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Whether you are a freelancer, a remote working consultant, a company, a startup, a budding entrepreneur or a student, our workspaces are perfect for you to get work done. Come to work at instworkspace. <mark>And if you choose to engage in the development of our local innovation ecosystem, we are thrilled to collaborate with you. Let’s catalyze the emergence of something meaningful and durable TOGETHER!</mark>

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We want to disrupt work itself.Our mission is to create beautiful workspaces that connect people, enhance work, and create joy. Private offices and dedicated desks are cleaned daily, and come with either door key or drawer key. <mark>Business address registration for commercial registration purposes is available for a fee for membership of 1 year. Business signage (frosting) can be put on glass doors for a fee for membership of 1 year. </mark>Members in private offices may bring in additional furniture upon approval, but may not add frosting or in any way cover the glass. Members with dedicated desks may place signage on their desks as appropriate but may not add additional furniture. Lockers are available for additional fee.

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Shegerhive Business & Tech Hub is a supportive ecosystem that provides individuals and businesses foster their growth through enabling platforms and services. We’re much more than just a place to put your laptop. <mark>We’re a community of people who thrive on getting things done, a central hub where the best and brightest startups share their insights, and generally a pretty fun place to be if you’re into that sort of thing.</mark>