory and practice, providing you with a well-rounded industry standard education. <p></p> Why Choose us?<br> We are trusted by many students & non student <br> Our students love Yenetta Code because of our great instructors, convenience and affordable fees. <mark> <br> - Student Achievement is the most important thing. We must do it well. <br> -Our school is only as great as the people in it. There are no excuses! <br> - We nurture and inspire each student to be their best by instilling values that are important in all aspects of life, besides just technology.</mark>

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iCog Anyone Can Code

iCog Anyone Can Code, a subsidiary of iCog Labs - Ethiopia’s first Artificial Intelligence and robotics lab, works on community outreach and research with the focus of tech education and entrepreneurship. The projects at iCog Anyone Can Code are <mark>aimed at decentralizing, democratizing and equipping kids and youth with the necessary skills to innovate and create utilizing emerging technologies.</mark> <p></p> iCog Anyone Can Code (iCog-ACC) is a partnership between Betelhem Dessie and iCog Labs. Betelhem Dessie is a 22-year-old Ethiopia’s leading youth technology education entrepreneur. She is named the young pioneer in Ethiopian emerging tech scene by CNN and BBC. Also included in the list for African innovators to watch for in 2019 by Quartz. <p></p> iCog-ACC started out as an initiative under iCog Labs in July 2016. After reaching more than 26,000 kids and youth in Ethiopia and abroad it has been formed as a company by the end of 2020.

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AddisCoder students are current high schoolers who come from all across Ethiopia for 4 weeks to take the course in Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa. In 2011 in the first edition of the course, students registered themselves for the course via e-mail. Since 2016, the program has grown much larger into a collaborative effort between AddisCoder Inc. and the Meles Zenawi Foundation, attracting top students from all regions of Ethiopia with help from the Ministry of Education. <p></p> The students taking the course are very strong performers in mathematics and basic sciences, often ranking amongst the top handful of students in all of Ethiopia on national exams (note: Ethiopia has a population of over 100 million!), though in the vast majority of cases have little to no experience with programming. <p></p> <mark>AddisCoder exposes these bright students to the field of computer science by teaching the basics of Python programming, as well as fundamental ideas in algorithm design and analysis. AddisCoder covers advanced topics usually not taught until at least the second year of university studies: order of growth, recurrences, induction, memoization, greedy algorithms, graph algorithms, sorting, and numerical algorithms.</mark> The course is very hands-on: class meets for 8-8.5 hours per day, including a lunch break in the middle, with only roughly 90-120 minutes devoted to lecture. The rest of a class day is devoted to hands-on lab exercises in which students solve problems by writing code. <p></p> A number of students have gone on to be highly successful after completing the AddisCoder program (see the alumni section below)