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Techin is Ethiopia’s national Innovation and Technology Institute, with facilities located in Addis Ababa. Techin leads Ethiopia’s national Tech and Innovation research and development activities. Through partnerships and collaboration, Techin coordinates and accelerates tech and innovation activities across the country. It helps other institutions in the sector and Tech startups to grow and flourish. <p></p>Think big, start small and scale fast! <p></p> Think big - reflecting the Institute's bold vision to imagine the possibilities beyond the existing institutional and national limitations <p></p> Start small - the wisdom to start at a scale manageable to our current local capacity, <p></p> <mark>Scale fast - the determination to make continued efforts to improve the application of relevant technologies and make them more responsive to local realities and demands without much delay in the process. </mark>

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Ethiopia’s first innovation hub and tech startup incubator established in May 2011. iceaddis is an innovation hub and co-creation space which facilitates technological innovations, creative projects, and startups support. iceaddis provides young entrepreneurs, local and visiting creatives with professional support and consultancy. <p></p> <mark>iceaddis is offering a place for exchange, work and support to innovative projects that are related to local demands and development. Mainly young startup founders are using the iceaddis facilities, enabling them to connect to talent, skills and capital to kick off their venture.</mark> As well as connecting with the wider iceaddis’ community. Corporates, educational institutes, government organizations, NGOs and local companies are getting involved in iceaddis’ creative community to generate and execute new ideas for their service or develop and test projects. <p></p> The activities of iceaddis are aimed at facilitating creative potential, testing uncommon ideas and experimenting with prototypes to find market-product fit, as well as complex problem solving through a co-simplicity model. Encouraging a collaborative mindset, iceaddis aims to realise the potential of its young technology community and enable active participation in changing their local environment and gaining economic empowerment.